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“Radio” on TV in Oz

Written by Roxwriter on February 6, 2011 to and .

SYDNEY - The Australian TV Channel "MTV Classic" once again aired their "Roxette Live in Sydney Special" (basically a cut-down version Live-Ism) but then immediately after they debuted the video for "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)".

This Australian Roxer nearly fell off his chair when after the credits to "Live-Ism" ended and suddenly heard the thumping bass of the new single!

Also, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV) aired the video too on their morning program "Rage" at about 8.30am on Sunday February 6!

This reporter is urging all Aussie Roxette fans to get in touch with their respective music channels and get requesting!

Also, an ad for Charm School appeared during the show "Video Hits".

Neilandkathie and Bwad contributed to this article.


Fantastic! Let’s hope for a great Rox comeback in Oz. :-D


Great! When will the single be released in Australia?

Good news! Nice to hear that Rox is getting some attention in the world.

Yes last week sometime I contacted MTV classic here in Aus and asked if they could play the video and the email I recieved was:

“Hi there Kathie,
We are playing Roxette live in Sydney at the following times over the next 7 days and will ensure the new video ‘She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)’ is featured at the conclusion of each show.

Sunday 6th Feb at 8pm

Thursday 10th Feb at 10pm

Thanks for getting in touch

MTV Feedback”

I also noticed on the same channel there is going to be a program called “Roxette Vs Ace of Base” and this will be aired Wed 9th Feb at 7:30pm est.

I am working hard for us in Aus folks : )))

SHE’S GOT NOTHING ON (BUT THE RADIO) has been getting some airplay in South African radio too - they are playing it on Jacaranda!!

@BWAD and other AUSSIES

- Can you guys please give us more details re the ad for Charm School during Video Hits?!?

This is great news for those on you in Aus!

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@ Roxwriter - During the video clip of “The Look” on “Video Hits” on Sunday the 3rd something popped up at the begging and the end of the clip saying “Join VH at ............ and see the NEW ROXETTE STUDIO ALBUM.


LOL thanks!

But - “Join VH at ............ and see the NEW ROXETTE STUDIO ALBUM” - what the heck does that mean? Where do we have to join VH? :-) Was it a graphic? A competition?

LOL, sorry I’m just a bit confused.

This is great news for Roxette in Australia, they are really getting some promotion this time around, thank fully EMI have woken up to the fact they need to promote Roxette.

Also on 102.3FM one of the 3 main radio stations in Adelaide, last week one morning they had a celebrity news segment. They mentioned Roxette and while playing parts of It Must Have Been Love in the background, they said Roxette was coming back with a new album called “Charm School” and that it had been a long time since Roxette did an album. They also mentioned it was the first Roxette album in 10 years and the radio DJ’s were asking if she (Marie) still had her spikey blonde hair? They then said lets play some Roxette and then they played The Look.

I was stunned, because it is the first time in years I have heard any promotion for Roxette on the radio. The last time I saw anything new of Roxette on TV myself was the Stars Video clip on Video Hits, i’m kicking myself that I missed RAGE though!!!

The abc program ’Rage’ has a request section :

@ Roxwriter - Yes is was a graphic thingy that popped up at the bottom, say join VH at and see Roxette’s new studio album. I’m as stumped as your are (sorry guys/gals stump in an Aussie slang word for confused).

Well the single seems to be getting some plays on TV. Hopefully it keeps on coming, as other releases were played once or twice then forgotten about.

VH played The Look again on Sunday I think, but I didn’t notice any popups, then again I wasn’t paying that much attention to it.

Will be interesting to see what Aussie reviewers make of the album.

Only 5 days left!! :-)

@ RobS - Well the music section in this weeks TV Week, doesn’t like it, they rated Charm School 6/10, saying that the chouruses aren’t as catchy or the production isn’t as big as it normally is with a Roxette album.

But thats only one review and it was comparing it to “LooK Sharp”


What’s in the TV WEEK? Is it just a picture of the album and a short review? Or was there a new a pic and info?

Were they really harsh? 6/10 isn’t fantastic :-(

Hopefully all the reviews wont be negative!! 6/10 isn’t great but it could have been worse. I’ll have to read it to see what they said exactly! Should we expect an article in this Sunday’s papers?

