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Full of special effects, Åkerlund-directed “One Wish” video hits the airwaves

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 19, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Jonas Åkerlund’s music video rendition of Roxette’s new single “One Wish” was premiered this morning on Swedish TV4’s “Nyhetsmorgon” morning news and talk show program.

  The video, which makes considerable use of a special effect where the RGB colors (red, green, blue) are shifted and out of alignment, includes clips of other Roxette music videos as an homage to their 20 years together.

  Readers of this newspaper report in the comments that follow that if you happen to have a pair of 3D glasses (red and blue lenses), it’s possible to get a 3D-effect in some parts of the video.


Per looks really good!!!

lol but he looks a bit stiff lol :)

not a bad video lol at least they spent some money this time......her’es to hoping the reveal video is better tho :)

WOW!!! I absolutely love this video!! This is my all time fav Roxette video by far!!!

Yay! Now we are talking guys!!

Looks good to me have seen the first min darent watch anymore im at work lol! Per looks so funny he doesnt know what to do without his guitar lol

at first I didn t like “one wish” that much, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. The video is great, but watching it I get the feeling it was the last Rox video ever. What is not my wish at all...

no not at all superbullie.. i think this is the perfect video for a greatest hits...

Video - one wish- its wery oryginal vision. I like it

sure it’s the perfect video for a greatest hits compilation. it’s like looking back on all the years of their career. maybe one day..
yeah maybe one day their will be a new rox album. *thumps up*

Great interview! Hey Per, this blond girl/host from your interview really liked you! Her smile tells a lot......

The video is cool. But it´s really Jonas Akerlunds´s work? He´s nothing special in my opinion?!!!

Watching the video for the first time was the first time for me to hear the song also. After the first listening - not that big feelings for the song itself but Marie’s voice absolutely made my heart beat and once again tears in the eyes as always when hearing Marie’s voice ... And now I’ve listened the song about twenty times and the more I listen to it, the more I like it! It really grows on you! So great. And the video is nice, nice to see those clips of old videos and still Marie and Per as today also. Marie is soooo beautiful! :)

this video is just great! now i like the song a little bit more. it´s great that they included images from previous videos, somebody predicted this in one forum. it´s great!

BTW; I hope the tv performances will be MORE powerfull. Jumping Marie and Per with guitar!!! Yes Yes Yes!

this is the worst song they have come up with todate i think. the video is good, but unfortunately, the song doesnt fit, so... not impressed....rather lousy lyrics (I’m talking obviously with Gessle-standards ;), amateur production...clearly something they did in a hurry to fill in for the Rox20... they are both running out of ideas...Marie and Per have discovered they are better off on their own...Mazarin, GT, SOAP...all successful. THis is just not Roxette....

There you first message in TDR for like 6 months...and just

I really like it! I think it fits the song perfectly... hell, it even has sing-along lyrics!

I want to see MTV trying to ban this one ;)

the video is just fantastic!
it really fits the song an makes it even better!

jonas does the best roxette videos.

@claire: I had the same impression, Per doesn’t know how to move withouth a guitar... But the video is quite good in my opinion. A bit too “nervous”, but at least you will remember what you saw. It’s not like a normal (08/15) video which is great.

Everybody seem to love the video... I can’t wait to see it!!!

great video hope it does well

It’s a nice video although over the time it get’s a bit too nervous with all the colour shifts. Anyways, a very nice reflection of a successful career that matches the song perfectly.

Moreover, I think one can really see that Marie recovered from her illness. She looks more beautiful than ever!


great video, I didn’t expect such a good video like this since I saw ON who’s totally ugly... thanks Jonas did a good job this time

This song is Brilliant!!!! it reminds me of there earlier days!!!! it actually sounds very ROXETTE!!! nothing really different...almost back to their roots!!! catchy song, and even when the song comes to its end it fades out with marie singing in the way only she can!!!! its a very very very good song , if only if it was an opening song for a new album and not a gt hits!!!!! much better than the centre of the heart, which was the opening single for room service!!!!!!
THIS IS ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day EVERYONE, from me in sunny Blackpool (england)!!!!!!xxxxx

OH and i almost forgot...the video is brilliant!!!! its great to see you both per and marie again....both looking mighty fine!!!!!xxxx

Heard the song for the first time this morning when I saw the video..

