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Marie joins Per and band on stage in Amsterdam

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 6, 2009 to , and .

AMSTERDAM (Updated) - There were screams, wolf whistles,  shouts of "Marie!,"  cheers, hoots, hollers, and just about every other loud sound of jubiliation you could possibly imagine when Per Gessle invited Marie Fredriksson to join him on stage this evening.  And yet, if one paused for a moment to look at the people around them, it was rather easy to spot people with tears in their eyes.  It was, by all accounts, an extremely emotional moment…  and many in attendance at the Melkweg Arena felt they were witnessing pop music history being made.

Despite the publicity put out by Night of Proms that it will be on their stage that Roxette will reunite — and as The Daily Roxette was first to report with authority — it was here tonight before a crowd comprised of adoring fans that that reunion actually occured, and somehow that seemed especially fitting.  Marie, wearing jeans and a black blouse and vest, walked onto the stage with confidence, raised her arms in the air, and acknowledged the cheering crowd. After giving Per a hug, she said "Wow!," obviously pleased with the reception she was receiving. Per went to a microphone and joked "Don't forget to bring your cameras," as a virtual sea of cameras had popped up into view. Then, in the moment of silence just before Marie was about to sing, someone near the front of the audience — a male voice —  shouted "Thank you God!"

Marie sang lead vocals on "It Must Have Been Love" (view mobile phone video posted by Expressen) and "The Look" (view video from same source) which surprised many fans who were expecting her to take over for Per and sing "Wish I Could Fly." There are links to better quality videos in the comments below.

Update: Just prior to the concert, TDR was in touch with long-time reader "Kachina" (Sheba Argarwal-Jans). Knowing that this would be her first Roxette-related concert, we invited her to write a review, or provide us with her impressions.  We're delighted with her report, and hope you'll find it interesting as well.  We've also added photos shot exclusively for The Daily Roxette by staff photographer Colin van der Bel.  Click here for a special TDR slideshow with more than 50 pictures of the concert!

TDR Review
Written by Sheba Agarwal-Jans
Photos by Colin van der Bel

When we arrived at 7:15 pm at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, there were already about fifty people waiting at the doors. Almost immediately, the line extended behind us. When the doors finally opened just after 7:30pm, there was a bit of a scuffle in the front which prompted the bouncer to scold us loudly “Niet duwen! (Don’t push!)." “Die hard fans," the lady in front of me remarked, "you’d think that we are going to see the latest boy band. Have you brought your bra to throw onto the stage?”

The Melkweg turned out to be a small, intimate venue with a sizable stage and the kind of place where you get a good view from wherever you stand. The atmosphere was sizzling with excitement as fans — young and old — poured in. After a good hour and a half (and an interesting performance by opening act Martinique) and as “The hills are alive with the sound of music…” played inexplicably through the speakers, the members of the band walked onstage and took their positions. I recognized the final arrival with a sharp thrill, it was Per! To see him on stage for the first time after listening to his voice for almost 20 years was the culmination of all my girlhood dreams and a definite high point of my life. But the best was yet to come.

What makes a good concert? Personally, I don’t care about special effects, polished performance or perfect pitch. To me, the energy, enthusiasm and spontaneity of the band is a key factor in arousing the crowd. Well, Per definitely knows how to rock the house. He loves what he does, he delivers with passion, and you just know that his music is his life. We all believed him when he sang “Listen to your heart, when she’s calling for you…” He made each of his songs his own with his beautiful gravelly voice. And he has an amazing sense of humor! He mentioned that the last time they played in Amsterdam was in 1989, in the Paradiso. “Do you remember that night?” he asked us, “because I don’t.”

The members of his band were just as exhilarating, the chemistry impeccable. I admit to having been a bit snobbish when it came to Helena; I found her to be a substitute for Marie, which I wasn’t ready to accept. But seeing her on stage made me realize what Per likes about her. She was a perfect doll in her gold dress and brunette curls, an enthusiastic marionette who smiled all the time, with the voice of an angel. Christofer on lead made his guitar weep several times during the evening, with electrifying results. Per introduced Christer and Clarence in the red glitter fez as remnants from the Roxette era, as well as the new addition, Magnus.

The first highlight of the evening came when Per introduced the next song as a dedication to “the best singer I’ve ever known, Marie Fredriksson”, and lauched into an absolutely gorgeous version of “Wish I Could Fly.” At some point during the song, someone tapped me on the shoulder and gestured for me to look up behind me. I was stunned to see that Marie was here, seated high up in the bleachers. I could just make her features out in the dim light. A pair of arms were protectively on her shoulders, which I’m sure were Micke’s. After a few songs, she disappeared again, like an apparition out of a crazed fan’s (my) dream.

