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“She’s Got Nothing On” video now available online

Written by roxeteer on January 14, 2011 to and .

The new "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" video is now available online on Roxette Official Facebook page and on YouTube. The video features Per and Marie singing in front of a bright white background, as well as people having a house party.

The video is directed by Mats Udd and produced by Rebecca Jemdahl Tepavac. The cinematographer of the video is Petrus Sjövik.


It would be even cooler if it was available everywhere. EMI - Every Mistake Imaginable. Some things in life won’t ever change.


I’m kinda glad it’s not available everywhere ...

Hehehe...yeah me too!

@joyrider: good point! ;)


I’m happy that Rox is back, but it is not the video I expected either from Mats Udd or Roxette...

If you can’t see it in the US, this’ll getcha there:

Quick! Someone report abuse to youtube about Mats Udd for making a bad video!!

I really don’t see what all the moaning is about. Yeah, it’s not the most inspired video ever, but what were you expecting?! I like the Joyride reference in it, and the party story is okay. I agree with the comments about too much white though. It does look a little cheap...

We can’t see it in the UK either, let alone the US.

E - Every
M - Mistake
I - Imaginable

Love it!

I thought in this brave new world that the internet is supposed to make things widely available to people and that sharing of information is instant etc..especially with the likes of Facebook...

...why even bother to invite UK fans to join Facebook if we can’t access the information.

Seriously, I love Roxette and always have, but I’m just getting really bored with this now. It almost seems like way too much like hard work to hear a song, to buy a song, to see the video.....


Seems I was lucky to be in Scandinavia this week to be able to view it. I understand how you feel Mat, it’s getting very tired now isn’t it.

It’s amazing how the internet is being more controlled now.

It’s all against “terrorism” and “file sharing”... While it’s really about controlling people any which way possible.

Ok, I will get killed for this... but I was so excited to hear the new single and I could not wait for the album. Now after seeing the video... I ahve lost all excitement. I am so happy the album is coming, but I am scared to be over excited. Its like canapes are tasty, the entre tastes horrible and now do I really want mains?

I guess I will wait and see.

Who made the videos for Joyride and Crashboom bang? They were sensational videos!!! Even Fireworks was terrific, and I think there were a few great ones that had a chessboard in it. I love Roxette, been a part of my life for 20 years, I’m so dissappointed in this video. Also a bit sad to see the single slip back a bit on the Oz iTune charts.
I love the fact that we have them back again and this song just keeps going through my head over and over again......I really like the song........If I Had One Wish...What Would It Be...well in this regard....for a better video that’s all.
But who am I to judge, I’m just a fan from a little Country town in Western Australia.

Michael Geoghan (if that’s his name and spelling) I think.

Neil, I agree... One Wish – 100% better

I don’t care about “controlling people”. Ok, I do, but somehow I can live with it. But I care when their only way to promote a video is technically the internet and it doesn’t work like it should when they want it to been seen as much as possible.


I’ve now seen the vid ;o)

I have to say, that after reading the initial reviews I was expecting something very cheap and nasty...

I actually quite like it.

There was an excellent comment on YouTube last year or so: “Dear record companies, I don’t understand your policy of blocking your videos worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from being viewed. Isn’t that what they are for?” or something along those lines.

I’m from Lima, Peru and I was, it seems, one of the lucky few in the world who was not under some kind of restriction (yes i agree with the comment on how internet is being controlled now). My thoughts on the video...yeah it could have been better I mean Per and Marie have such presence on stage, they are poised and both are good looking so there was a lot to exploit there mr director whatever-your-name-is. The parts featuring both Per and Marie could have included more camera movement pretty much like in the One Wish video (hated Marie’s outfit in that one though) to make it more dynamic. The “story” was OK, kids dancing around a DJ playing spin the bottle which is pretty common these days. Not crazy about the last scene though, Per and Marie standing there smiling...the party should’ve kept on going or they should’ve made a surprise appearance at it while the video slowly faded. The video will not definetely ever match to such classics as LTYH, IGATAY or WICF but it is good enough to present the song to the world. If I would have done it differently? yeah big budget kind of stuff like Rox deserves in my opinion but EMI it seems thinks differently. Well done Per and Marie, kudos on the new video.

