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Much Music Canada played “Milk And Toast And Honey” video

Written by MuSicGuRu on November 18, 2001 to .

On Friday Much Music Canada, the largest music video channel in Canada played Roxette’s latest video “Milk And Toast And Honey” for the first time. This was a surprise, since EMI Canada has not promoted the “Room Service” album or any of its singles at all.


Wow! I saw the video on Sunday! That means that it’s been on at least twice! I was just flipping channels when I came across the video. Really strange and unexpected, but great news! Let’s hope that it’s not the last time we see the video.


Yeah MuchMusic Official Homepage is at

Request the video!!



I can’t BELIEVE this!!!! I just heard from someone else who saw it... is it on MuchMusic or MuchMOREMusic... I can’t even imagine for a second that MM would play Roxette but there’s the narrowest chance that MMM would... what’s going on???!

Hmmm... maybe so, but somebody reported seeing it on Friday, and that segment (“A Day in the Life of a Much VJ”) aired for the first time Sunday. And they could have played a zillion food-related songs for that part (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” springs to mind)... MuchMusic HATES Roxette, so it’s strange that they would play them at all. Even when they do specials on Swedish music, they skip over Roxette entirely! I guess we’ll see what happens...

Come on! Think possitively! If you request the song, they might just play it again!

How can we watch it? Can we see it in Roxette’s DVD?

“Milk and ...” is a good song.Its video must be exciting.

How many clips do they want release from “Room service” songs?

From what I can determine, programming on Canadian MuchMusic is entirely independent of programming on Argentinian MuchMusic. The last Roxette song to get even light rotation on Much Canada was “Crash! Boom! Bang!” (although “Wish I Could Fly” got medium rotation on MuchMOREMusic), and they played “You Don’t Understand Me” exactly once, when Roxette visited the MuchMusic studios in 1995. Aside from that, they’ve aired the occasional Roxette video here and there either by request, or in order to ridicule them (Fromage 2000, e.g.). So yes, I think it’s pretty clear.


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