Of course the best part of the evening, one that some of us were half-expecting and hoping for, was in the first encore. After polishing off two songs, Per announced, almost offhandedly, “I’d like you all to welcome an old friend of mine: Marie Fredriksson!” When Marie appeared, the place simply exploded! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert where the audience cheered so loudly. It was a massive ovation for an incredibly strong lady who has overcome so much and was standing, looking beautiful, in front of us. It was an incredibly emotional moment for everyone — band members, audience — and I had tears in my eyes. But the real moment of truth came when she sang, with Per, their trademark song “It Must Have Been Love.” I have never heard a song rendered so tenderly. It was a symbol of their faith, and a testament to Roxette’s long standing devotion to their music. Marie looked weathered, but not broken. It was as if she was defying fate and daring life, saying “You tried to beat me, but here I am again. Here I am! I’m still here and I’m still loved!” After singing “The Look”, another Roxette classic, they walked off stage, and from my perspective I couldn’t help noticing how Micke came out and took Marie in his arms.

At this point, naturally the crowd wanted more. The hall reverberated with “Roxette!! Roxette!!” until the band came back onstage. Per declared “We can’t stop!!”, and who wanted him to? Certainly not me. The final song was a surprise, one of my personal favorites — a definite dark horse — but oh so beautiful. “Queen of Rain” was of course sung by Marie, but last night Per gave it a life of its own. He sang it almost solo, and my heart came close to bursting. When the last notes ebbed away, we stood there holding our breaths, until Per said “Thank you Amsterdam,” and we exhaled and clapped until our hands were sore.

I stumbled out of the Melkweg, arms and legs aching with dancing all evening, throat hoarse with cheering and singing (ok, screaming), and heart crying with happiness. I remembered again why, as a teenager, I had spent hours late into the night, listening to my Joyride cassette, singing along with Marie “things will never be the same, can you hear me call your name?” I was suddenly that teenager again, and I understood how Roxette’s music saved me. Per, I didn’t get a chance to meet you last night, but, I wanted to say earnestly: Thank you, thank you for the music.

I’m still riding on the high, I’ve brought my Roxette CDs to work with me, and my brain is still ringing with “I’m living in a box but I’m out when opportunity nox…”


Yes, Please, who were there upload your videos as fast as you can!! Thanx :-)

There are a couple of video’s here that someone posted elsewhere

Not the best quality, but it’s better than nothing. I wasn’t there unfortunately :-(

It’s true that it’s not the best the quality, but even then we can tell that Marie’s voice still rockin’! Amazing!

Come on, fans. Give us even more details, please ;) I wasn’t there but I feel I am gonna cry too ;) This is great ;)

It’s gone passed 1am in Amsterdam now! Give them chance :-) lol

Fantastic video...ohhhh Marie Marieeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Haha.. I didn’t know that ;) lol! I am so impatient ;)

Got back 1.5 hour ago,...yea,’s only 30 mins by train *giggle*
It was an awesome gig! Marie sang It must have been love and The look.
Uploading the stuff now in HD on Youtube :)
I’ll link it soon.
It was super that Per played ” she doesn’t live here ” and ” 727” and of course ” church of your heart”
After Marie performed they played ” hej mister DJ” Farking good!!!!

Found this on youtube:
You can see Per and Marie together aprox after 4:00. Sound is not very good, but who cares :D

Thanx for the video! You’re so lucky!

It’s SOOOOO GREAT! There are no words...
It sounds as good as so many years ago! or better...

OMG - that footage got me goosebumps, I can only imagine what it was like for the ones who were there! I’m so jealous! =)


@Marielle: THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this!!!! You ROX!

(-: (-: (-: Truly the best day ever for Roxette fans in Amsterdam and everywhere else, too. It is so fantastic to see them performing together again!!!

Here´s a link with much better quality.
God I´m flying since I heard the 2009 version of “Hi this is Per and this is Marie AND WE ARE ROXETTE”, haven´t you seen it? Here it is.......(enjoy your ride)

Here’s a little recording we did last night. More to come :)
or for HighDef

It was amazing, the male voice shouting “Thank You God” was stood behind me! :)

I have photos and video but internet access is limited for me at the moment so your going to have to wait a little longer...

Nothing can top that experience of seeing Marie so up close and personal :) I never thought I would witness the chance to see them on stage together, words cannot quite describe the whole experience!

Thank you, Marielle!

Marielle: thanks!!!!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the links!!!Great videos, though I can barely hear Marie because of fans shouting, can’t blame them really. So happy for those witnessing this event. Guess what, while I’m typing this It Must Have Been Love video has started on TV!!!

Wow, thanx for the videos!! Amazing, even without sound (here at work) – Marie shines like the sun! :-D

It was a great evening! I made a good audio recording of the complete show. It’ll be finished in the next couple of days, stay tuned...

I had tears in my eyes...

It was an amazing evening.
It was very cool to hear Per songs live and Roxette songs in his way.
I hope there will be a DvD/CD because it sound very good and i like to hear it again.

