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Video to be premiered on Aftonbladet site

Written by Jud on September 16, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Fans waiting to see the video of “A Think About You” will get a chance tomorrow (Tuesday) when the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet will have the net-premiere on their website.


hi all!

i don’t know how you are feeling at the moment, but i am not that interested in the new video like i was when the 30 sec. of ATAY were available... ATAY is for me now getting sader and sader the more i listen to it... of course i am looking forward to see a new great video but i am more interested in marie’s health! on they wrote she died today according to a radio station in germany ... that is in very very bad taste!!

Yeah, the song seems to get sadder & sadder...

It was my birthday today (16/9) and this year I got the worst present ever...It was just terrible seeing those big textes in every single store “Roxette Star has Brain Tumor”! :´(

The video should also be on TV4 (swedish tv channel) tomorrow between 6 and 9.30 (if they don´t cancel it because of Marie´s illness)


it was my birthday today too, and i feel much like you, but i know in my heart Marie is gonna beat this!!

You have to be determined to fight with all your might and i am certain she is doing just that!!

Happy Birthday with love

This is such a strange situation. Normally this would be great news but now it is so less interesting to have the new video (we all have been waiting for for so long) available.

Get well soon Marie!!!

I’m very sad and deeper shocked about Marie health. I believe in God and I pray all the evening for you Marie too. Be strong Marie! Love Patty

Where EXACTLY is the video shown/presented however?
I can’t see anything on the Aftonbladet web page!
Can someone tell me how it is going to work?

hummm i can´t see it either. Maybe they re-schedulled it due to Marie´s news. I am going to ask!

Look at ;))


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