P.D. Any news about Rox dropping by Peru yet? crossing my fingers...

Michael Geoghegan. Actually I didn’t like any of his videos either except for “Sleeping In My Car.” Doug Freel directed “Joyride.”


E - Every
M - Mistake
I - Imaginable

Love it!

You have given me a fantastic idea for a homemade tour t-shirt this summer now.... I love it!

As for the YouTube link

’This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds’

What a complete farce... I suppose I have to log into FB now to view it, ok perhaps when I’ve done the ironing! :p

Well, what a shock. I can’t get to the video. OH WAIT, I’M IN THE UK, of course I feckin’ can’t.

EMI (Every Move Incompetent): I hold YOU responsible for what you are making me do now. YOU forced this next sentence from me - you and no-one else, this is ALL your fault.

*deeeeeeep breath*

RACE YE’S ALL TO THE TORRE~~~~~~ENTS!!!!! *fwoom!*


The chessboard video was ’Queen of Rain’ and it was filmed in France

Ha Ha FB does not want to load for me this morning! ;) [The ironing it is then] :p

Blocked in your country due to copyright grounds

Enough of this crap


worst video ever
Stars, one wish or even silly really r 1000 times way better than this..
what a way to waste the chance
im so sorry =(

@Roxerally - I would love to take the credit for the ’EMI’ acronym, but it was actually Kiwein1’s (so thanks Kiwein1)!!

As for Facebook, forget it, you won’t be able to watch it on there either...

EMI UK = EMI SUK more like!

Don’t suppose anyone who can view the video wants to download it via and upload it again so others can hopfully see it before it’s blocked again...

*And know I don’t care about sharing, after all TDR shared a link for ’SGNO(BTR)’ via there Twitter after preaching about not sharing!*

Video not available in my country (Germany)

Does anyone know a GOOD Proxy-Server???

Found this download link at

we need a new video ( well the song, the charm school cd.. )


I don’t know about ’She’s Got Nothing On’...I know that the UK has ’Got Nothing On’...

I downloaded that file but it does not play... and I can’t convert it from flv to MP4!

Let me see what I can do, Rally mate...
*fires up the Mac*

ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING - This is the worst thing to happen since TDR changed its look!! ha ha ha ha

I’m also downloading right now, let’s see if it also won’t play, works here...I’m using VLC media player

Some other links I found

Hey, found this official Rox-Channel linked by EMI-Germany:

Video looks a bit old-school with the white background, but nice with the light. I hoped there would be more nudity.

Hey Mr John - nice to see you back! ;o) How’s Oz?

Marie has had the gap in her front teeth done at some point I just noticed! I liked that gap.

That was years ago. :)

Haven’t quite seen her for years, unless it was years and years ago!

Hum, can’t access any of these links, I’m in the UK.
Can someone explain why this is all being blocked.
Seems a bit Silly Really! ;-(

Tried every which way possible I know to capture the video to no avail, sod it, I have other things to do! Oo. Is this meant to kill vampires or something? Dammit, Udd, how much lighting do you need?!

EasyWMV wasn’t having any of it, but MPEG Streamclip is taking it fine. Will up to a share once done.


Yep, this link

works with VLC player... ;)

I really want a feather pillow fight now, preferably with the management of EMI!

I have to admit I like the video regardless of it taking over two hours to get to FINALLY view it! Although in truth Marie does not look comfortable in the video, Per seems at ease but Marie seems a little distant...

Why are you all overreacting? It’s a nice video.

@venomthefat I am not sure anyone is overreacting, I think the general annoyance in this topic is that people in certain countries could not view the video!

I’ve watched it about three times now, I like it the video it is fresh [the white background behind Per and Marie too bright as others have said] but overall it’s fun and very up to date for the era! :p

Please hire some professionals to do the job, not some teenager. I mean, come on, it’s your comeback- it suppose to be magical, great. Sorry, but the video is like my son 6 and half could do better.
Change the video now!

Nice use of the Joyride LP, where’s the nudity?

Sign up to, it’ll get done there eventually. Might have a crack meself when I finally get round to a new desktop unit.

Anyhow, here’s the MP4:

hey im from a little country town in western australia called Pemberton but i live in busselton now. wat part of wa you from?

Could someone explain to me what’s going on with Internet policy in your countries (UK and USA mostly, I think)?

