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Rox20 party continues: “If you had one wish... would it be about me?”

Written by administrator on October 29, 2006 to .

NEW YORK/BUENOS AIRES - Most anniversaries are rather private celebrations, but when Per and Marie announced they were getting back together again for Roxette’s 20th anniversary… fans around the world wanted to join the party.

  In the first of several special surprises The Daily Roxette has planned for the Rox20 party, that go beyond the articles and interviews that you are accustomed to seeing here, TDR is pleased to present a Flash-based video feature for Roxette’s new single “One Wish.”

  “Of course our idea in producing this was to pay tribute to Roxette’s 20 years together,” says Managing Editor Lars-Erik Olson, “but it was also our idea to somehow show that fans are invited guests to this party as well. Marie recently pointed out the role that fans have played in their career, and almost from the very beginning of this project, we were hoping to find a way to honor (by letting one fan represent a thousand fans) our loyal readers – and Roxette fans in general – with this video.”

  Produced and directed by Jorge Diaz and Lars-Erik Olson… The Daily Roxette is proud to salute Roxette with another look at “One Wish!”

NOTE: If the progress bar “freezes” at 82%… please just wait it out… it will, after a short wait, continue to load.

For more on the making of this Flash presentation, read the previous article announcing this project.


How cool that I get to be the first reply to an article...

I really liked the video. It’s a totally different idea than the “official” video, but it’s fun, creative and it definitely shows that it was well thought out.

It might have been better if I was in the photo collage somewhere (lol). Just kidding. Great stuff – it is much appreciated.

Great job guys! The video is cool! Goes really well with the song! Nicely done!

Thanks and thanks for the hard job. You guys deserve all the credit!!

Take care! :-)
Carlos E., New York.

nice one. but wouldnt be better to make it for Reveal instead of OW?

One Wish is the start of the comeback! So it was the right choice.

Who knows there’s one to for Reveal!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Sorry, but I DON’T LIKE.

Sorry, but I don’t get the idea behind the video. I just see some random people, lying in the grass, waking around and such. 90% with serious faces, and let me say they don’t look so happy. Then, some things related to wishes, like the birthday cake. But doesn’t look as a “whole”, I don’t get the point. Just an opinion.

It’s just a simple slide-show, I thought we will have a video or something. Good job, but there are a lot of programs that allow you to put great transition effects between the pictures. best regards


Feedback wasn’t requested so I won’t give any, but I am a little concerned that an inattentive, casual Rox fan could stumble across this on the web and think it’s actually the video... that might lead them to think, “Oh I guess Marie is still sick... they found another way to make videos without having to show up for a video shoot”... reinforcing the myth that Roxette is a dead band.

@roxtexanet: But in the end it says it’s a TDR protuction and there’s TDR web address. So people would know and if they didn’t know, they could visit the site and find out.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Now there’s a new low.

@roxtexanet: Sometimes thinking much may lead to preconceptions ;)

About the video:

Nice present for all of us, thanx! It’s great to see so many friends from R2R as well as some from TDR. Good job, pals!

@Roxrider_USA: True, but a viewer would have to watch all the way through to know that and would have to know what TDR was in the first place!

Anyway, I’m sure it’s not worth losing sleep over! (-:

Haha, I still prefer the official video. Saturated colours were not that bad, after all!

Nice one guys! Thanks for the gift, and all the effort that you put on it.

To the people that is always complaining: Don’t you think that it is a little unfair and WAY over the top to compare this gift for the readers, with the real thing, made by a real director, an experienced one, with the real stars, and a “little” more budget? Think about it...

Great!! I like it very much!
Good work. Congratulations Jorge and Lars!

I would have been nice if all of us here had the opportunity to contribute photos of our ugly mugs to be in the thing - then it would have been a real tribute to the fans :)

hahaha what a nice video !!! ;) Thank you guys... this morning at 6:45 am I was near having a heart attack when I saw myself on the video... I was wondering when I started watching it... who XXXX are these people?...
I recognise it as a real gift for all of the fans that have been behind Roxette all the time... :)
“maybe one day, a wish of you and me”
Thanks TDR

LOL! nice work, TDR!

