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“Real Sugar” puppets turn out to be real rockers

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 12, 2001 to .

When Per, answering a question from The Daily Roxette, said that the “Real Sugar” video would feature puppets, many of our readers weren’t quite sure what to make of that. The concept could either be really great… or just plain stupid.

  “We’re using puppets,” Per told our Visa Kopu at a press conference in Helsinki. “Marie and I are the only real people in the video. We have a puppet band looking like The Ramones. The video starts with two puppets watching ’The Centre Of The Heart’ video on TV.”

  We’re pleased to report that director Jesper Hiro’s concept worked out well, as you can perhaps see for yourself in the publicity photo below obtained from EMI Sweden.


Seems to become a brilliant video! Love the pics!!!

I think this is great! Pretty cool in my opinion!!!

I can´t wait anymore to see this video on swedish TV. Knows somebody when it will be premier???

Yeah this looks good...Per looks yummy as usual. I am excited about the video. I am in Canada and we still don’t have “Room Service” here...Booohooo! But I am liking what I am seeing here. I love the TDR!!

Yeah. And then I can’t wait what’s get censored!!!

mmm /me expected some nicer puppets... why cant thay make a video like Big L. or joyride again? ..with some nice cars.. yeha.... *hoping that thus muppets are not very visible in the vid

Ramones who?

Oh fabio, *sigh*
The Ramones were the biggest punk Rock band on history (yes for me, better than Sex pistols) and one of Per´s most loved bands

Aside from the puppets, which are very fun... it’s true the eighties are back!! Their clothes are very circa 1980’s and its spreading. Everyone in the city where I live is starting to wear the stripy t-shirts, the wide belts... I wouldn’t have noticed except I remember owning these clothes and I’m not that old!


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