My review:

This a very very different video from what we’ve been used to see from Roxette and most other mainstream artists. In some way it looks very ’Swedish’, indie, young, alternative, minimalistic, relaxed, light-weight, etheral, low-budget. Strange to see it for the first time, but it grows on me. This release together with decent promotion might attract a new audience for Roxette.

My thoughts:

Yes, I stayed up last night, hoping to be able to watch the video after midnight. Thanks to the Russians I could. I admit, after the first look words like “OMG”, “WTF” and “epic fail” crossed my mind. Now, after sleeping on it and watching the video again I have to say it’s not that bad. Ok, that terrible light makes Marie look bald and the cutting could have been much better but anyway it grows on you.

hey has any oz fans checked out this site?

you can register your intrest and how many tickes you want to buy if they come to Oz again.....

@konstpaus...prefer not to say exactly where, but we are in the wheatbelt : ))

For me it’s ok....I admit it’s not a strong or conceptual video but it’s fine.....I agree the background light is not a good idea....I guess if the single has the potential and proper promotion, it can do much much without even a good video, compare the simple video of Listen to your heart with the video of Crash! Boom! Bang!...The latter is marvellous video but it didn’t do as much good on charts as the former single.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

the video is very Ikea...

and for those not from the UK - this is an Ikea advert...

The video is so so so so bad.... But the girl is cute.....

Entertainment or death...

when bad videos happen to good songs ... here is another similar example: “in private” by dusty springfield ... quite the same “look and feel” ;-)

– no special story
– bad light
– bad stylist / make up
– white background ...

low budget videos don’t have to look cheap at all:

and NO budget videos neither (student projects):

Am I the only one who like the blinding light (or limelight) in the clip? It looks cool with white background and black leather weather of P & M. It has kind of independent music feeling to me.
I will not talk about EMI video restrictions. They are really hardworking on “how to ruin theirselves using angry customers”. They should patented it, probably no one can make it like they do. Everything can be done wrong, but only EMI can add even something more.

konstpaus said:
hey has any oz fans checked out this site?

Yeah, i stumbled across it during a google search. I signed up... you know, just in case...

I don’t think the video is a masterpiece, but it’s not the worst video every made. I like that they put the Joyride sleeve into the video, that’s cool.

But I also mentioned the “blinding light” in the background! I like it.

By the way: I think it’s better to have a bad video for a good song than the other way round! At least in Germany we don’t have a real Music-Television anymore (Viva etc are just playing scrolltexts and commercials, and the music-clip is in a tiny window, very bad....), so a videoclip I think is not that important anymore!

@Lennon You are right. A good song with a bad video is better then the opposite. In Sweden we have one music channel that almost everyone can watch, and that’s MTV. But MTV most of the time shows other things than music. I think everyone watches music videos at youtube.

@SilverBloo Thanks!

Oh, my eyes. My eyes! I’m guessing Jonas Åkerlund was too busy hanging out with Lady Gaga when they needed a video director?

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

I really loved the video. In my point of view it sounds like: hey we (fans) were here all the time only waiting for the king (Roxette) wake up to start the party :D
Marie and Per were really happy recording this video and for me this is the most important thing.
Per and Marie thankyou very very much :D
Cheers from Brazil!!!

@HASMAD No idea really but something to do with STUPID EMI and restrictions!

I mean, it’s great to see Per and Marie again, but whoa. Or have I turned into an old fogey?

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

@ Anarem Yeah, maybe we are just to old and ambitious for that kind of ’style’.

@joyrider :-)

Having watched Mats Udd’s other videos now, I realize that he is more of an indie director, hence the indie feel to the video. Good try, Mr Udd! Not my style, really, but now I see what you were trying to do.

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

I’ve just watched the video, to be honest like I am, it does my nut in, I look at the video and to be honest it seems very ermm dated, and so not like the kind we would expect from Roxette, way too much white light,
The concept of the video is so not right for the song, looks like a really low budget video, but Marie and Per look as good as always, but the video in my opionon could have been made better, but it is theie choice, it just wont sell, and as for nudity, ive seen alot more in WICF, there will be no censor on tv for it,


I would like to make a collect request for re-shooting again the video for “She’s got nothing on but the radio”, please!!!
It’s so important for a worldwide act such them to have a decent videoclip... and this won’t be enough...
How many times rock stars like Cardigans, Ricky Martin or even Roxette (IMHBL, LTYH for ex.) re-directed their own hits for an intarnational pubblic?
PLEASE let’s ask to AKERLUND or CORBJIN or whoever to re-make this video one more time, Per & Marie doesn’t afford a flop for this new album, I’m with them and I want to support them in any case...and this is an URGENT CASE!!!!