@ Roxwriter - Yes there are just two small pic’s one of Charm School and one of The Look, with reviews for both. I have sent in and hoping it’ll get published on what the reviews said,

Seems Roxette just can’t win. They’re trying something different and new yet still Roxette, but people say it’s not like their old stuff. Yet if it was, no doubt the reviews would say that Roxette are still stuck in the 80’s with the same production and nonsense lyrics.

And the chorus on SGNOBTR is freaking catchy as hell, don’t know what the reviewer was listening to.

@ Robs - Your are spot on with what you said about. Roxette trying something different and new and they don’t like it because it’s not like the Original Roxette stuff like “The Look” and if they stuck with the sounds of “The Look” they’ll get the same critism and say they should try something different.

It’s every where these, in every thing, you can not win either way and it sucks.

Anyway the reviewer doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.

Well, this current album has hints of Look Sharp in it for sure and sounds more like old fashioned Roxette than RS or HAND ever did. .

We should keep an ear out for random Per interviews on the radio too. He’s done that in the past and has totally surprised me in the middle of a work day or at the end of one!


How do you know it sounds like Look Sharp? The album isn’t released til this FRIDAY here in OZ.

Unless of course you were one of those naughty ones... :-p

I can’t believe it, but I’ve managed to hold out! Soon, I will have the CD. Soon, I will press play and get taken to my Rox-World!


P.S. I’ve EVEN avoided the snippets. Stupid internet-age, it’s like finding out the ending to a movie... lol

@Roxwriter: I’m right there with you!!! 4 more days to go!! : ) : ) If Jbhifi don’t have the CD in stock for whatever reason I will kill them all ; P

@RobS: Your right! Roxette can’t win!! It’s obvious the reviewer has no idea about Roxette!! The annoying thing is some people will read it & believe them!!

I get my CD tomorrow the 8th, as a friend of mine manages a Sanity store in the the city, and their getting their stock in tomorrow, but won’t be putting it out to the public until Thursday. but I get mine tomorrow can’t wait.

MMMMM 6/10 again and compearing ’Big Black Cadillac’ the film “Happy Gilmore”. I wonder how much money EMI has budget to promote the new CD, not much by the sounds off things.

Wikipedia page mentions positive review of album.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I was just watching the ’Today’ show and at 6.45am and in the Entertainment section, Richard Wilkins announced a list of who was touring Australia this year. Roxette came up and a bit of SGNOBTR came on and RW went on to say that they will be here this year. With several months already devoted to touring and going by past history, I think we are all in for a Spring/ Summer tour. Fingers crossed everyone!!

Hey LexBex - I’m just watching the video online. Your post gave me a heart attack lol

But it was merely a news update informing folks about the new album/single - no mention whatsoever of an Aussie tour :-(

Still though, fantastic stuff that they made the Today show, seems like EMI are putting more effort into this than they did with HAND and RS.

I urge all Aussies to check out the Today show site and see the video, no new info but nice to Roxette on TV again ;-)

Caught it.. Video can be found here..
Look for the video titled “Big acts to come down under” and it is about 3min20sec into the video.

Would’ve been nice if he said something more, but he did say it was a catchy song, and “nice to see them back in business”.

It’s probably the best thing i’ve heard about Rox in the past 10yrs from Aus media.

Another review : - 3 stars (out of 5??)

Hey guys...On foxtel here is Oz on the MAX channel they are going to be playing:

Roxette: Superstar Top 20
Starts: Sun 13 Feb, 8:30 am. Duration 90 mins.

The write up says:
“Today on MAX we bring you the top 20 hits from all your favourite music superstars. Today we play the Top 20 hits from Swedish hit makers, Roxette”

Don’t forget that today 8th Feb at 7:40pm MTV Classic is playing Roxette vs Ace of Base and on Thu 10 Feb, 10:00 pm Roxette Live in Sydney with SGNOBTR playing at the end of it.

And as I type ’It must of been love’ is being played on MAX “Early 90’s top 50”

Happy days : )))

LOL@ neilandkathie

I sent Music Max an email a few weeks ago BLASTING them for only playing The Look. Did you know they don’t even HAVE the videos to songs such as Fading Like a Flower, Spending My Time, Dangerous and How Do You Do?