Must say I feelt really disappionted about the song, sounded like a left over from HAND .. The video although was fine ..

But after I turned the tv of and went to work, I started to humm “One daaay, he hey .. ” And I kept on doing that for the whole day, until now when I got home..

Now I’m listening to it over and over and over and over again!! :D

ROXETTE IS BACK!! And I’m enjoying every minute of it!


I love it :-)

I honestly love the video. They’ve nailed it. First time in a long time.

Just brilliant...

I wouldnt say its a hangover from HAND, yes it has a bit of an electronic sound to it but as the songs progresses it changes......i believe i can hear those “awesome” old crashing guitar sounds again!!!! HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!

does anyone agree with me that this is a major step in the RIGHT direction this time?I definately think that this is a really good thing!!!!xxx

One of Roxettes best videos!! Really fantastic work!

GREAT STUFF!! And Mr. Åkerlund has left the cockroaches hat home...thanks for that! :)) Can we get this video on the second single maybe..please

Am I the only one who doesn‘t like the video?
Or...Maybe Is my graphic card broken??!!!!!
It seems a little bit poor to color efects, old images taken from old videos....(somebody guessed it days ago, before the video was emitted)...Marie and Per don’t appear together...

One wish –> I like it so much but isn’t the strong song I waited for a return.

It reminds me a little bit of EURYTHMICS I’VE GOTTA LIFE video.

GREAT Video!!
I love it!!

Marie are GREAT! she’s very pretty!!!!

I’m probably gonna get kicked in the ass for saying this but I actually dislike One Wish. I’m sorry. The video’s cool and does the song some justic.
This is purely only MY opinion and this being a forum where they accept total honesty I really hope I don’t get slandered too much. Their voices are great and the melody is wicked, but the words ’One Wish’ are just too easy and something anybody could come up with me. Hope the other songs are good.
Cheers guys

Have yet to post, so I will now!

One Wish - I love it!
One Wish Video - Finally, an amazing Rox video with style and a budget. I love it.

And yes, Marie is so stunningly beautiful in the video!!!

Still, my fav video!!!

What !? An OPINION !??? Cool_In_Magenta HOW DARE YOU!????

Actually I think One Wish is kinda average too - I think it being the first Roxette song in ages probably means fans will like it for sentimentle reasons - I kinda love it on one hand but think “What is ths?” on the other. The video is definitely up with their best ! It is kinda similar to Almost Unreal - except that Rox videos feature in the back and not some mario film :D

Edit : Could someone translate the interview please?

I LOVE the video! Love it, love it! :D Watching it, makes the song much better hehe

Marie is beautiful! :D

I’m just sorry that M & P are not actually together in any of the new scenes... :(

Heard the song for the first time and love it.
Great video as well. :-)

The video is FANTASTIC!!!!

I love it!;-)))

i really like the video....just a shame i’ll prob never see it on tv

chirpy video, I love it! Even the Peter Gabriel moment!

I love it!!

vewwy good video!!!

damn, it even makes the song sound better, 8-bit effects kinda “explain” those synthie-sounds....

C64 pwna9e hehehehe

Great - put on the coloured glasses and it’s 3D!!!!!!!

*goes and finds 3d glasses*


OK, this is going to pain me to say it, but Akerlund this is awesome! Great video!

Is that true?!? Is there a 3D effect?

yes there is! XD

Wow! I REALLY like this video!!! really cool effects, and its original!

I *LOVE* this video (love the song as well, but I think that puts me in the minority (-; )... great use of colour, a bit of nostalgia... everything that STARS should have been (why why WHY would such a carnival-atmosphere song have such a dark, dull video???!). Going to watch it again!!

superb i love the song and the video. lets hope for more in the very near future. i love you marie you look fantastic x x x

Is it possible to save these video-clips, given in the links?

Roxtexanet: Why? I agree. Too dark and unclean.

I’ve just seen the video and it’s great!!!
I love it!!
I thought it would had lots of TVs when they said it would contain parts of older videos, but I never thought of anything like it!

Perfect, absolutely marvelous!!

They are both great, Per does all the things he does when he plays live! HAHAHA!!

I like the video for OW! But i miss Per with his guitar!
I´m looking forward to the tv dates!