Thanks for the links - will watch it over the weekend sometime when not at work- although I am a little nervous having read all the comments!

@Silverbloo - never found out where you were from - I take it you live in Sunderland? I’m from Seaham- small world!

Why does it not surprise me that we can’t get the video in the UK? Really when it comes to Roxette it goes from bad to worse here. I think an email to EMI sounds good. Not that it’ll do any good anyways cause they don’t seem to care.

This is another reason to be pessimistic on our chances of Roxette coming to the UK to Tour :(

For those who have not had the privilege [Until no doubt it is removed or blocked!]

I think the main problem with the video is, that it reveals how hard Roxette try to “be cool” ... but hey, they never where cool; not even in their heydays and they don’t have to be cool! ...


Now I guess I found my kind of reason why I wouldn’t post/share the song over some social networks: The song in combination with the video sadly looks like a ROXETTE–PARODY. And I don’t want to expose my all-time-fav band (and myself).

I love it, is a great video! Full of young people, Per and Marie looks cool

@Roxerally - Isn’t EMI supposed to promote Roxette in the UK. If so then I don’t understand why that video is blocked because it “contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your Country on copyright grounds”. Very strange. But anyways, I downloaded it from that sendspace link you posted a few posts back so thanks for that :-)

I wasn’t overly impressed with the video though. I preferred more classic Roxette videos *shrugs*

I think I must be the only person in the UK who CAN watch the video - works fine via YouTube on my iPhone...

That said, I’m not especially fond of the video - roxette always had a certain kind of vibrant ’class’, but the palette of the video seems quite subdued and dare I say, Ikea-esq. There’s no real sense of fun, and it seems completely removed from the song itself - almost as if the director wanted to shoot a party video, and just happened to place Per and Marie in parts as filler....

Luckily it’s a great song, so I don’t think we should give up on the UK yet...

Up on the 101

I was hoping to have something positive to say about the video as I was really looking forward to it. I hate to do this but One Wish video was a step in the right direction. I had a feeling this would be like ATAY. It’s just boring with those actors. I too miss the old style videos with just Per and Marie in them and they are actually somewhere. As others have said, it was great to see them together in a video again.

Neverending Love was redone?

@Linda06 The YouTube link does work [it does for me!] but you have to be signed into your YouTube account...

@Roxerally - Still doesn’t work for me. Weird. No matter, I got it from your link to sendspace :-)

I sent an email to EMI UK telling them what I think.

For this single, I like it! As roxerally just said: IT’S FRESH. That’s my first thought too. ... and it’s new. I like new things on Roxette.
Come on guys! Think about the “Dressed For Success” video back then!
It’s one of those crazy, -almost nonsense lyric- songs anyway. Just like it started with “The Look”.
Next videos will go deeper for sure.
Glad they’re back on screen!
Love marie’s shiny leather jacket!
Love it!

Video is cool and funny! Video was uploaded on 6 days ago :) Go to

Aint seen the video and can’t as in UK. Was intrested but now it’s becoming to much hassel to try,

@abysmo: That light maybe saves the video from being bad... at least for me :-)


I couldn’t have said it better!

Some people really seem to be too old for this...

@ manu79 ... too old or maybe don’t want to see ’their band’ in a video which could be used as a Roxette-parody as well ...

I guess it’s far times better than WICF, Any1 and Salvation videos...those were really waste of the potential of the song with no connection to lyrics...However I do agree that they can reshoot but please NO ACKERLUND...he keeps repeating same old ideas.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Can we all be honest with ourselves for a moment? Very few music videos–by ANYONE–really add anything to the music. So it follows that very few Roxette videos are really all that great either.