But when Marie did show up.... wow....
You have to see it to know how that did feel!!!!
Everyone went crazy. We almost did not hear her sing!

I wil upload some videos in hd so it wil take some time, check it later!

Thanks Marielle!! Can’t wait for more!

This show was amazing, had the best time! Great songs, Per, Marie, a great band, a handshake and autograph afterwards, what more could you ask for... Thanx Per!

A dutch article about NOTP

Recorded 80% of the concert. Gonna try to put as much as I can on YouTube today and tomorrrow.

don’t know you but I cried and cried.. and still get tears in my eyes when I think of it.. it’s simply so great and moving.
Marie Fredriksson Online
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@dutchtaper: excellent, can’t wait to hear it!!

A full review of the concert is up on (the Belgian site is back!)

Nice review on the Belgian site. The set list is not complete though. Hej mister Dj was the first song performed after Marie had left. :)

ah thanks for the info Marielle! sorry, it’s been a late evening. Got home at 2 am and up again at 6 am for the kids :)

Actually the “Hey Mr. DJ”-thing felt strange - at least for me. Marie, Per and the band had left the stage and everybody shouted “Roxette” for minutes and reeeaaaaally loud. And then Per comes out with Helena and performs Hey Mr. DJ. It didn’t really fit the situation in my opinion. But maybe I am the only one who thinks like that. On the other hand I am certainly aware of the fact that there wasn’t any other option to go on for Per. ;-)

It was an amazing evening! People cried, had tears in their eyes, so did MF and even MD and Åsa. It was touching, something nobody really would have expected only few years ago. Wow!


I agree with you, Kiwein1, I hope Helena felt OK after that. They should have moved Marie’s appearance to the end or have Per’s only songs after Marie’s appearance for the crowd to cool down a bit. If I was there, it would’ve felt a bit awkward, I think.

-= tridy =-

“Nice review on the Belgian site. The set list is not complete though. Hej mister Dj was the first song performed after Marie had left. :)”

Also Sleeping In My Car is missing...

Found a couple of videos in HD, check it out peeps:


The Look:

Do you remember when that was played? We didn’t keep track of the list @ the show, and I got the playlist off Daily Roxette.

1st encore

Are you an old hippie, sir?
It must have been love
The Look

2nd Encore:

Hey Mr. DJ
Sleeping in my car
Queen of rain

I cried...

Wow, it was really really touching !! Thanks for posting the videos in such good quality. Oh my !


Finally uploaded another one. Queen of Rain. Have funne :)

Low Quality:

I think Helena would have been fine with it... I am sure she understood...

thank you guys!!!!..

thanks to marie , who made our wishes come true!!!

thank you to the ones who upload videos!!! you are very kind!!

It was a great evening, and i found it strange too, when te band with marie left the stage the crowd shouted roxette, roxette, minutes long, and per came back with the band and sing. Hey mr. dj, great song. But i found it strange too. I think it was not the meaning to do more songs with marie.

I found it fantastic too see per and marie together on stage again. Tears in my eyes like many others. And a signature on my party crasher cd, i have a great evening.

Thanks Per, Marie and the BAND.


o yes they played after the look
hey mr dj
i’m not your) steppin’ stone
sleeping in my car
queen of rain

Ah yeah - I always forget Steppin Stone (don’t like it much and never really listen to it..) so thanks for adding.


OMG! OMG! OMG! Thanks for all, I’m so moved after seeing Marie’s appearance and people’s yells!! What a concert!!
Thankssssssssssssssssssss Roxette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth G. - Perú

And there are still people who doesn’t believe God exist and does not perform miracles every single day!! Thank God for bringing Marie back.
I have tears in my eyes. I believe!!

Im so happy for the fans in Holland who got to see Marie.. but now Per has hinted that Marie might show up in Stockholm as well...lets hopa miracles could happen twice :P.


Direct The Look HD link:

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

TO Sheba Agarwal-Jans

“I remembered again why, as a teenager, I had spent hours late into the night, listening to my Joyride cassette, singing along with Marie “things will never be the same, can you hear me call your name?” I was suddenly that teenager again, and I understood how Roxette’s music saved me.”

I wasn’t there yesterday but watching the videos I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME!

Per and Marie after the show:

I have put some photo’s online:
I think there are some nice pictures!

Video’s wil be next but it takes some uploade time (HD)

How long are the shows? About 2 hours?

Sanglof : I donno, I was drunk LOL
“She doesn’t live here anymore”
Low Q:
HD (720P):
Tomorrow more :) Now it’s Starcraft time *giggle*

it´s sooooooooooo F A N T A S T I C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really can´t describe my feelings!!

Thank you Marie and Per!!!!!!

I still can’t believe it, it went all so fast.

