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Written by roxeteer on September 17, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Roxette’s latest video, “A Thing About You”, is now available in streaming Real format on two Swedish news portals. The story of the video features a woman and a man living next door, longing for each other. The video was directed by Jonas Åkerlund.

  It seems that in the Aftonbladet version, video’s aspect ratio is a little wrong.’s version looks better.


TV4 link doesn’t work for me

I LOVE this video. I really do... Jonas understands what the song is about... it really lifts the song up... great...
maybe... this will help roxette a few inches back to international stardom

downloads don’t work for me either :(
it’s at roxbytes now aswell, i just got it from there :)

i think that it is prettie good

Its a great video!!! They both look great, Marie looks a bit like the old days with longer hair.

I love it. Now all we need is a better quality version :D

I had to watch the video without sound because I’m at work. It still made a great impression on me. Marie’s parts remind me the Almost unreal video. Piece of art, but far from being boring!

i owe jonas ackerlund an apology...what a fabtastic it just me or does marie look younger n younger. If this video was made 15 yr’s earlier when they first started out the press woulda had a field day with the symbolism in it. Per needs to lay off the woerd pants...congrats per for singign the perrrrrrrr fect ballad

I agree with you cowboyusa. Marie looks like in the Joyride era! Which means ggggggreat!

Bonne journée! -> Have a nice day!

Doesn’t work for me either. I’m off to try roxbyte.

yup, it really sound somewhat like wicf. maybe that’s why i like it soooooo much!

I think the video is crap. Not as bad as I Want You to Know, nothing could be that bad, but still, it’s crap.

great video!

Excellent video that really captures what the song is all about... and really.. ain’t that what a video is supposed to do?

I love it!!! It captures the essence of the song pefectly. Per looks good and Marie looks more beautiful than ever. I like the ’executive’ look :D
Let’s see what excuse finds MTV this time to censore it!!!!!

mmmmmPer looks as yummy as ever and Marie, well she is jus beautiful!!
Love the video, love the song, and most of all ME LOVES ROXETTE!!!!

yeah. let’s see what excuses come out this time!!!
they always make excuses here in the UK!

Congrats all round!!!

Bonjour and Saluti a tutti!!
yours always

Nice but nothing spectacular. It’s a mix between TCOTH and WICF. Again a dark video.

damn! I dont have real player, and im not planing to install it either. I hope a WMV/asf version comes out soon

I will admit that I did not really care for the song at first. However, the video is really good and has changed my opinion a little. WICF is one of my favorite video’s, and ATAY you reminds me a bit of that.

Good job all around on the video. It really enhances the song.

At last.....a video that won’t get cut or banned! unless I missed something while watching it on such a small screen ;) I love it! :)

Beautiful song and great can definately tell that this is done by Jonas. Marie looks young and beautiful and Per looks great - funky pants and all! I look forward to seeing more videos like this in the future :)

Guess who directed the video for “Love at first sight”... none other than Jonas Åkerlund! It’s Minogue, BTW :-)

Great song, i love it, i always love the music more than a video. I found the video very dark and looks like wish i could fly ( i believe) but you need a video by the song. It’s good, nothing special but normal. o.k. But for me the music of Roxette is number one. I mean the voices of Per and Marie with the music.


Am I dreaming or what???? or like am I dreaming or WHHHHHHAAATTTTTT??????????? Marie looks a bit like what she did in ALMOST UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!! which is almost unrealllll



Hello everyone out there! Hope you are all ok... as for me, a bit worried about Marie, but also i need someone who can tell me the exact website where i can see the new video. It is impossible for me to find the right one... sniff sniff... Thanks so much. Keep Marieing!
Hola a todos allí afuera! Espero estén todos ok... de mi parte, un poco preocupado por Marie, pero también necesito alguien que me diga la web donde puedo ver el video nuevo. Es imposible para mi encontrarla... sniff sniff... Muchas gracias... Sigan Marieando!

Like I said about the song, it’s sheer Roxette brilliance - the whole team. Get Well soon Marie!

I just loved the video, very sweet

’just another roxhit in my heart’, tack för det!!
från Mexiko!


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