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Video for “Där du andas”

Written by abysmo on August 10, 2008 to . Source:

According to, Marie is filming a video for the new single “Där du andas,” which is taken from the soundtrack of "Arn - Riket vid vägens slut." A 1-track CD single will be released August 20, two days before the movie opens.

Update August 13: You can now watch the video on TV4 following this link.


Uhi..can not wait to see the video! She is so beautiful on the pix! ;-)) LOVE HER!

Yeeeah...a real single!! A real single for my CD-shelf!! Fantastic! THANX!! And also a video! Cannot wait to see!!!

Well, that’s great News!
Have Fun!!!

Why don’t they put the video on the CD-single? It would be great...

If the video is as boring as the song, then it’s nothing to get excited about. Just my opinion, so don’t shout or moan at me. This to me is one of the most boring songs to come out of the ’Rox-camp’ for years!

Most likely because the CD is already printed and the video isn’t even recorded yet.

I like that song a lot, these are good news for me.

how come she´s shooting a video for this song and she hasn´t shot anything for the “reveal” single?

Yeah! I’m waiting for the video!


Have a look at:

It´s so beautiful to see Marie and how she sings this fantastic song, wow, it‘s really great. The movie and the song fit perfectly together!

If it is possible, I’d like to retract my previous comment a little bit.... yeah, it’s not upbeat and it’s not really the kind of music that I like - BUT the video helped, and I managed to listen to the whole song!! And it’s wasn’t all bad! :-)

Really nice to see a new Marie video, she looks great! I just had problems with the TV4 stream quality.

You can watch DDA video on youtube:–RDlFSU

and on Aftonbladet’s website:

There’s also review of DDA single and Anders Nunstedt gives the song just 2 out of 5 Expressen’s bees:

Can we download the interview and the video somewhere??

A little Off-Topic. But...i did my “own” video...

Hope you like it!?

@ coyroy

Here you have:
DDA clip:

Interview from TV4:

Click on “pobierz plik” and downloading will start afterwards

Thank you! Unfortunately the aspect ratio is wrong. Should be 16:9 instead of 4:3. ;-)

I haven’t been on this site for a long, long time due to the lack of interesting news... And I’m really postive surprised to see something new again from Marie. To see her perfroming again in her new video, to hear her strong voice makes me happy. And I think it’s great to see that she looks now a little bit older. I mean, come on, Madonna is as old as Marie but looks meanwhile totally unnatural. Marie looks perfect for her age and all she has been through, she is a woman of pride! Perhaps she found now back to her life as a singer and we get some more personal songs in the future again :-)

@ tomos85 = thank you SO much, dude!

@Tomas: huge thank you from me as well :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep


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