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Written by tevensso on November 6, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - You can now view one-minute snippets of almost every Roxette video at Aftonbladet’s website. They also have two-minute clips from the two documentaries that will appear on Roxette’s first DVD release. The DVD also includes 5 videos from Roxette’s early days that are not featured at Aftonbladet’s site, for example the first version of “The Look” video.

  Real Player is required to view the video clips.


Unless you live outside of the large cities , (eg port moresby) It’s basically just like Tribal Villages, and jungles. (kinda like survivor except without the whining yanks). There are some Large Mines that have Roaming internet Access, But outside of that very few ppl in PNG have Net access.


Why Don’t u ppl just register


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