Insane! Looks like my scathing but polite email helped kick them in the bum :-)

Exciting stuff. We know they’ll play SGNOBTR and the usual suspects, The Look, Dressed, Joyride, Listen, It Must Have. They’ll also play the only other 2 they have which is Milk Toast Honey and TCOTH. So that’s 8 by my count. Wonder what will make up the rest of the 20.

Not the greatest time slot but who cares?!? Great to see Roxette getting some steam again ;-)

Thanks so much for the update to you and to all the Aussie-Roxers, let’s keep each other in the loop!!!!! Great job gang!


Yes I also noticed a while back that they didn’t have many clips so what will make up the 20 will be interesting for sure.

I’ve emailed a few times in the past. They said that EMI hasn’t supplied the videos and they can’t do anything about it.

Will be interesting to see what they do play, as the website still only shows about 7 songs.

MTV Classic just finished their “Roxette v Ace of Base” showdown LOL

6 - Ace of Base: The Sign
5 - Roxette: The Look
4 - Ace of Base: Beautiful Life
3 - Roxette: She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
2 - Ace of Base: All That She Wants
1 - Roxette: It Must Have Been Love

So there ya go.

At least two airings of SGNOBTR on MTV Classic in 3 days! :-)

Yes I was happy to see SGNOBTR was aired again.

So guys, where are we at with emailing the Touring Companies?

I try and send at least 1-2 every ten days or so, that way it doesn’t look too suspicious.

Has anyone else been emailing lately. It’s been about 10 days or so since my last one... anyone else? I’m surprised our efforts haven’t yielded some success...?


How do we go about doing that?


We’ve been emailing the touring companies and been discussing it in the tour thread. But this will be good for them to get a fresh new new name :-) Please help us out!

Frontier Touring

[email protected]

[email protected]

Live Nation

DCE [click contact tab]

Andrew McManus Presents
[email protected]

Don’t forget to mention the Facebook group “Get Roxette to Australia 2011” despite it’s paltry 390 odd members, it might help? :)

Good luck!!!!! PLEASE KEEP US POSTED!!!!!!!

Wow they’re certainly getting a spin on the cable music channels! And good to see SGNOBTR being played as well not just the classic hits. This way more people will know there is a new album!

@RobS: I’m pretty sure that that review was 3/5! Not bad...

Thanks everyone for keeping us updated if it wasn’t for the posts here I’d be missing all this stuff! : )

@hotblooded - hey, any chance you could copy/paste that review? - it won’t let me in for some reason! Pretty please!
Up on the 101

Sure! Here is the text:

“Well this seems timely. Just as all of those who were impressionable little bubskis in the Look Sharp-era come of age, Roxette release a new album. I’ve been hearing a lot of Roxette at the mid-twenties disco parties, so I guess there’s some sort of retro hip-ifying going on. But you know, with the exception of Kiss’ God Gave Rock n Roll To You and Aqua’s Back To The 80s, trying to revive your career 15 years after the fact is not a good idea. Even if you do manage to replicate the sound of your early hits, you can’t replicate their bizarre nostalgic power. They should have sold this song to Katy Perry. I hear she’s quite popular.”

These reviews are giving me diarrhoea.

The songs aren’t like the 80s and then when they do create those hooks, they’re stuck in the 80s and need to move on! And then their songs are good enough to have Katy Perry piss all over it but it’s not good enough if it’s labelled a “Roxette” song.

See folks, you too can be a nobody-critic with your failed Communications Degree from uni.

Enough with the poxy reviews, just release the damn CD, I’m going crazy, I wanna hear it!!!!

@hotblooded - thanks for pasting, really appreciate it! But HOW RUDE... is there any such thing as an objective review? or even a MUSIC review? This review seems to be more focused on Roxette’s current lack of international recognition rather than whether or not the album is either a) techinically good, b) nostalgically fun, etc etc... Totally agree with Roxwriter... Its good enough for a young popular act, but not apparently for Roxette.

I could go on, but I won’t... haha.

Anyway, thanks again!
Up on the 101

ROXETTE ARE AGAIN ON RAGE THIS WEEKEND! I requested it and I’m sure a few others did. ’She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) is on early Saturday morning. It looks like it on at approx 3.45am. Better than not at all! Let’s hope Video Hits plays it soon.