I definitely don’t think “She’s Got Nothing On” is great, but it’s not terrible. I think the cuts to Per & Marie on the bright white background would have been more palatable and felt less cheap if they were shorter and more spread out throughout the video (rather than grouped together during the choruses). This might have helped the party scenes feel less disjointed from the Per & Marie shots. Oh well. everyone’s a critic. ;-)

Friends, I know Jonas Akerlund is considered one of the greats, but did we really need ANOTHER of his young-couples-in-their-underwear-sitting-around-in-dark-rooms videos for this song (Wish I Could Fly, A Thing About You, The Centre of the Heart)? Or the cheese of band-in-your-face-with-corny-effects-and-psychadelic-characters (Fingertips, June Afternoon, One Wish)?

I guess this is why the 4 Michael Geoghegan videos are my Roxette favorites, along with Corbijn’s Stars, that crazy cartoon for Opportunity Nox and the late night puppet show of Real Sugar. I know I’m WAY in the minority on this, but for me, these videos are the most out-of-the-box for Roxette. They’re rich and chaotic; they make you want to watch again to catch everything going on on-screen.

I understand why they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But I like that they challenge my pre-conceived notions of what a Rox video should be. She’s Got Nothing On attempts this and falls short. But really, as I said above, I think it’s unrealistic to have high expectations for a music video, anyway. Very, very few are exceptional. This one’s no different.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts. ROX ON!

Wow, Coolbluez, I hadn’t seen your post when I submitted mine, but it seems we feel very much the same way about much of Mr. Akerlund’s work. Glad I’m not totally alone! :-)

So... this is the WORST video since The Big L! I really didn’t understand it... Luckily the song is great!

Fan-videos could easily beat this one.

there is no story in this vid. it’s really cheap!
what a mess.

but the best scenes are when Per and Marie are on the screen.
they smile, have fun, Marie looks great, pers Guitar-colour is awful :-D
but the rox-scenes are the best.
so, who cares about the Story :-)

Rox-USA said on January 14, 2011 16:08:

I could not agree more.

PS: Beautiful people in the vid (thanks to those making the download possible for fans in poor Germany!) but i expected more nudity. Maybe they should have fed the boys and girls properly at the set. ;-)

@brickwall, Love the name very apt I feel!

Obviously low budget, but then EMI are hardly likely to be throwing money at a project like this are they? I think it’s not too bad though. The story part of the video is actually well shot, and I like the bits at the end of per and marie, but I think the white background was a mistake as it makes the video look a bit cheap overall......I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as people are making it out to be though. I must say I’m not overly sold the song itself still though

Wait, wait, wait: “Wish I Could Fly” a bad video? You must be joking. It is maybe their best — high gloss, stylish, sexy, classy and timeless; like the song itself. And just think of the light-effect which gives the song that special “visual rhythm”. Epic!

Gotta ask people who have seen it, did you notice the LP of joyride at 1:20 and then it changes on the turn-table to SGNO(BTR) at 1:46. intresting, is it so that people know who they are etc..


Wasn’t too sure about the song at first, but NOW I LOVE it! Connot wait for Charm School! No problem with the video and I was able to view it in South Africa :) ROXETTE is back!

My favourite Roxette clip will always be Anyone. That one was so dramatic. It captured the feeling of the song so well, total despair.

I don’t know what to make of this new video. It’s not bad, it’s not good. It’s complete nonsense, which is a bit like Roxette. I’m just confused after watching this thing...

Oh how I wish for the simpeler days *puts on the Take A Chance On Me video by ABBA* ;-)

The video looks better in HD!! but it’s not the best rox video!! I prefer HAND and RS videos!


My friend put up a super positive review of the video on a US site:
Add some replies!!!

@ Roxerally No probs matey (=3)
@ Claire I’m a Mackem alright, but wrong direction - I’m actually from Shotton. I did used to date someone from Seaham back in the Crash! Boom! Bang! era though, having met her at the Sheffield’94 gig (guess how THAT worked out), so yeah - the world gets ever smaller…

better vid than YDUM :) btw, that “black man” is the same one as in Soul Deep?

@Rox-USA: Thanks....I started feeling very bored after watching same concepts in video being repeated again.
@Kecho: Well YDUm has a strong enigmatic feel...I love that video except that it’s black and white while in documentary where they showed its making, it’s in color version and it looks very beautiful....Well I recalled the Soul Deep video after watching the manyou’re refering to.
@Ncurran:Very glad to read your comments...well do you remember me? I put your poems at my site????
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Thank you!

