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CD prices set to take a plunge

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 31, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - CDs priced at $9.99 may soon be a standard offer at music stores as U.S. retailers slash prices in bid to battle the scourge of online music piracy.

  “It looks like it will be another year of flat CD sales and I think to some degree that’s got to be attributed to the fact that there’s so much music available online,” Tom Adams, president of consulting firm Adams Media Research said.

“I also think (the price cutting) is also as much to do with the fact that the economy is terrible and holiday sales were off overall,” he told Reuters.

  The situation in the U.S. is similar in most other markets, and this same development is expected to affect retail prices worldwide. Read more…

Court to decide if SIMC is plagiarism

Written by roxeteer on December 30, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The British High Court of Justice will decide whether or not Roxette’s 1994 hit “Sleeping In My Car” is plagiarism. Swedish songwriter Stephan Malmstedt living in London says that SIMC is a copy of his song “Jenny and I” which was sent to EMI on a demo cassette. Niklas Strömstedt, Per’s close friend, also received a copy of the cassette”.

  Malmstedt started his fight against Per and EMI in 1994, but the Swedish court decided not to prosecute. The decision from the British court is expected in October 2002.

  “I’m not fighting for the money,” Malmstedt said to Svenska Dagbladet’s reporter. “I’m fighting for justice.”

  Update: In Aftonbladet’s report about the case, they reveal that Per’s lawyers have tried to stop the legal process because Malmstedt has not complied with the court’s order to pay 1,850 British pounds (3,033 euros) after an unsuccessful trial in which Malmstedt tried to stop distribution of “Sleeping In My Car”. However, this was not deemed a reason big enough to stop the process. Aftonbladet also listed other cases where Per has been accused of plagiarism: “Listen To Your Heart” and “What About Love” by Heart, “The Look” and “U Got The Look” by Prince, and “Dressed For Success” and “Wild Thing” by Troggs.

  It also seems that Stephan Malmstedt has appeared on at least two records with Per and Marie: “Radio Parlophone - andra sändningen” (Malmstedt performed “It’s Gonna Take A Long Time” with Marie on backing vocals, also included songs by Gyllene Tider and Per Gessle) and “Hi Fidelity” (Malmstedt with “The Red Light”, included songs by Gyllene Tider and Marie), both released in 1983.

  Mari, Tia, Darya and Laura contributed to this article.

Stockholm concert being re-webcast today

Written by royalball on December 29, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The concert recorded here at The Globe will be re-webcast by Telenordia today and again on February 9th. Rather than send this video stream out at a specific time, Telenordia informed The Daily Roxette that the program will be available all day long, beginning just after midnight.

ABBA documentary includes comments from Roxette

Written by onlywhenidream on December 27, 2001 to .

LONDON - Commentary by Per and Marie is included in a documentary about the members of ABBA produced for BBC radio in the U.K.

  The program attempts to reveal the secrets of the Benny Anderson and Björn Ulvaeus songwriting partnership, one of the most successful in the history of pop. While various ABBA releases still sell around 3,000 copies worldwide per day, Benny and Björn have gone on to write for the stage. “Mamma Mia!”, a musical based around ABBA songs, is a current smash hit in London, Toronto, and New York.

  The program airs on BBC Radio 2 beginning on Tuesday, January 8th.

Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth!

Written by administrator on December 23, 2001 to .

We would like to wish all our readers a peaceful Christmas!

  Thanks for visiting our site. It’s been a great year for The Daily Roxette. This online “newspaper” is more popular than ever, and it’s all because loyal subscribers like you have made it a “must read.” We wouldn’t have this site if our readers weren’t also sometimes our writers. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has submitted an article this past year.

  Read on for TDR’s “Year in Review,” written by Visa Kopu (roxeteer), our Editor-in-Chief. Read more…

MATAH #1 on Russia’s most popular station

Written by Junkie on December 23, 2001 to .

ST. PETERSBURG - About a month has passed since the official release of “Milk & Toast & Honey” as a single in Russia, and now it’s a #1 Hit, at least on Russia’s Europa Plus radio station broadcasting from St. Petersburg. A recent survey indicated that Europa Plus is the most listened-to radio station in Russia.

EMI delays DVD release in Australia to March

Written by Hotblooded on December 23, 2001 to .

SYDNEY - In an attempt to get the most out of their advertising and promotion budget, EMI has decided to delay the release of Roxette’s new DVD here to coincide with a company-wide DVD release campaign they intend for March.

