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Design company employed by Roxette opens website

Written by roxeteer on December 3, 2001 to .

Happy Family Dog Production, or HFDP, a design company employed by Roxette has opened their own website with a large gallery of their selected works. These works include Room Service Tour poster and Roxette’s new DVD release “All Videos Ever Made And More”, both designed by Karl-Magnus Boske of HFDP. Some people may remember that Karl-Magnus also designed Per’s “The World According To Gessle” solo album’s cover and related material in 1997.

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reminds me of
not designed for everybody..

ps: am I the only one who does not have a 800 x 600 screen and does not see the top of the screen ?
ps2: am I the only one who was almost blinded by the nice colours ?

Other than that: the dvd is nice, and also the poster and it’s a nice initiative..




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