Quite like it although the P&M bits could have been softer. For me could have been from a film soundtrack.

Who’s the girl -great eyes!!!

UK fans we have a FB page ’Roxette Roxattack UK 2011’ :p

I don’t understand all these negative comments.

The video was very good. Since it told about teenage life, it made me feel a little old to listen to Roxette (maybe too old?) and I didn’t feel very comfortable with that family theme either - but I see that it is the way Roxette wants the new song to be seen: music for teenager from a good-hearted, warm and religious family. Maybe the fact, that Marie’s and Per’s children are becoming teenagers soon has affected the tone how this story is told.

I liked that it had a story in it. I loved the vinyl and joyride parts, as well the way marie and per were shown - they seemed like gods, but that’s what idols are for teenagers. The story is wise and beautiful, even it’s not the life situation of average roxfan (who is about 25-35 yrs old now).

It seems Roxette wants some new audience. Do you have some problem with that? It feels a little like you would be jealous... ;)

@Roxerally - Cool, thanks. I liked it :-)

yes i remember you coolbluez

wow, Roxette are back... they really are. The video is awesome... somehow modern but also very classic. I like :)

I am in shock, the actual video on YouTube linked from here is working in the UK...

Well at least there isn’t a bunch of girls in bikini’s doing some synchro dancing around P&M...

Love the song, not so much the video. If a Roxette comeback in the US is hanging by a slim thread, this video could snap it altogether. But who really cares?? Most of us have been passionate fans for 20+ years, and one mediocre video isn’t going to scare us off.

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

@ Miami

Jealous?? may have something there. It would have been nice if they had thrown a little bone to their long-time fans, most of whom are 30+. It will be interesting to see how many (or how few) of those at the Rox concerts this summer are under age 20.

An example of a good video that’s aimed at grown-ups is the Eagles’ “Busy Being Fabulous.”

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

I really don’t know why everybody is so disappointed with the video...... It REALLY isn’t that bad. You’re all just “mad” that the video is different than all their other stuff. This video is more grown-up and “in” with what MTV is playing these days. Basically all videos you see on TV these days feature a bunch of teenagers having a party.

I think Per and Marie look great. And Marie makes COOL moves with her hands - like in the old days..... GREAT to see Per and Marie in a video again.

Not the best video, but cool enough. But I also think Roxette should get another director.

@ roxulikeababy: isn’t the Joyride cover the bone you were looking for?

Another interpretation of the video: Roxette wants to tell that they know what they mean / have meant to us. So it’s not only ment to today’s teenagers, but also for us olders. “We know we make/made a good party for you and you see/saw us as gods.” I think that’s the message.

The video is dedicated to all of us. :) How many other videos tell the relationship between a band and its fans?

@ RobS, that’s right! One more reason to <3 Roxette’s videos is that the gender roles are so swedish: both women and men / girls and boys are well dressed (girls have more on than a radio!), both sexes can be viewed as sex objects according to watchers’ preferences. Women take most active roles in relationships, they don’t try to please men but take what they want. :D

Ok I have watched this a few times now....others may have already mentioned this.....but maybe the king in the video means Roxette (King of Pop) have been asleep for a while but now they have awakened. The dj is called ’DJ Takeover’ so maybe that means Roxette are about to takeover again. A bit of a “sleeping Giant’ type of thing. They are “contenders’ in the music industry once again.

May be the girl put wrong cd (sgnobtr) in joyride cover:-D that’s why we see the sleeve of joyride but the cd of the single being played......i really don’t understand the king or pope shown in that video, what’s the point behind that?
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Very nice video! They both look great and the girls are so much beautiful too! Just perfect!
Thanx for your comeback!!!

Well, I’m at least glad some of you liked the video. I’m curious to what the next video will be like, and who will direct the next video.

it will be nice if the next vid would be something like Real Sugar cooperation of people and muppets or cooperation of real people and animated cartoon :)

I luv it, it’s great!!!

Why do some of you wanna remain in the 80s/90s??? This is Roxette in the present and its so cool. The reactions are always the same when Rox do something new... and in the end people get used to it and adapt/start liking it ;-)

I’m so glad Roxette try out new and different things, otherwise it would be soo boring.

