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Roxette reunion special to air on Nordic Rox; Marie special on Swedish P4

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 28, 2009 to , and .

NEW YORK - A Roxette reunion special, hosted by Per, will air in the U.S. this Sunday, May 31, on Sirius XM satellite radio. 

The Nordic Rox show will broadcast the songs the duo recently performed together in Stockholm. Nordic Rox, which Per hosts regularly, airs weekly on Sunday nights at 8:00 pm EST.

During the Roxette reunion special, listeners will also hear a broadcast of Per's recent concert in London where he performed both solo songs as well as Roxette favorites.

Each week, Nordic Rox turns the spotlight on the quality and depth of Scandinavian music, expanding upon the success of established as well as up-and-coming artists ranging from ABBA and The Cardigans to The Hives and The Sounds among many others. The specialty program has become a destination for music fans in the U.S. to hear exciting new music emanating from the Nordic countries (See the following sidebar story). 

Additionally, every day between Monday, June 1 and Thursday, June 4, several channels will broadcast a edited versions of the special, including a conversation with Per discussing the group's reunion and their recent live performances.

Finally, the '90s on 9 channel will also celebrate Roxette's reunion by devoting the upcoming weekend to the "iconic group." Beginning tomorrow and throughout the weekend, listeners will be able to hear Per personally introduce and share stories about Roxette's biggest hits including "It Must Have Been Love" and "The Look."

Meanwhile, on Radio Sweden's P4 Music channel, the second of a two-part special "musical portrait" of Marie Fredriksson will be aired on Sunday, May 31, at 11:05 pm CET.  The program (in Swedish), put together by Lisa Wall, will spotlight Marie's career as part of Roxette while the first part focused on her career as a solo artist.  Both parts will be available on the station's website

Editor's Note: Additonal reporting by Paul Russell.


“he Nordic Rox show will broadcast several songs the duo recently performed together in Stockholm”... that means two songs, right?

@ Randall – Yes, sorry. I corrected the article.

I wish I had Sirius :P

You can get free 3 day trial of xm sirius online stream no credit card required. I would wait till friday to use it. I don’t know if it allows ips from outside US but its worth a try

If you click on the Sirius XM link in the first paragraph of the story, there is a 3-day trial offer that we’re told should work internationally. Ttmo’s link should work as well. Thanks for that.

Curious if Per has some news to tell!

We need someone to record these from Sirius!

can not find the nordic rox channel on the XM channels on web. maybe i have to wait till saturday night...

Nordic Rox is a program on the Spectrum channel: SIRIUS channel 18 and XM channel 45

Can someone record it and then share it?
The audio quality of my video of the Sthlm show is a crap:-(((

Can someone tell me what time 8.00 EST is in Sweden? I’m totally confused by the time zones!

so if I get the XM Everything plan for 12.95$ a month and add the internet option for 2.99$/month I can listen to the SPectrum channel and Nordic Rox via internet?
Do they sell these plans outside US at all?

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@ PerAndren: I believe that would be 2am there?...

Summary if helpful:

»»» Nordic Rox @ channel The Spectrum [SIRIUS channel 18 | XM channel 45]

Sunday 31.05.2009 @ 8pm-to-11pm Eastern Time

Replay on Wednesday 03.06.2009 @ 11pm-to-2am Eastern Time

»»» Interview with Per @ channel The Pulse [SIRIUS channel 12 | XM channel 26]

Monday 01.06.2009 @ 7am-to-8am Eastern Time

Replay @ 10am-to-11am and 5pm-to-6pm + on Tuesday 02.06.2009 @ 9am-to-10am Eastern Time

If Eastern Time is current New York time (yes?) then:

UTC/GMT: + 4 hours
London time: + 5 hours
Sweden time: + 6 hours

P.S. So, besides these two specials, is there still anything more? I wonder cos in the article it is mentioned that “every day between Monday, June 1 and Thursday, June 4, several channels will broadcast a edited versions of the special”?... Checking their program guide, though, I couldn’t seem to spot anything else, or?...

