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Roxette special aired on Spanish TV2

Written by Senna on July 1, 2001 to .

Spanish TV2 broadcast an hour-long Roxette special at 6:30 this evening. The program featured an interview and six songs performed by Per, Marie and the band. The songs were: “The Centre of the Heart,” “Real Sugar,” “Milk and Toast and Honey,” “Looking for Jane,” “Wish I could fly” and “The Look.” The program was recorded on April 4th when Roxette was in Spain doing promotion.


it lasted HALF AN HOUR

si, Judith, menudo error. xDDDD. La cagué. Como q no viniste a la fiesta del fanclub?

senna, no fue tu culpa :) en todas partes ponia que duraba 1 hora, solo para que la gente lo sepa - si quiere copias

Estoy de examenes - por eso no pude ir a madrid.. desde Lleida estoy 5 horas de viaje...

Please, help!!!! Who would be so nice and could copy today‘s special for me??? I have a lot of other videostuff which I‘d love to share with you. [email protected]

looks like Looking for Jane maybe the next single!


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