@ sommartiderhejhej: please look here:

Welcome Back!!!

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE U
marie you’re a beautiful LADYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The video fits the song very well. 10 points!!!!

Roxette 4ever

Excellent video! I see something new in it everytime I watch it. Perhaps they should include the 3D glasses with the GH albums and the Rox Box so that everyone can get the full effect of the video ;)

i wish video for REVEAL!!!

Hi Per and Marie.. well done to both! not matter what people says about the song and video i love it and its so good and so cool to u back together.. wow u remind my twenties again, Thanks for that!!
By the way if u guys come over to london, please come and eat at my Restaurant, its a Good restaurant in Black friars. The restaurant is directed by a michelin star Giorgio Locatelli.. very good italian food, ohh i forgot to say that the lunch or dinner is on me!!! my name is Ivan and im the restaurant manger and discreption will be garanty i promess. The name of the restaurant is Refettorio 02074388052 ans of me guys..i only have one wish to meet u guys.. may be one day!! see u soon. Ivan Fara

Per and Marie please read my comment below if u haven‘t done it yet..
Great new song again..Good luck with it.!
[email protected]

I think the song is great, and the video makes it even better. I am so happy that Marie looks incredible, and sounds great. I hope that we can all stay positive. God Bless you Marie, I am so happy that you are back, thats all that I care about. It’s going to do well.

Great song...!
Great video...!
See Marie and Per together in a video, in a new song.... is so fantastic!
Tanx Marie Per!!!!!

The video fits the song perfectly: both awful. First, why Marie looks so serious? I didn’t catch any smile in her face during the whole video. And the saturated colors make me feel dizzy sometimes. June Afternoon and Opportunity Nox were very colorful too, but I never felt like this before. I like Opp. Nox, in my opinion is better than this.

This is totally away from a classy video like TCOTH or Real Sugar. With this video Roxette looks like a joke, like amateur one-hit-wonders.

@tomasc: you read my mind ;) this video is a little bit eurythmics :) trueee!.

But I love the OW video is really good, and the 3D effect is fantastic!!!!

Good Jod Åkerlund ;)

I think that Roxette have done a really great video clip for a really great song!

Fantastic! very now - I think that Roxette maybe trying to attract new fans - good on them!

Good to see the old video clips in there as well. Hard to believe that Joyride video clip is now 15 years old - I still like that car!

It’s odd... I heard the song for the first time last night on YouTube. A fan had put together a video clip of his obsession with a beautiful woman using “One Wish” as the soundtrack. I didn’t care much for the song.

The real video for the song, though, is actually pretty hot. It’s very unlike any other Roxette video – and many of the more recent videos were a little dull, in my opinion.

I actually have to say that I think I like the song a little more now that I’ve watched and rewatched the video.

Hello Roxer’s!

I’ve had enough time to read and listen, read and listen, and read and listen.

I’m going to give One Wish Two Thumbs Up!

I honestly liked the song before I saw the video. And the video only enhanced a reason to like it more. Marie lookes aweseome! And Per is in fine form.

I don’t quite understand the criticism myself, which you look back at the last few years for Per and Marie. Don’t you feel lucky to be a fan and be rewarded with One Wish? One Wish - to have new music from them again?

I work in broadcasting and I’ve got all my soldiers behind the new Roxette. I’m looking forward to hearing more.


I was hoping it would be a better video. It’s ok but nothing more.

I agree with royalball.

B.T.W The 3D thing?? Comon! Its not meant to be a 3d video so the parts that looks a “little” 3d goes by so fast you can’t catch it.

Anyway overall an ok video, like the way the old videos was mixed in

Be specific... what were you hoping for?

- IS

hey - is everyone able to download the intervie with per?
my apple did not open the talk with per but i wont to see it.

Am not so fond of these kinds of technical for me, like the song though and MARIE...Per looks a bit uncomfortable..hahaha

I wasn’t hoping for anything, the video is just ok. Can see alot of work went into it, ya its ok

I give the video 3,5 out of 5. :) Mainly because of the colours that mainly remind me of a comhem logo :D

I like the elegance Per wears - white lapels and a nice belt. But that was to be expected! The idea with all the videos rolling in the background was and is great, it adds meaning to the song. Then we can read it as a summary of their career and a wish for success from Rox 80ies’ point of view. You surely remember Marie’s bit from The making of joyride?” Maybe someday we could do something in English and have success in the world” - that’s what the song is about.