If you click the link that LEO provided for Sirius XM trial , I think there’s an option to subscribe to online only service. So it should be cheaper .I don’t know if let’s you enroll outside US though .
XM doesn’t have online only option.

just make sure to fill out the zip code field for 3-day online trial with any us zip code and all works fine

I’m waiting for the summary of all interviews on The Daily Roxette and links to downloads in my e-mail or Facebook hehehe

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Listening to the show right now. They are playing the entire London concert! :) Wonderful quality until they got to Church of Your Heart... The DJ has messed up and is overlaying the later half of the concert over what is currently playing. VERY SAD.

The first half brought back fond memories from the tour. HAPPY, HAPPY! The second was irritating. It Must Have Been Dangerous, Hey Mr. DJ (Won’t You Play Another Joyride) and Queen of an Old Hippie, Sir were rather annoying. SAD INDEED.

I recorded the entire show off XM Canada last night.

It appears Sirius-XM Producer’s dropped the ball and messed up a good 30 minutes or so of the segment overlaying/mixing another part of the show which cut off part of the best part, “Per’s Backstage Interview”. However, a good chunck of that chat was good by the time Sirius corrected the issue.

Nordic Rox Show repeats on Sirius-XM and XM Canada on Wednesdays, and Saturdays. I’m contacting them to find out if they’ll “correct” the production errors in the re-broadcast of the show.

My letter to Sirius-XM regarding the “30 minute” production error during Per’s segment last night.

Attention: Sirius-XM Programming,

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m a Sirius-XM subscriber in Canada. I am however righting you in the US because the Nordic Rox Show is a US Production based in New York City.

Last night during the Nordic Rox Show there was an obvious serious production error about 1hour to 1h10m into the show, and for approximately 30 minutes, the Per Gessle Concert Re-Broadcast was overlayed by another track and cut off a portion of Per’s Interview.

I’d like to know if this will be corrected in the rebroadcasts, and if you’ll re-broadcast the program “corrected”. It was a real disappointment that to hear this, a sentiment shared by many fans awaiting this program last night.

The broadcast of this specific episode of Per Gessle’s chat about the return of Roxette was highly anticipated by many fans and was promoted for FREE on The Daily Roxette and many other fan sites around the world.


Ian Seggie
Alberta, Canada

Well done Ian! Let us know shall you get the answer. I am a European listener, staying up till 2 at night sort of to no avail. I got so disappointed to hear the f#%@k-up in the middle of COYH and forwards :(((( Would be cool if they could fix that, especially as that was a sounboard quality.

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

Hi everyone,

I am droolling at the mouth to hear that the entire London concert was broadcast. I was there in the front row - what a concert! i had been waiting for about 15 years to see Per/Roxette in concert and it was great!

what is going to be the easist way of listening to this when they play it again - can i listen to it in the UK?

is it possible to replay broadcast on the station when you want like you can with the BBC radio/iPlayer thingy?


Direct from Sirius HQ in New York:

Re: Gessle concert broadcast problems on Nordic Rox

“This shouldn’t have happened and I’m very sorry that it did. We’ve figured out the problem in the automation system and will correct it for Wednesday’s rebroadcast.”

Hey Marc,

I was at the front row as well.... Wasn’t it great. My first Per/Rox gig as well, after 19 years of waiting.

I can’t believe they messed up the broadcast of this, but it seems that they’ll be playing it after all on Wednesday

I’ll be able to listen and re-record the broadcast on Wednesday night.

Per said in the end of an interview, that they want to record only few new songs this autumn (in september - as he said on Twitter) before the NOTP, but he said that they will hopefully record whole new album during next year and “start all over again!”. There are no new songs written yet, but Per will write some new material during the summer.

yes, concert was perfect. i think being such a small audience was the reason - very intimate. and being right there at the front! looking forward to hearing the concert. and can’t wait for the CD/DVD box set...

Sharing my bits off Nordic Rox... :-P (I hope this won’t go against TDR rules...)

Also regarding P4’s special about Marie’s career for those interested: :-)

Part 1/2: Solo | 24-05-2009

Windows Media Audio stream [38 MB]

Real Media stream [14 MB]

Part 2/2: Roxette | 31-05-2009

Windows Media Audio stream [38 MB]

Real Media stream [14 MB]


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