Best regards from Stuttgart

Every single time I watch the video i love it more, it is fantastic. It’s fun. And seriously, if they would have made a video like spending my time or do you get excited again, it would have been embarrissing.
However, I wonder if the wasted king in the video has a special meaning ;), but than again the girl dancing in front of him doesn’t really look like the girl of Army of lovers... just joking :)

The more I watch it the more it grows on me, or sthing like that. I still think that the white bg needs to go, why couldn’t it have been replaced with some kind of cool video footage/effects, or with p&m performing under stage/disco lighting with cool pyrotechnics and flames and smoke or sthing like that - lots of color and action.

I see everyone has an opinion about this video, heaps of comments to read. It all got me thinking, maybe for the next video there could be a competition where the fans can come up with the concept kinda like the tour set list comp!? Just a thought.

The video is really not their best-I loved the video from Joyride too...(spending my tome, do you get excited,..) or for example “Queen of rain”-why not go back to this times...? apart from this I always thought from myself, I didn’t pay too much attantion to videos anyway, thinking the song was the most important thing-but seeing a video which appearently doesn’t accentuate the atmosphere of the song, i actually feel something of the song gets damaged or lost and that’s a pity..As it should be a happy vido, there’s too less colours and too much paleness and light in it. The slow motion parts don’t fit the tempo of the song and it’s kind of tedious to watch it...
Think, it’s hard to critisize my favourite band, but not expressing an opinion or just pretending everything was wonderful can’t be taken seriously and isn’t a real favour I (or we) would do to them.
Nevertheless it’s not the end of the world and not that important to blow it up...there are so many things to come and waiting for us-the new album and the tour...that are not going to be spoiled by a single video..and I’m lookinh forward to them :)

...and after all everything is still a matter of taste, so if there are some who honestly like the video, it’s not that bad at all..!!

Since we live in 2010, and record companies cut on videoclip budgets especially of bands who aren’t making #1-hits, I find this video really good.

I’m so happy about new album and tour that I like the video just because there is Per&Marie in it))))) It’s simple but it makes me smile)))))

For me, the Party scenes are quite good, but the per & marie parts doesn’t match the song.
esp. in the first shots, the first verse and the mysterious word at 0:08 they don’t sing along. It’s annoying.

Does EMI control the video and it’s budgeting too? Well I think Per and Marie should’ve been standing more in the center rather than at the periphery.....I guess Silly Really video was more interesting....
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Its not that bad! I’ve only watched it once - not rushing to watch it again but first impressions weren’t too bad! have posted link on my facebook - so im not that embarresed!

@Kecho - The new video was a cross between people and muppets! AKA Roxette vs EMI


You can vote for the song at some radio charts (germany)

(You have to fill in your name and adress and so on, iguess you can just give up one vote)

Roxette had lots of No.1’s on swr3 charts. Let’s help getting them another one.

Video isn’t bad, but different. This is the problem when you use such an alternative director for such a commercial pop band. Remember Corbijn’s videos.

Throwing this out for consideration: The word no one can seem to understand at 0:08 is “Roxette” as Per has been known to do this at the beginning of a song?

@Rox.ette: If Roxette is that word, then why doesn’t the lyrics mention it? They only did it in 2 songs e.g Joyride and Dance away....
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I have no clue. Just guessing! It is a mystery!

I think, looking at Per as he mouths the word in the video, that it looks and sounds like “One Second”


@Davidc4: Hahahaha...this is funny like he isn’t ready while cameras are on and Per is saying ’1 second’ (please)

Well guys I guess this video is 100000000000 times better than the Christmas version of It Must Have Been Love:-D

By the way 0:58 second should’ve been removed from the video

Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I thought that Per is saying Let’s go, isn’t he?

Here are the Itunes daily chart peak positions for SGNO(BTR) since its release:

Australia #88 (13/01/11)
Austria #81 (10/01/11)
Denmark #109 (13/01/11)
Finland #19 (15/01/11)
Germany #85 (08/01/11)
Netherlands #83 (08/01/11)
Norway #96 (15/01/11)
Spain #10 (13/01/11)
Sweden #10 (12/01/11)
Switzerland #61 (15/01/11)



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