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Roxette’s popularity with the Mexican media gains ground

Written by juneafternoon on July 28, 2001 to .

MEXICO CITY - Roxette’s “Room Service” and their singles have been doing well here in “taco-land.” EMI Mexico released the album on April 3rd, only a few days after the worldwide release date.

  The first single TCOTH was not welcome at all. With no airplay, no TV promotion, and finally no support by local or cable channels (MTV/LA).

  The second single continues to grow in promotion and airplay time. “Real Sugar” has been played on several radio stations (like MixFM 106.5, and Azul 88.9 FM) but of course, EMI Mexico has no plans to release an official CD single since they never do this for any artist at all. The video for Real Sugar is being played regularly on the MuchMusic, HTV and TeleHit cable channels.

  The third single, “MATAH”, is a whole different story. The video is being played on TeleHit at least five times a day. The song gets played two to three times a day on a single radio station. Cable channels have noticed the RS album, since interviews with Per and Marie are broadcasted by Sony-LA, HBO-LA, and some others. They basically talk about the nice experience it was to record RS, Per comments that the album is their most commercial work since Joyride, and Marie loves TCOTH since its a duo (very rare on a Rox album) and basically live.

  The Latin America tour is tentatively scheduled for early 2002 and TicketMaster (a place for ticket sales via phone or internet) is already aware of this as well as EMI Mexico, with reports that the most probable place for the concert would be the national auditorium (Auditorio Nacional) with dates to be confirmed.


No puedes revelar tu fuente?
Ya se que es EMI Svenska,pero...
La idea aqui es que yo hable con EMI Mexico y ellos estaban muy conscientes de que si habria gira!!!
Y eso hace 3 dias!!!
Lo checare,pero por favor,checalo tu tambien,no?

Bueno,no tan agresivo,pero si checalo,no?

Ay,Eli...que violencia...

The whole idea behind the article was to inform that Rox’s popularity is GROWING over here,which is good,right?

La idea es esa,solo informar que a Rox le va bien,nada mas...
Me encanta oirlos en la radio y todos deberiamos exigir mas atencion...
No se el orden de los sencillos en Mexico,pero Real Sugar si la llegaron a tocar aunque no con tanta difusion como MATAH...talvez despues la difusion para RS aumente...ojala.
Gracias a todo por su apoyo...y criticas.

No,Eli si no es violencia...pero bueno,nomas bromeaba.
Se oyo feo? Perdon.
Sabes? En efecto me molesta que digan que no habra gira en Mexico...
En fin,a ver que pasa.
Eli Lopez!!!
WOW!!! Tanto tiempo sin verte!!!
Saludos!! –JB


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