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Marie sings live at Halmstad pub again

Written by daanmarie on July 9, 2001 to .

Last week Wednesday, Marie attended the Sanne Salomonson concert in the Tylösand hotel’s “Solgården”. They’ve been friends for years, and many TDR readers will remember Sanne from Badrock.

  Then, on Thursday, she was in Penny Lane (a local entertainment venue) with her family enjoying the concert of their friends Nalle Bondesson and his wife Camilla.

  First, Nalle asked Micke Boylos to come on stage and play the keyboards, like in the good old days of Sugarcane. Later on, Camilla asked Marie to join her on stage. They sang two songs together, one of them a song from John Lennon. It was apparant they had rehearsed.

  Marie seemed happy to see all her old friends again. The pub was far from full – just some friends, a reporter or two, and a single, lucky fan (Anja Löffler). At the end of the concert, Camilla asked Marie to come on stage again for the last song. This wasn’t planned and Marie was reluctant at first, but together they sang Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry.”

By Daniela van Pallander (with thanks to Anja).


Shut up Unregistered!
They don´t have an American contract because of people like you.

I wish i could hear that concert!!!!!!

Oh well, the “greatest” country in the world lacks of the Best band in the world.
And i wasn´t ripping on Roxette for doing a Spanish recording..... i did it becos they did a CRAP spanish recording.... it wasn´t their fault tho.... well maybe yes.... for calling a Stupid a$$hole to make the translations.

Tired of this nonsense I’ve got some opinions about this: 1-The so-called”greatest country in the world” has the “worst musical criteria in the universe” for launching asshole’s careers and not giving the promotion to really talented bands like ROXETTE, secondly it wasn’t a poor spanich record...IT WAS GREAT! and I take from your opinions Ferdan that your spanish is either too poor or you just don’t speak the language, well I DO and I tell you, that album has aroused the interest of non fans in Roxette’s music here...besides some lyrics are just lovely...take a good spanich course and have a nice day :* =)

Ustedes no tienen idea de lo que dicen, Baladas en español es la traducción más asquerosa que unas canciones hallan podido tener. ¿Quieren ejemplos? En la parte de Crash! Boom! Bang! en donde dice “That´s the call, that´s the game, and the pain stays the same” en la version en español dice “Soy un tren, un misíl, voy a 100, voy a 1000” eso significa en inglés “I´m a train, a misile, i´m going at 100, going at 1000” (Like a speed measure)

And Joseph... I listen to Roxette since 11 years ago...... and it´s not the only band a listen to...... I keep listening to them cos i know what´s good and what´s not good.

*shaking hands*

I understand you...... but...

ferdan, quien te ha dicho a ti que tiene que rimar en mbos idiomas igual.... la musica traduida tiene que sonar como musica antes que nada, I don’t dismiss any of the lyics in ths spanish translated songs instead I think they give the songs a different twist, an interesting one by the way...that is my opinion and I am glad you guys settled your differences....bye

did sugarcane split up??


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