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Roxette asked for 50 kg of ice for their concert in Moscow

Written by Junkie on July 18, 2001 to .

Russian national music channel Muz-TV announced during a news break that Roxette have asked for 50 kg of ice, which they will need during their concert in Moscow’s Olympiisky, which is to be held on November 8, 2001. Why do they need the ice? No one knows…


Goodness... well its been said there will be surprises at the concerts.... but..well... this is certainly different... :)

hm, sounds interesting. I´ve seen a lot of pyrotechnical stuff during concerts, but ice? Has anybody ever seen special effects using ice in a rock show? What can you do with 50 kg of ice...any ideas?

uh, surprise! I´m curious.

There is a phrase that is used by me and a few of my colleagues at work when things haven’t been going well for us: “When all else fails, drop your pants and slide on the ice.” Not that I think that this is what the ice is for in Moscow, but it does bring a nice mental image to your day, does it not? —Little Spooky

Hm, I only can guess... Maybe check how many bottles Wodka they ordered with that! There’ll be a big great party with loads of drunk people. This is how Swedes enjoy themselves occasionally...

Why do they need the ice? Cause they’re so HOT, man!!

It is definitely for the party -)))


Dry Ice for the FOG!!!!

50Kg is not a lot, don’t expect too much

50 K is just a few buckets, for champagne probably.

...of course it’s for the vodka.....:)

hmm..yep...cooling the alc ;)

It would be a HOT and a COOL show, I’m so sorry I live in Saint-Petersburg :(

I fully agree with the person who said they will throw it at the fans! So LOOK SHARP and put on warm coats!
Junkie, maybe they will do the same in St. Petersburg, so don‘t be sorry you live there! By the way, I live in Moscow.

Yes yes yes yes ... aha ...

I liked it... remind me to keep track of the saddles and bobcats ;o) —-Little Spooks

50kg is probably about Maries wieght in ice so that isn’t very much! Were talking about some mild after show partying here folks, about enuff ice to keep Per and Pelle Alsings drinks cool for about 10 minutes maybe! Rock on the alcoholics!!!!! Maybe they will rename themselves roxaholics! But I doubt it......


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