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Per makes Aftonbladet/Elle worst-dressed list

Written by PerAndren on December 18, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - Does he really dress that bad?

  Aftonbladet, in conjuction with Elle magazine’s Swedish edition, is conducting poll to determine who the Swedes think is the best- and worst-dressed celebrity. Per’s made the list of nominees for “worst-dressed.”
  As we go to press with this report, 22,968 people have already participated in the poll, and Per has 8.5 percent of the vote.

Aftonbladet’s photo caption describes Per as “black, somber and wrinkled.” Click to enlarge.


Intresting... Couple of weeks ago Per was nominated as best dressed man in Sweden! Magazine was Hänt Extra, if I remember right.

Opinions differ

I like him in that way -)

He is great this way!!!

Gessle may have a FEW outfits that are less than cool, but he really doesn’t dress bad enough to be put on the “worst” list.

Sheesh... I like his outfit in the pic. Course, God only knows that my job dresses me in my uniform and it matches and I go for black/black, black/blue, black/white... I’m not exactly Ms. Fashion, but I do like his outfits. Besides, I bet he dresses for himself, not to impress anyone.

Per in an interesting person overall, thanks in part, to what he wears. Per dresses like Per, so who cares what anyone has to say! If he’s happy, then it’s all good! :)

is it really a bad outfit ? naaa.....can’t be.....where would Clint Eastwood with his clothes belong to then ?!.....Eastwood’s outfit during the American Telethon ’Tribute to Heros’ was soooo awful ! ... in fact he looked like a homeless guy....Per definately dresses ok...

Well, I think just as many others about Per´s outfit. As long as he‘s happy, everything is in order. And I didn’t become a Roxette-fan when I first saw Per and Marie. It was their music that I first heard and that’s the most important thing. I also like them as persons not as goodlooking people. Even if I like their outfits too.
Merry Christmas to all of you and take care!!

well i like the way per dresses.

i‘d like to see him more often in “normal clothes” like jeans and jumpers, but anyway he‘s great

well... i got tell you guys Per got that UNIQUE style, but that’s about it. its not bad or pretty its just ORIGINAL!

he made it to the wrong list.
I belive the people who made this worst list need better eyeglasses.
He LOOKS GREAT in this pic


Per dresses fdr Per and does not give a stuff what anybody thinks or says...and ..boy, do my little girl and I love him to bits for that!!! And yeah.....whoever compiles that list definitely needs corrective eye surgery!!!!!!!!!! And yeah as well, they’ve got nothing bertter to do wth their lives but sit and criticize!!! Good on you Per!!!!!!!!!!We love you just the way you are!!!!!!!!

I bet he dresses for himself, not to impress anyone

Besides, he really impress me!!

He is a very preety man! or not?

Yes, Per is always very cool dressed.

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