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EMI delays DVD release in Australia to March

Written by Hotblooded on December 23, 2001 to .

SYDNEY - In an attempt to get the most out of their advertising and promotion budget, EMI has decided to delay the release of Roxette’s new DVD here to coincide with a company-wide DVD release campaign they intend for March.

  Graham Ashton, EMI Oz’s Label Manager, told TDR that they wanted to be able to market several new EMI-labeled DVDs at the same time – including Roxette’s – and hope that by pooling the promo budgets of each title, that the combined campaign will attract more attention than had they each been marketed seperately.

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does anybody know if the dvd is going to be relesead in the USA?

that would be right!!!!!! delayed to march!?! emi should get of their asses and do some promo work!!!! the crap that goes to number one over here is just plain bullshit!!!! and not one room service poster in a record store!!! i say “have you got room service” when im buying a cd and they say “no but i can order it in” it is so wrong!!!! if thy done the promo work they should of ’tcoth’ would have been at number one and per and marie would have toured here!!! i havent seen roxette live since the crash! tour and if i dont see them live again i will wipe emi australia off the map with a large explosive device!! so per, tell emi svenska ab to stick it up the ass and im sure another label would be proud to have a swedish band who have sold 40 million albums on their lineup!!!! but do it before the new album coz whats the point of touring europe when you can tour the whold world????????

Maybe it colud be a “light” for us here in Brazil. I really don´t know why EMI do this kind of thing.
I hope it could come together a WORLD tour and a promo because that wasn´t a world tour but a european tour.
The last tour here was Crash Boom Bang and the last promo HAND. So Per and Marie, wake up. Brazil loves you too much guys!!!!

i just dont get what’s the problem EMI has with USA? and i thought that was old and that there were no more problems!! so why in the hell roxette dont come to USA? they may be thinking “nobody knows us overthere....” but they are wrong, everybody here knows their songs, that even i get impressed!. roxette have no idea how famous their song can get in USA if they play The center of the heart over here in the radios! they should at least TRY!!!
does anyone agree with me? or am i the only one who thinks this way?

Boys and girls lets sing the roxette anthem.
Import, import, import.....


I cannot found that DVD in my country....!!!


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