(I recognised a handful people ;-P luckily I’m not among them ;-) )

It’s a nice little slideshow, but after 2 months of work, I was expecting something more interesting. I appreciate the time and effort that’s been put into it, but maybe it received too much hype before its premiere.

And how many times did the hand with the rainbow on it appear throughout the video? :-S

...And I agree with Zargo about the pics idea: The same fans appeared a few times throughout, didn’t they? That girl with the blonde hair did, if I remember correctly.

So, it might have been more special to have as many TDR members as possible, with their names up on the screen - Simple, but more meaningful for this community, perhaps.

cool. nice clip. I liked the daily roxette touch on the TV very cool.

Good work guys! :)

Are this all Roxette fans in the pictures????

What could I saw!!!! Excellent! I enjoyed it very much! Congratulations!

Jeez the nerve of some people ...

Thanx. It was interesting to see another interpretation of a video for One Wish. The “Hey-Hey-Hey” bit was pretty well done.

My only thought is that the slow transitions and such probably would have suited a ballad better but its all only for fun so why not ? :)

Well done and thanx - hope all involved enjoyed themselves as is the point of a celebration afterall.

I think EMI could use this video for market research - it shows an almost perfect random of Roxettes target group. Additionaly this target group looks quite good and sexy...

I can´t say i don´t like it... I just don´t understand that picture collection... what did you smoke?

I don’t like at all!!
It looks like a casting of boring people.
Totally ugly in my opinion.And were is Marie and Per?
That’s your way to pat tribute to Roxette?!Oh my Gosh,what a way!It’s not mine.

... What was that Marieangel, did I Just read a volunteer from you to do “better job”? Clearly your way of paying tribute is to moan and bash others - I call that being arrogant and rude, not paying tribute!

I know everybody has the right to comment and leave feedback on every issues that appear here in this forum but some people don’t have good manners at all. If you don’t like something speak your mind but don’t forget that you are speaking to a person and that person doesn’t deserve to read your non-constructive insults. If you are frustrated or nervous there are other ways to calm down I think. Again if you don’t like something tell the author why and if you can give a few suggestions but don’t come here shouting and calling people names.... sorry I had to get it out because I really have had enough reading such comments. Get a life!

What’s this got to do with roxette?..and roxlad, i am very calm when i say that i really don’t like this.....i was waiting for something else really...this is nothing special...i could have done this very easy...just take some pictures with some people...and put it all efects at least. they could have done something really nice...this is too bad...Fans, and not only, want to see roxette...not some unknown people. too bad

Gionela - try READING the article and the pictures and their relevance might just become clear.

ok so those were supposed to be rox fans or what? well for that, those people should have had something related to roxette... like a t-shirt, or to show them on concerts of roxette...i don’t know...something...If they wouldn’t have One Wish singing...i wouldn’t known that it is related to rox, honestly.
it’s the video who it’s supposed to send us a i wouldn’t have to read the author’s explanation to understand it, and this video is not sending me any mesages...the song yes...the video not really.

so let’s just keep to the original video...:)....i hope i didn’t offended wasn’t my intention

hey there! well I like the idea and the whole concept ( just dont like some images even when they r so related with the whole thing ) and come on! ppl just complain about the fact theyre not on it :s this is just so ” rox fan attitud “, not big surprise...

nice work guys =)

i didn‘t like it!

i can understand that this guys wanted to do something for them selves and that the would believe it special

however i honestly can‘t understand why tdr has promoted on the front page, a video that has nothing to do with roxette.

i believe that , according to such a promotion they could have done somenthing better or at least something that show an effort to be better than the oficial one.

, instead of feautures, a personal memory???