They both look gr8, no doubts, it is just the colours that get on my nerves in a long run. I might as well run for some glasses and see the change it makes :D

ROXETTE IS BACK!!!! Hopefully, for a longer while than just till Xmas ;)

Ok, I was planning on waiting to hear all the new songs until I had the CDs in my hand - but last night I decided I’d watch the ’One Wish’ video now that it’s premiered!

I think the video is great, as is the song. Marie looks beautiful! They’re both looking good :-)

Now I’m looking forward to the other new songs even more!

It feels so good to see that you’re back guys! You look wery good. One wish is my wish.

i have to say again , i say it on your tube, and wow i love the vid, marie really still has the look :-) again.
Finally it seems my computer had a problem with video codecs..........sorry for my last comment.

Actually I like the video (but I think it isn’t the best), I can’t see 3D (tried with 2 different 3D glasses). Well....i give the video 7 of 10.

Each time I listen O.W. it seems better and more Roxette’s song to me. I LIKE IT SO MUCH!!!!

I have tears in my eyes... what can I say?
THIS IS ROXETTE!!!! Can it be any more Roxette?
18 years after I heard about them for the first time?
14 years after I absolutely fell in love with their music and that was a point of no return?
12 years after I went to their concert for the first time?
11 years after I already thought it was the end of Roxette?
4 years after I was in sorrow about Marie and afraid they would never ever come back again?
Jesus..... no matter if they enter the CHARTS because it’s more important to enter our HEARTS, and they certainly have done that big time again!!!
Our ONE WISH came true!!!
GREAT VIDEO BTW!!! And the chorus reminds me a bit of Here Comes The Weekend :))) I LOVE YOU ROXETTE

Goodness, the download takes AGES! :-S


[EDIT: Dear readers, no more than three (3) repetitive characters please ! (one) ! (two) ! (three) ]

I like the video, though I’d like to watch it on TV, not just on computer. And yes, I totally agree with those who said that Marie looks stunning. She surely does :)

The best part from the interview for me was when Per was asked about Marie and Roxette’s future: “No, there won’t be any tours. But well, she can sing” :)

The song is great. the Video is great. Marie gives the type of powerful vocals she does so well. I was afraid she wouldn’t do that again. I like the direction their style is moving in both in the sound and the video. The 80s effects are fun and really still sound current as well.

My next wish would be if they followed up with a new album in a year or 2. I don’t care if they never tour again. They haven’t been on stage in Canada for such a long time anyway so it doesn’t make any difference to me. At least EMI still gives their records the time of day here! :)

Aww, loving that video!! Even with the cheapo effects. ;) Love the touch with the old videos playing in the background.
And how lush does Per look? PHEW! *Is it hot in here, or it is just Per? ;) *
And wonderful to see Marie! YAY!

*Feels all floaty light*

On TV4’s Nyheterna (Tuesday’s 19:00H edition) there was also a short report about Roxette’s 20th anniversary and the making of the video for “One Wish”.
(for viewing the report bit - may this additional link also be worth adding to the news article?)

(downloadable stream link)

Tears in my eyes, too, Booho!

“anyone who had a love close to this know what I’m saying...”

... anyone....

It’s a very good song.... Can’t stop crying!! Here they are, at last...

Just seen whole thing i love it but did Per and Marie film in seperate locations???

Just watched the behind-the-scenes clip, and now I’m a bit worried... The speaker says Marie didn’t have the strength to give interviews that day. Maybe this is why Per has been alone on TV/radio interviews lately? :-S

Marie is looking like Celine Dion at “Have You Ever Been In Love” video!!! ;-)

LOL! I like the video ;)

The video is really good. Me likey!

i like the song so much!!!!good job!
they are looking great
love u roxette

Oh my goodness... I am very sorry to say this but this is such a weak song.

Per doesn’t have strong ideas any longer. This song is so much not creative or innovative or catchy. You just can’t compare it to songs like Joyride, The look or Sleeping in my car. Such a pitty.

But I like the video!

And I have to add: The sun was shining in Berlin today ;)


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