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MTV Brazil to show “Milk and Toast and Honey” video

Written by luizfernando on July 18, 2001 to .

MTV Brazil said that the video for “Milk and Toast and Honey” will have its premiere on that channel on Monday, July 23.


Yeah, it’s the most interesting and the most beautiful Rox video I’ve ever seen! Marie is amazing as usual and the very appearence of the video is very interesting - such a story about the best life one could ever have on this planet! MATAH - to be the 1st!!!!!!

I didn´t like that much... but it´s great see Marie so happy in this video, it´s unusual she with a smile in her face. Well, Per didn´t appear that much, but it´s great see Marie wearing white... she´s great in white.

Para os Brasileiros:: gentem, vamu votá pa karalho... temos que por o ROXETTE no topo do Disk e do Top 20. Acho que isso seria mais um empurrãozinho pra “possível” vinda deles ao Brasil como promo (porque a turnê é garantida!!!)

I have a ’bad new’: MATAH was airplayed last week. I asked for it in a show called “Pop Clip” on CNT Gazeta, and they did it!! Unfortunelly, I didn’t watch it, but some friends of mine told me that the show host said my name and showed the video, right after.
And Felicity: what do you mean with possible promo? If they’re going to come in a tour, they surely will do it in a promo. That will happen in August, doesn’t it?

Não, Tiny. Eles vão vir ao Brasil em agosto (bem, eu ainda acho) pra promover o Room Service. A turnê só em Janeiro... sorry!
Mas pq ninguém avisou sobre o Pop Clip? Bom saber, assim já podemos pedir... BLZ!!!!

after all waitin,i could watch m,t&h in half and thats all,ým goin crazy,i wanna see per and marie

anonymus: I wish I knew!


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