Why are people always complaining in here???
If some people want to create a video - what’s the
problem then?
It’s better than just doing nothing or complaining about what other people do and say!
Just my opinion!

OK I sort of suspected that some (all?) of the people in the video were fans... where was the casting call?

Hello and good evening!

Some people in here seem to have a problem understanding that this video is not an official video, is not a major mega-budget-supposed-to-be-released-to-every-major-music-channel-in-the-world-to-become-a-major-hit-and-bring-Roxette-to-the-number-one-spot-on-each-and-every-single-chart-on-the-world and is not an video made to go side by side with the official Roxette One Wish video. This video is simply a small private gift from TDR to the TDR fans mostly. However, wether you like it or not, then it’s beyond TDRs realm of control.

Following this you might understand:

**Unofficial One Wish TDR Feature Video Flash Based Intended To TDR Fans, therefore it’s a private video for us in here; a gift.

**Official One Wish Roxette Video Big Production For Worldwide Release For Roxette’s Promotion Of The Song One Wish, therefore it’s a public worldwide distribution video for the masses interested in Roxette everywhere in the world; not a gift - but simply purely business related as bands always, as part of their business, release singles and videos to generate them their dollars/euros.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

@Gionela well that’s the right attitude! Unfortunately not everybody seems to be calm here...

And to everybody sorry if I came out with that I didn’t really want to start a topic about peolple with bad behaviour. Maybe I will do in the future and in the off-topic section! I wasn’t even attacking anybody in particular. This unpleasent attitude started some time ago and reached its peak with the roxbox thing, so then again I hope the occasional reader will get the message but this is not really the place to discuss about it.

I don’t moan and bash,just it’s my opinion,as many many of you did a thousand times before about something that Marie,Roxette had released.
Or i must say: wow great job! when i think it’s totally ugly?

Apparently marieangel (and others), you *must* like everything to post on here and not get scolded for your opinion.

I am so sick of the attitude here – anyone who expresses a different opinion is “not a fan” and shouldn’t be posting here, according to too may of the regular posters.

As far as this new video goes, whether you call it a “gift” or whatever – certainly someone receiving a “gift” is entitled to say, I don’t really like the gift. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t understand the point of the video myself or the execution of the video, and agree with some of the other statements.

If people want to complain, what’s it to you? Why do you care so much? Really, some of the people here make rox fans sound completely insane. Do you have nothing better to fill your lives with, and this is why any perceived insult to the great roxette is a catastrophic tragedy? It’s ridiculous. And you know, maybe, if Roxette or their management actually took some outside advice from complaining people, they’d do a bit better.

I don’t like it at all. It’s an embarassing cliché video. Low-budget videos can be fun to watch if you have a good idea. Check out the new Ok Go’s video!

While some here are complaining about complaints I come back to the original topic..

I think it’s a great video. And for those of you who didn’t like it: Can you imagine how much work is into such a thing? How much time you have to spend to do such a video? If not - I suggest you should go and make a video yourself and show it to us when you’re ready.

Some comments are not only negative (which is not really the problem because ppl have different opinions and that’s fine) but also very rude and not very nice towards LEO and Jorge. Go figure..

Why is it, if you don’t like the video, then “can you make a better one? and are you volunteering to make one?” Irrelevant. For example, if I thought I had the ability to do something like that I would. But I don’t. And I’m not making one for people to watch, am I?
Just because someone doesn’t like something, does not mean that person is somehow supposed to make something better or shut up.

I didn’t say “shut up”. It’s always relevant to have and stick to your own opinion. Some of you are just too rude IMHO and very offending. That’s all.

That’s the general idea isn’t it – make something better, or don’t post your opinion? (Which basically means, shut up).

And as far as how much work goes into it – well, I can think of many, many things that take a lot of work, and are perhaps not too appealing anyway.

I fail to see the too “rude” comments. Someone said it was ugly. Is that too rude? What if they had said, it was not pretty? Is that too rude too?

