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Written by DanJKroll on December 12, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - Billboard columnist Fred Bronson has placed Roxette on his year-ending Best of the Year Top Ten list. Bronson, an admitted fan of Roxette and other Scandinavian pop music acts, ranked Roxette’s “Room Service” as his #7 album of 2001.

  Also placing on Bronson’s year-end chart was ABBA at #4, Danish group the Olsen Brothers “Walk Right Back” at #8.

  What topped Bronson’s list? Roxette’s EMI Sweden labelmates Standfast’s self-titled album.


Hey, I think that’s really cool:) altough it’s just one single columnist from billboard who noticed the album;)

Fred Bronson is one of SEVERAL influential music journalists in the U.S. (three at Billboard alone) who think highly of Roxette. In my opinion, the PR agent that edel America hired to promote the Greatest Hits album really failed to exploit these valuable resources. Roxette’s promo tour last fall in the U.S. could have generated MUCH more press than it did. One example was in Baltimore - a city where Roxette actually APPEARED - where a Roxette-friendly music journalist working for the daily newspaper there was not even contacted!! Having got that off my chest... I’ve got to say that it was truly a pleasure for me to spend time with both Fred and Billboard Radio’s Chuck Taylor at the cast party after the Broadway premiere of “Mamma Mia!” Chuck was also in attendance at the Roxette afterparty hosted by the Swedish Consul General after the Times Square showcase concert at Virgin Megastore.

Hi all!
I am from Karachi, Pakistan and I am one of the biggest Roxette fans in Pakistan. We have a good number of Roxette listeners but Roxette is now considered as an old out-dated band. There promotion is down to zero and it is hardly that I ever see one of their videos on MTV!... The last one I saw was The Center of The Heart movie a couple of months back! What a shame!
Anywayz.. does anyone have any idea how can I somehow contact PER???? I GOTTA tell him dat Paki’s also love him!!

Wow! Dejà vu....that’s really they don’t even have a record deal but influence many American people (including me...hehe).

Peace you all Roxette fans,
Scotty J


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