According to the site requests are played between 8-10am, so this is just because they feel like playing it. Or EMI actually got them to.

I’ve put in a request as well, we’ll see if it gets played again.

JB HI FI released the album a day early :-) [Thursday 10th FEB]

Been listening to it all night. Will reserve opinion til I get used to the songs.

Thus far, I must follow the crowds and say “Speak To Me” is very strong.

But a Roxette album? Hmm, sounds more like a confused Per Gessle/SOAP album.

Not sure yet. The hooks just aren’t hitting me yet.

I do not understand “Only When I Dream” - it’s all too weird for me!

I still like the lushness of “I’m Glad You Called”.

Hmmm, will hold off on commenting til I get used to it.

Oh and Per, we didn’t need your silly “look around, look around”, didn’t work the first time LOL

Did you get the deluxe version? I thought about checkin JB tonight. I still have time!

Someone just told me they heard the new Rox single a couple of days ago on a popular, commercial radio station in Perth. Good news.

JBHi-Fi have the deluxe edition.. about $24 I think.


Charm School has debuted on the Australian iTunes Chart at #180 (been released for a few hours now)


Ok all you awesome Aussie Roxette fans out there.... I’ve started a facebook page to try and bring Roxette to Australia on their upcoming tour!!! Please “like” the page @
Other than calling and emailing Australian tour promoters a good way of trying to get Roxette to tour Australia is to call their manager in Sweden and show your support, which I’ve already done. Don’t forget, be nice!! :) x


Good job Roxwriter!! Thanks for all the links to the Aussie tour promoters websites :)

Up to #167 on the iTunes Charts

Make that #155 lol

Just picked up my copy from Sanity, as much as I didn’t want to pay them the $35, but I had no other option. They’re the only music shop in town - and they only had one copy.

Anyways, off to listen to it. Will be back soon with my thoughts :-D

$19.99 @ JB Hi Fi.

I got my copy from Jbhifi this morning!! I enjoyed it on first listen! I hadn’t listened to any of the snippets so it was all ’new’ to me! I think it will take several more listens to really give a more concrete opinion as there were a few tracks i was a bit unsure about that will probably grow on me.
Marie’s vocals are so raw & beautiful though! Looking forward to spending the weekend with it! : ) The live CD is fantastic!! Strong vocals, tight band, nice energy!

Little disappointed my Jb’s didn’t have it on display just several copies in the Roxette section. I was hoping for it to be on display! But you know I don’t want to complain as I think this is the first time in a long time we have gotten the release not only early but there have been no delays & we got the deluxe edition as well! Good job EMI OZ!!

BTW it’s at #144 on iTunes a slow climb ;-)

#119 on iTunes ;-)

Just bought Charm School on itunes Australia, the album is currently at number 32.

Number 32 is pretty impressive in such a short period of time!! Great stuff!


JB had a good display of the album with other new releases/hot sellers where I bought my copies. Must of been around 15-20 copies of just the deluxe edition on display!

Just bought the Deluxe CD today at JB Hifi, Bondi Jnc! :D

On Foxtel Tuesday 15th Feb 10.30am est Max are playing Best of Roxette.

OK my first attempt at this comment didn’t work for some reason....

Anyway, The Sunday Telegraph, a Sydney based newspaper had a short unflattering review of CS yesterday. “The warning bell rings loud and clear with the first single, She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio). If old cheese is your prefered taste, then enjoy the retro feast.’ 1/5 - Scott Podmore.

Also on their website there is an article about how apparently Australians aren’t all that interested in comeback albums....

And Perth has a more positive announcement of the album

Mix 104.9 FM in Darwin has a similar announcement plus tracklisting and are giving the chance to win a free copy of CS

Thanks for the updates Brad!!!!

Deleted due to duplicated post.

@roxwriter no worries. It’s great to see Rox in the media again, even if it’s not too favourable! But as they say, any publicity is good publicity.

Oh and I got my copy from JB HiFi at Erina the day after release, they didn’t have it the day b4 grrr. I couldn’t see it on the New Release display, but in the Rox section they had 4 or 5 copies of the deluxe version for $24 and maybe 2 or 3 standard for $20. Plus one or two of the earlier albums.


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