IM SOOO HAPPY!!!! Roxette, you are the best and always will be. I’m so proud of being a fan, since 1991.


:´D I am so happy to watch it ... No, I was not there, but my heart was. Thank you for the videos!

Thanx for all the pix and links!
It’s...WOW!! I’m out of words!!!!!

Yea it was awesome! :) I always like small venues. This actually reminded me of the Cologne gig.

Check out Marie’s voice at the soundcheck:

Simply marvelous!

I can’t dowload those photos :( I’m sorry! ROX ON!!!

gawd flikrs shit

Another MHBL:
Rest wil follow...


Both, report and photoshow are simply awsome, outstanding!
Thank you very much for letting the rest of us have a taste of this glorious moment!


I uploaded my own photos to Flickr now...

I have uploaded my pictures here:

And my videos here:

I tried to capture some of the banter between the songs mostly.

I managed a good recording of It must Have Been Love though.

What are the chances of seeing Marie at the Stockholm gigs?

Can’t go without saying it here too: one huge neverending thank you to everyone, for all videos and pix and stories and moments and emotions and every bit and byte shared, and this way letting all the rest of us too take part of this so special bit of the joyride! Both thumbs up everyone!


hi everyone. thank u so much for sharing all this. today is a celebration day all around the world for the hard core fans. i have been a rox fan since 1992 and i´m so f***ing proud of it. let me tell u that i never doubted that roxette would someday be back. and now the time has come. i just can say how glad i am to see all this. now let´s just wait 4 the new album. no other band could ever make me feel like this. no other band could and no other band will. thanx roxette for existing. thanx for making my life brighter every day. thanx for keeping shining out there.

Sheba, what a beautiful review...

I thought me being a “die hard roxette fan” has been over many years ago. Who will ever thought that after seeing Marie perform on that stage with Per, I felt like 15 again, I felt like I was about to cry by reading the experience you and all the lucky fans who experience the reunite of Roxette.

I think I am a new born Roxette fan again. Thanks for sharing!

I am going through so many thoughts and feelings and tried to write them down, together with Kiwein, for me to never forget, and just to share it. If you are interested, you can read the (in the end long) blog @

Thanks to everybody for sharing so much material. You are great!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Nice review Sheba, I got goosebumps reading it. Seems like it really was a very special night for everyone there.

Even for everyone who weren’t there. How amazing is that? ;)

Thank you guys. It was written straight from my heart.

Tickets on eBay!

Standing 9th May

Standing 10th May

Seat 10th May

All now priced at £30, e-tickets so if you want just pay and I’ll email it to you to print off... needless to say I won’t be there anymore!

Nice review! Congrats

Judith, love the blog... :)

Article about Roxette comeback on USA Today. Not particularly about the Amsterdam or there something new that we didn’t know about, but I think it’s pretty cool ;)

Unbelivable!!!! Thanks soooo much to everyone who provided footage, photos and stories it makes the moment special for all of us who couldn’t be there! It’s really quite amazing when you consider the past 7 years & the darkness of those first few years when we really didn’t know if Marie would survive. How awesome to see Marie get that kind of a reception, totally deserved! I wish we could have that moment on DVD. Although I have always loved Roxette I have become much more of a mature fan (and at 31 you’d hope so) but yesterday I was at work and several times throughout the day I felt like my 15 year old self again being excited about Roxette like it felt back then... It was a nice feeling ;)

so hotblooded thinks 31 is a mature fan - that makes me almost a pensioner at (i‘m niot going to tell you.)

i still can‘t believe roxette are making a coming back. i hope those who have knocked marie in the past realise just how much courage it must have taken for her not only to start singing solo again but to make moves towards roxette‘s comeback - that takes real bravery.

i‘m hoping a dvd will be made with marie and per - i‘ll definitely buy it.

Here are my photo’s from Per Gessle in Amsterdam on 6-5-2009

Ha ha well by mature I didn’t really mean ’old’ but more that I’m not as crazy as I was back in the early 90’s, I love their music and all but I have my life. However the return of Marie just made me feel that special something like I felt back when I was in my teens. I still have to pinch myself that this isn’t a dream! Every now and again it hits me and I have a big smile on my face, shit Marie is back! Roxette are back!

I think if this were an ordinary comeback and Marie had just been away I don’t think it would mean as much as it does but that she has come back against the odds after a very serious, potentially life threatening, illness it just makes these days so damn special :) I feel so blessed anytime we get to hear her sing and to see her gaining such strength is very heart warming...

I have an audio recording of this show ready. Check for info and a sample!

I Love You Marie!!!
I saw the videos in youtube and I burst in tears! And I rarely cry...
Alex from Greece

Fantastic that there is an audience recording by Dutchtaper.
Can anybody help me with a copy please ?

Losts of Roxette audio concerts to trade.

i think hotblooded has summed marie‘s comeback up perfectly!


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