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Stockholm concert being re-webcast today

Written by royalball on December 29, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The concert recorded here at The Globe will be re-webcast by Telenordia today and again on February 9th. Rather than send this video stream out at a specific time, Telenordia informed The Daily Roxette that the program will be available all day long, beginning just after midnight.

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Yes and that’s the reason why we had to take it down from Roxbytes ... that really suckz

it doesnt suck that is the web site who originally hosted the webcasts right. they earn endorsements from rebroadcasting the was their financing that was being interfered with.

@coyboy: Look who’s back ... shall I write anything to that ? I decide to leave it...

that wasnt directed at you....the simple fact is you guys neever asked permission to post something that wasnt urs to begin with. Get over it.

is there another way i can watch this webcast than on sweden? what if you re in USA how in the hell im supposed to see it?

has anybody started to watch it?

Yea, where is it?

you have to be a memeber to log in

Namn: asa01 lösen: roxette

click ok then

then refresh the page

The uk flag is on the right-top on the window that pop-up.I saw all the concert.It was great but it was amazing when i was there....


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