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Marie refuses to sing with Carola

Written by roxeteer on December 12, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - According to a report in Expressen, a Swedish tabloid newspaper, Marie suddenly refused to perform in a charity gala for the homeless. Marie had promised to appear in the gala several months ago, but at the last minute her manager, Marie Dimberg, told the organizers that she wouldn’t be there if Carola was performing.

  The charity gala “A Song for the Homeless”, for Stadsmissionen (“City Mission”) was held on Tuesday night in Katarina church, Södermalm, Stockholm. It will be broadcast on Swedish TV3 on December 23rd. Because it had already been printed, Marie even made it to the cover of TV3’s magazine, Viasat News.

  When Expressen asked Dimberg about the reasons behind Marie’s sudden refusal, she denied that Marie was refusing to perform on the same bill as Carola. According to Dimberg, they had a disagreement with the organizers about Marie’s musical contribution. “They had one idea and Marie had another,” Dimberg told Expressen and continued: “If you want to do something, you should be able to do it the way you want it, and they wanted to have a different approach.”

  Carola is a Swedish singer with a long and successful career. In 1983, she won Melodifestivalen in Sweden and was third in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since 1981, she has released several albums in both Swedish and English – the latest, “My Show”, in October of this year.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following up on this story, reporter Johan Lindwall filed another story, this time saying that musical and pop star Peter Jöback did the same thing.

  “I understood from their manager that I had to make a choice. Either Marie Fredriksson and Peter Jöback or Carola,” said Bonnie de Souza, talent coordinator for the event. “I chose Carola. For me she’s a bigger artist and more suitable for Christmastime,” she continued.

  Clearly disappointed, she said “I understood from her [Dimberg] that there would be too many stars on the stage at the same time. But when it’s about charity, you’d think you could ignore such things.”

  Manager Marie Dimberg explained why her artists didn’t participate:

  “There was an agreement with TV3 that Marie Fredriksson, Peter Jöback and Lisa Nilsson would appear together. But [then they indicated] they would rather have Carola and so we said ’fine, we’ll do it instead some other time.’”

  “But couldn’t they all have appeared together?,” Lindwall asked.

  “But there was a covenant, an agreement . You’re trying to make this into something that it’s not. I see what you’re after, and it’s sad that it’s going to be this kind of slant.”

  Marie Davis, Thomas Evensson, and others on RML contributed to this article.


uhhh, I wouldn’t sing on the same stage as Carola either. Not that I’d ever have a chance but anyway. She is so crappy and I kinda understand Marie if there was some misunderstanding. But all in all it is SAD we won’t see our darling perform :((( all those ppls who were quick to jump on Marie’s should’ve waited for the real reason.
Newspapers....don’t you just love em. >;)

Carola is so far up her own arse that she can see daylight through her mouth! She thinks she’s best and has let her fame go to her head. Thing is she is HUGE in Sweden but noone out of Sweden has heard of her! She does however have an amazing voice! I reckon she could smash glass with it!

But I would REALLY like to know why Marie didn’t want to sing with her? Maybe she was afraid of being outclassed...? Or maybe that Carola would have been more popular!?

I saw Carola yesterday evening performing on TV4 (“Toner för miljoner”). ..don’t know much about her! She has a great voice but her musicstyle is not my cup of coffee really!
(By the way Nicke Strömstedt and Orup performed there too yesterday)

No problem. Marie does the right thing. Now she has got one evening more for her family and I am sure; when she sings for her children before they go to sleep - she will be their greatest star! And that is the most important fact in the world!!!!

Another great decision by the Great Dimberg! D&D are killing their acts...

This history is only bussiness and work..but anybody must to say that Carola is more famous in Sweden ...yes or not? Marie is “the queen”,the best.And I think...she is very important for to sing with other singer...O.K?

who is carola??Hey Marie would you sing with me then lol well cant sing but ok !!!!Keeep om singing !


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