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Roxette’s popularity with the Mexican media gains ground

Written by juneafternoon on July 28, 2001 to .

MEXICO CITY - Roxette’s “Room Service” and their singles have been doing well here in “taco-land.” EMI Mexico released the album on April 3rd, only a few days after the worldwide release date.

  The first single TCOTH was not welcome at all. With no airplay, no TV promotion, and finally no support by local or cable channels (MTV/LA).

  The second single continues to grow in promotion and airplay time. “Real Sugar” has been played on several radio stations (like MixFM 106.5, and Azul 88.9 FM) but of course, EMI Mexico has no plans to release an official CD single since they never do this for any artist at all. The video for Real Sugar is being played regularly on the MuchMusic, HTV and TeleHit cable channels.

  The third single, “MATAH”, is a whole different story. The video is being played on TeleHit at least five times a day. The song gets played two to three times a day on a single radio station. Cable channels have noticed the RS album, since interviews with Per and Marie are broadcasted by Sony-LA, HBO-LA, and some others. They basically talk about the nice experience it was to record RS, Per comments that the album is their most commercial work since Joyride, and Marie loves TCOTH since its a duo (very rare on a Rox album) and basically live.

  The Latin America tour is tentatively scheduled for early 2002 and TicketMaster (a place for ticket sales via phone or internet) is already aware of this as well as EMI Mexico, with reports that the most probable place for the concert would be the national auditorium (Auditorio Nacional) with dates to be confirmed.

Roxette has new venue to play in Madrid

Written by Senna on July 25, 2001 to .

Gay & Company, the promoter of the Roxette tour in Spain, found a new place for Roxette’s concert in Madrid, after the fire that destroyed Palacio de los Deportes. G & C confirmed that the concert will take part in La Riviera, a venue with a capacity of 2,500 people. The concert will take place on October 25th. Tickets will be available from next Monday at Fnac, Madrid rock, El Corte Inglés and Servicaixa, with a price of 6,000 pesetas (36.06 euros). Tickets will be also available through internet at and

Roxette asked for 50 kg of ice for their concert in Moscow

Written by Junkie on July 18, 2001 to .

Russian national music channel Muz-TV announced during a news break that Roxette have asked for 50 kg of ice, which they will need during their concert in Moscow’s Olympiisky, which is to be held on November 8, 2001. Why do they need the ice? No one knows…

MTV Brazil to show “Milk and Toast and Honey” video

Written by luizfernando on July 18, 2001 to .

MTV Brazil said that the video for “Milk and Toast and Honey” will have its premiere on that channel on Monday, July 23.

Marie sings live at Halmstad pub again

Written by daanmarie on July 9, 2001 to .

Last week Wednesday, Marie attended the Sanne Salomonson concert in the Tylösand hotel’s “Solgården”. They’ve been friends for years, and many TDR readers will remember Sanne from Badrock.

  Then, on Thursday, she was in Penny Lane (a local entertainment venue) with her family enjoying the concert of their friends Nalle Bondesson and his wife Camilla.

  First, Nalle asked Micke Boylos to come on stage and play the keyboards, like in the good old days of Sugarcane. Later on, Camilla asked Marie to join her on stage. They sang two songs together, one of them a song from John Lennon. It was apparant they had rehearsed.

  Marie seemed happy to see all her old friends again. The pub was far from full – just some friends, a reporter or two, and a single, lucky fan (Anja Löffler). At the end of the concert, Camilla asked Marie to come on stage again for the last song. This wasn’t planned and Marie was reluctant at first, but together they sang Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry.”

By Daniela van Pallander (with thanks to Anja).

“Room Service” tour to hit Latin America in early 2002

Written by PiR_GeSSLe on July 3, 2001 to .

Per Gessle, in a telephone interview with a Mexican publication, has indicated that the forthcoming “Room Service” tour will include Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina in January and/or February.

  Speaking with Reforma’s reporter from Stockholm, Per talked about the new album and the state of “pop” music.

  “If with ’Have A Nice Day,’ Roxette experimented with electronics, with ’Room Service’ we decided to return to the sound that granted us world-wide popularity one decade ago, in a spontaneous way,” Per said (subject to translation).

  “I believe that this disc has a much warmer sound and reflects a happier state,” he said. He feels there are many things in common with ’Look Sharp’, because fundamentally they were made under the same idea: to enter the studio and to see what happened. “At least two songs undeniably have the sound of Roxette in the ’80s,” he recognized.

  The musician explained that the return to their classic sound does not mean that the group has not evolved, but that they did not want to hide their “trade name” (sound), because it would be in opposition to the idea of the pair to create honest music.

  Roxette has had experience recording in Spanish but, in the opinion of Gessle, they will not be singing again soon in that language. “It was something pleasant, but many fans know what each word that we sang in Spanish means, and I must recognize that we didn’t speak that language very well,” he said.

  “When we recorded those versions, we trusted the translation, but we thought that each language has its rate, its peculiarites, and perhaps in those covers we did not say exactly what we wanted. Nevertheless, Spanish is a wonderful language, and if we don’t do anything for ’Room Service,’ perhaps we will for the next disc of Roxette,” he added.

Roxette special aired on Spanish TV2

Written by Senna on July 1, 2001 to .

Spanish TV2 broadcast an hour-long Roxette special at 6:30 this evening. The program featured an interview and six songs performed by Per, Marie and the band. The songs were: “The Centre of the Heart,” “Real Sugar,” “Milk and Toast and Honey,” “Looking for Jane,” “Wish I could fly” and “The Look.” The program was recorded on April 4th when Roxette was in Spain doing promotion.


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