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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Roxette has new venue to play in Madrid

Written by Senna on July 25, 2001 to .

Gay & Company, the promoter of the Roxette tour in Spain, found a new place for Roxette’s concert in Madrid, after the fire that destroyed Palacio de los Deportes. G & C confirmed that the concert will take part in La Riviera, a venue with a capacity of 2,500 people. The concert will take place on October 25th. Tickets will be available from next Monday at Fnac, Madrid rock, El Corte Inglés and Servicaixa, with a price of 6,000 pesetas (36.06 euros). Tickets will be also available through internet at and


I thought they were supposed to play only big arenas... 2 500?

6000 pesetas is not that much... My ticket cost 36.58 USD. (Finland)

i think its great that they found a new place to play! i come from holland and i would pay even 100 guilders to see them here. unfortunately they wont come here so i will follow them around :P (100 guilders is about... 40 USD)

Tickets for U2 were about 100 guilders and Pet shop boys in den haag were also something like that. And yes if they were to come to Holland I think I would pay that much for a ticket.
So Per and Marie it’s not too late to have a chanche of heart.


I think it will be beautiful, in stadiums, even if you are in the first row, you are so far away from the band. In La Riviera you have the band near you! The sound is very good too, it will be beautiful, I´m completely sure.

Hmm...the price isn’t that bad. We paid more for Rox tix in Germany, etc.
And I paid 113 euro for Madonna in Paris, and I’m not even a fan!!

I´d be happy if I could see them live in a small place. You have them really near, and if you cover your ears... you can hear their voices directly from their mouths (avoiding the amplification). If you never tried that in a small concert... try it, and you´ll see.

Could it be possible that this place is also a disco??? Cos then I’m pretty sure I WAS there when I was out in Madrid 3 years ago. It’s a gr-8 place, but too small for Rox, if you ask me!

I think if they’ll really play there, they’ll have to do the show 2-3 or even more times.

Why not Australian fans do a campaign like Latin-American fans?? Ask for a concert there!

What’s more important in here is that they’ve found an alternative place to play! It could have been so easy to say “Ok, let’s forget about Madrid, then”...


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