  Graham Ashton, EMI Oz’s Label Manager, told TDR that they wanted to be able to market several new EMI-labeled DVDs at the same time – including Roxette’s – and hope that by pooling the promo budgets of each title, that the combined campaign will attract more attention than had they each been marketed seperately.

Jennie Löfgren album due out in January

Written by PerAndren on December 22, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - Produced by Gyllene Tider’s Anders Herrlin – who also happens to be her boyfriend – Jennie Löfgren’s debut album, “Meant to Be,” is scheduled to be released on Janury 21. The new single from this album, “Believer,” is doing well on the Swedish charts (#28 and climbing at press time).

  • Hitmakers (Read her biography here for more details)

Per makes Aftonbladet/Elle worst-dressed list

Written by PerAndren on December 18, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - Does he really dress that bad?

  Aftonbladet, in conjuction with Elle magazine’s Swedish edition, is conducting poll to determine who the Swedes think is the best- and worst-dressed celebrity. Per’s made the list of nominees for “worst-dressed.”
  As we go to press with this report, 22,968 people have already participated in the poll, and Per has 8.5 percent of the vote.

Aftonbladet’s photo caption describes Per as “black, somber and wrinkled.” Click to enlarge.

Music so nice... you may pay twice

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 18, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - In a move that undoubtedly will confound people who want to play by the rules, music consumers will be paying twice if they want to listen to their music on their stereo and on their computer. And yes, EMI is involved.

  Today, Universal became the first label to sell copy-protected CDs with the release of its soundtrack “Fast & Furious.” This CD will keep people from listening to their music on a computer or other digital device.

  Essentially, consumers will be required to pay once for a physical CD and once for the digital music file. Fear of piracy cutting into retail sales is the major record labels’ justification for restricting how people can listen to the music they buy. The goal is to keep people from turning individual songs into the MP3 format. Read more…

Roxette makes the finals of this year’s Rock Bear awards

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 15, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - After counting more than 86,600 votes, the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet has announced that Roxette are finalists in the category “Year’s Swedish Group.” Voting now continues to determine who will be announced as the winner at this year’s Rock Bear gala.

The nominees:

Bad Cash Quartet – Romantic pop novelty band from Gothenburg; Bo Kasper’s Orkester – 10-year-anniversary-celebrating, Bossa Nova-scented northerners; Fattaru – Four guys who rap hard as dogs; Lambretta – Quintet who got help from Max Martin and ended up high on the “Tracks” list; and
Roxette – Veterans who have already won six Rock Bears.

Marie refuses to sing with Carola

Written by roxeteer on December 12, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - According to a report in Expressen, a Swedish tabloid newspaper, Marie suddenly refused to perform in a charity gala for the homeless. Marie had promised to appear in the gala several months ago, but at the last minute her manager, Marie Dimberg, told the organizers that she wouldn’t be there if Carola was performing.

  The charity gala “A Song for the Homeless”, for Stadsmissionen (“City Mission”) was held on Tuesday night in Katarina church, Södermalm, Stockholm. It will be broadcast on Swedish TV3 on December 23rd. Because it had already been printed, Marie even made it to the cover of TV3’s magazine, Viasat News.

  When Expressen asked Dimberg about the reasons behind Marie’s sudden refusal, she denied that Marie was refusing to perform on the same bill as Carola. According to Dimberg, they had a disagreement with the organizers about Marie’s musical contribution. “They had one idea and Marie had another,” Dimberg told Expressen and continued: “If you want to do something, you should be able to do it the way you want it, and they wanted to have a different approach.”

  Carola is a Swedish singer with a long and successful career. In 1983, she won Melodifestivalen in Sweden and was third in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since 1981, she has released several albums in both Swedish and English – the latest, “My Show”, in October of this year.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following up on this story, reporter Johan Lindwall filed another story, this time saying that musical and pop star Peter Jöback did the same thing.

  “I understood from their manager that I had to make a choice. Either Marie Fredriksson and Peter Jöback or Carola,” said Bonnie de Souza, talent coordinator for the event. “I chose Carola. For me she’s a bigger artist and more suitable for Christmastime,” she continued.

  Clearly disappointed, she said “I understood from her [Dimberg] that there would be too many stars on the stage at the same time. But when it’s about charity, you’d think you could ignore such things.”

  Manager Marie Dimberg explained why her artists didn’t participate:

  “There was an agreement with TV3 that Marie Fredriksson, Peter Jöback and Lisa Nilsson would appear together. But [then they indicated] they would rather have Carola and so we said ’fine, we’ll do it instead some other time.’”