Personally, I think calling a spade a spade is a fine thing.

yEEP—“some people don’t have good manners at all”

I recognize some fans but if all person here are Roxette fans—ooohh what a nice GOD on planet Earth :-)

I have such idea few monts ago when we selebrate Rox20 ,but fans must be more and mopre active–singing or at least moving their lips..
I’m sure there wiil be pople who will contribute such video or pix

It’s not late to make another version of One wish ,or new video for Reveal or Roxette mix..

talking abour selebrating Rox 20 take a look how we fans from 2 countries selebrtated it

Isn’t it sweet? ;-)))

First thing I wondered was did these ppl get chosen to appear in the video? second thing is, what about the rest of us?? Are we not fan enough?

I think the idea behind the video is a great one, but to me the way the video is made doesn’t show us fans as a massive force of roxette-lovers, but just portraits of people I don’t know (except one!!). It would have been even interesting if the ppl in the pics were doing something interesting, like making a funny face or holding a roxette CD, or imitating Per or Marie poses. Sorry, but it doesn’t seem like this video has anything to do with roxette, in fact, it seems a collection of headshots of model-wannabe’s.

The polaroid pics give a better picture of roxette fans, and if I had made this video, it would have been a collection of pics such as of fans at Roxette-get togethers, pics of the audience at roxette concerts. *That* is the fan base, not the 20 odd people that looked good enough to make a video out of.

PS. it is nothing personal, you guys whos pics are on there ;)

How rude are you some of you people?!?!?

This a free video made by a couple of Roxette fans. Have some manners!

This could be a standard boring news site with press releases posted from EMI.

Instead the dudes running this amazing service ask for NO money from you ungrateful twats and go to the trouble of bolstering up their “Features” page with new ideas.

Not your cup of tea? Fine! That’s your opinion. Not something I’d watch a million times over again but geez lighten up. Appreciate the effort. Show some respect. Leave the capablities of your “5 year old cousin” who could’ve done better out of this and shut your gobs.

I can see why Per is distancing himself from you weirdos. I would too.

I think Roxwriter’s comment illustrates my point perfectly. Bravo!

Not my cup of tea and not feel represented in this “look like a model” kind of video
weirdo=Roxette fans meaning i guess all the time

I like the video :) Somehow it reminds me of Milk And Toast And Honey video, perhaps because of the TV-set and the ocean.

It’s also great that I saw a few familiar faces there.

But I agree with the ones that say that it would have been better that people in the photos would be more Roxette related. Like they could wear Roxette T-shirts, it could also be concert audience and stuff like that.

Anyway, it’s a great video :D

Sorry but i don’t understand the meaning behind the video.And.. when somebody asked for pix of us the fans? I’ve got tonz of pix of me and well known fans at home.
I give the video 1 out of 5.I hope the next time TDR can do something better.
Our best way to pay tribute to Roxette is promoting them!
Just take a look at:
Making something to people know about Roxette’s comeback

Rox20 party continues: “If you had one wish... would it be about me?”
Not at all!!!!!!

I liked it. I loved the images, nice and bright colourful and happy, exactly what the song is all about. It certainly cheered me up. Thanx guys - great work! keep it up.

Mmmmm..i will only say something constructive..:

Flash should be made with at least 50 - 60 fps, so it looks nicer on transitions, *. png photo files and a compressed mp3 /wav file, so it can be webstream - friendly, without quality loss.

Too much Photo Bank... it would be cool if in TDR site they asked for rox related (nice) photos from some1 said..and made it from the Tourism album cover.. i think everyone haves their own best “rox moment” on pictures. ahahahha, no matter if some are not fans anymore, as me.

and in the end.. a “send to a friend” it could be a nice e-card..and it´s more promotion - orientated.

Idea is good. just some tips if the main thing is promote your favorite band.


Now I’ve seen everything - Roxwriter lecturing others on their manners. Look up the word “manners” in a dictionary - I don’t think you’ll find the word “twat” anywhere in its definition. Now, look up the meaning of “self-righteous”...

