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Video - now online - has Roxette on “Late Night” talk show

Written by PerAndren on May 22, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - “Roxette has changed style. In the new video “Real Sugar” they’re both tougher and funnier than before,” reports Aftonbladet in today’s edition.

  The Daily Roxette reported in a previous article that the video features Muppet-like puppets that look like the Ramones. They are the house band on “Dick Latka’s Late Night Show,” a classic American-style talk show where all are puppets except for Per and Marie.

 “The video is supercool. Warm, rough and tough,” says Per. “We’ve never done anything like it, and it was really cool to play with the Ramones,” he said with a laugh.

  “After 39 singles, it’s not that easy to have fresh ideas… but I think we’ve done it. This is one of our best videos,” Gessle stated.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aftonbladet has updated their article to include both RealVideo and Quicktime versions of the full-length video. Caricatures’s of David Letterman (initials D.L.), host of the “Late Show” on CBS, always emphasize his big teeth. Seems director Jesper Hiro had Letterman in mind when creating Dick Latka (initials D.L.).


it’s so cool!!! hahahahahaaa!!!

Well, of course everyone’s going to have their own opinion... but mine is that this video is great! As an occasional video director myself (unfortunately, not music videos), I was especially impressed with the “lens flare” effects. Hiro paid attention to detail. I could see this video getting exposure on more than just MTV here in the States. The A*Teens, for example, got most of their exposure in the U.S. from the Disney Channel on cable TV. But of course, with no product here, this is a rather moot point.

How absolutely hysterical. The video starts off a little slow... but the ending is a riot. Muppets making out, muppets flipping the bird and muppets detroying band equipment. I think both videos for RS have been really good so far.


UH Guys. This video is the best Rox video yet. I laughed my way through it. Why didn’t they start trashing guitars after the Muppetesque puppets when all goofy. The Aftonbladet article is really good if you can read Swede :) This video was well thought out and co-ordinated. Its a riot to watch. Besides, Per looks great as usual :P

I think taht this video is so cool. per and marie are the best


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