  “But couldn’t they all have appeared together?,” Lindwall asked.

  “But there was a covenant, an agreement . You’re trying to make this into something that it’s not. I see what you’re after, and it’s sad that it’s going to be this kind of slant.”

  Marie Davis, Thomas Evensson, and others on RML contributed to this article.

Roxette makes US year-end list

Written by DanJKroll on December 12, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - Billboard columnist Fred Bronson has placed Roxette on his year-ending Best of the Year Top Ten list. Bronson, an admitted fan of Roxette and other Scandinavian pop music acts, ranked Roxette’s “Room Service” as his #7 album of 2001.

  Also placing on Bronson’s year-end chart was ABBA at #4, Danish group the Olsen Brothers “Walk Right Back” at #8.

  What topped Bronson’s list? Roxette’s EMI Sweden labelmates Standfast’s self-titled album.

Per preparing new Roxette album, and solo album!

Written by roxeteer on December 5, 2001 to .

Per is currently writing songs for a forthcoming Roxette album, revealed Aftonbladet in today’s edition. So far, five or six songs are ready and more are coming. During Christmas, he’s going to record demos in Halmstad and in the spring Marie will join him to record the final versions. “After that, we’ll see. But I hope we would be able to release the album during the next year,” he says.

  Per has planned that Roxette’s tour would continue in the autumn of 2002. “There are places we didn’t visit this year: Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Asia… it’s a big world,” Per says.

  After the tour, Per would like to release a new solo album. “I have so much Swedish material lying around. I haven’t recorded much of it, but there are a lot of songs,” he says. “There will be a day when we choose to take a break from Roxette again. And I miss communicating in Swedish. So, there will certainly be an album.”

  Birgit Eichler contributed to this article.

Design company employed by Roxette opens website

Written by roxeteer on December 3, 2001 to .

Happy Family Dog Production, or HFDP, a design company employed by Roxette has opened their own website with a large gallery of their selected works. These works include Room Service Tour poster and Roxette’s new DVD release “All Videos Ever Made And More”, both designed by Karl-Magnus Boske of HFDP. Some people may remember that Karl-Magnus also designed Per’s “The World According To Gessle” solo album’s cover and related material in 1997.

Beatles fans worldwide - including Per Gessle - mourn the loss of George Harrison

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 1, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - It’s unusally warm for the beginning of December. Warm enough so that a large crowd has gathered comfortably here this evening in Strawberry Fields, a section of Central Park devoted to the memory of John Lennon, who was shot to death in 1980 by a deranged fan at the nearby Dakota apartment building.

  In a circle around the “Imagine” mosaic that is embedded in the walkway, people are strumming guitars and singing songs written by Lennon’s friend and fellow Beatle George Harrison, who died in California Thursday after a long battle with cancer.

  Harrison had fans all over the world… including a young boy in Halmstad, Sweden who – like many of his generation – grew up heavily influenced by the music of the Beatles. Second only to Ringo Starr, Harrison was Per Gessle’s favorite Beatle, and in a statement published by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet today, Per had this to say:

  George Harrison played a big part in the fact that I became obsessed with pop music as a seven-year-old. And to be honest, it wasn’t because of the way he played guitar, or even the Beatle’s music. It was the cover picture on the jacket of “Rubber Soul.”

  The tough suède leather jackets. The attitudes. The hairstyles. And for me there was no doubt about it, George was the coolest.

  Since then, I’ve always liked George. His songs stood out on the Beatles albums. He ended up having to stand behind the giants Paul and John the whole time – which was unfortunate. You can hear [his talent] on ”All Things Must Pass” where several of the songs he wrote during the Beatles period, but were never included on albums, are collected. In my opinion, it’s his strongest solo album.

  George was also the man who took the Beatles on their musical journey to India, and introduced them to world music. He was I think the man behind John – sort of the glue that held the Beatles together.

  After the split up, he and John worked together. They were a little like a pair, a team. But I have the feeling that George never really took his own music as seriously as it deserved.

  Maybe he preferred the role of being in the background.

  There are probably not a lot of people who know that he was behind several of the comedy gang Monty Python’s biggest films… “Life of Brian” among others. He financed them. George – there also – but the whole time a step behind John Cleese and the others.

  I never met George, but I have stood outside his gigantic villa in Henley-on-Thames together with Japanese tourists.

  As a fan.

Read more…

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