I don’t like...

What’s that thing (I’m polite here)? It looks like a serie of photostock images... Guys, don’t loose your time with this!

I prefer the video clip that Roxette have done.


Much love to you too babe! x

*shakes head in corner in shame*

If I was Jorge and LEO I’d be feeling pretty bad around now. They tried to do a nice thing for the readers of TDR, and the majority of you basically turned round and said it was rubbish. No put yourselves in their shoes. How would YOU feel now?? Pretty crap, isn’t it?

I like the video. Yeah, I prefer the official one, but this was never intended to take it’s place. It’s just a collection of pics put together with a Roxette song.

It just makes me mad when people try and do a nice thing for FREE, that people are so ungrateful and turn round and say it’s crap, or it’s boring, or it’s rubbish. Okay, so you don’t like it. Fair enough, that’s your opinion, but try and be a little bit tactful in how you say it!

Sorry to go on, and I’m probably gonna get flamed for this, but I had to say it, so bring it on!!!

FOr the record it’s not that some people don’t like the video that I was opposed to: it’s comments such as this:

“That’s your way to pat tribute to Roxette?!Oh my Gosh,what a way!It’s not mine.”

That has tyo be one of the most rudeley implied things I have read. THAT is the attitude that I am sick of, not this “freedom of speech” dribble that some on here are obssessed with, if you want to give you opinion then first have the intelligence to be able to be respectful, polite and aware of others’ feelings.

By reading the comments on here sometimes one would think Roxette were a band with a fanbase of ten year olds, not a band that has been around for 20 years.


“By reading the comments on here sometimes one would think Roxette were a band with a fanbase of ten year olds, not a band that has been around for 20 years.”

i agree!.

however my question stills stands. why a news like this on front page?

All I want to add (and I promise this is the last thing/reply I’m posting about this) is that I completely disagree with people who say that if don’t like something then you’re not a fan, if you read carefully my last comment you would probably notice that I wasn’t talking about different opinions but about the way some people, fans or not, express themselves in a rude way. That’s all, no matter if you like something or not, it’s a matter of talking rubbish.

About the video, the idea was very good involving fans in the project. It’s a nice thought that could have been even better and even better produced but it’s an amator video, not meant to replace the original one and not meant to leave TDR so what’s the problem?

tell us more about that cake! I’m interested!

Did I miss something? I can’t remember an appeal to send in photos? Or was it for specially invited members? If so it does seem rather pointless. Just my opinion...

I think you are a little bit confused:
1- Jorge and Lars (I guess) love the original One Wish video.
2- They never thought it could replace the original one nor even thought it could be shown on MTV.
3- They didn’t use Roxette pictures because Per said they would use old video fragments for the One wish video.
4- The main concept of this “Slide show” is to show people in 3 moods:
A- Thinking: About Roxette
B- Wishing: For Roxette to come back
C- Celebrating: Because they are back

The fans pictures came most from R2R topics Post a pic of yourself! ( and NUESTRAS FOTOS-2 ( They choose those ones that foot with one of the 3 moods.

Some people said that they had have make a request of pictures, but, How do you think if you had sent a Picture and it wouldn’t be on the video?


Few russian fans were in Bulgaria to spend his vacantion on Blach sea cost (there was made an world record of logest singing of Roxette song on air-mattress :-)), but on 8 july they came in our capital Sofia and with some bulgarian fans we make a big party in my flat selebrating Rox 20 :-))

Didn’t read any comments and saw the video only now. Wahey! I’m in. :) Thanx guys.

I like it (and not only because I’m in it).

I like the video, it’s very nice. Thanks guys! :)

@Emil__BG cool!

That was cool!

It’s supposed to be a tribute video, but it looks like a 3-minutes “Ode to the Garbage” instead. Sorry, but it’s a lame effort. Let’s waste 3 mins watching something else!


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