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Marie pushes Roxette into prestigious Australian Countdown!

Written by Roxwriter on December 1, 2009 to , and .

Roxette, in particular Marie Fredriksson, has made the 'Hummingbird 100". The countdown is an all female list and is run in conjunction with Australian Music Channel "MusicMax".

Four Roxette tracks made the list, "It Must Have Been Love" (#27), "Listen To Your Heart" (#53), "The Look" (#82) and "Joyride" (#94). Pink, meanwhile, claims the most spots of any female artist with seven tracks inside the 100. Beyonce, Roxette and Madonna all have four and Blondie, Rihanna and Alanis Morissette have three apiece.

The poll results have been picked up by several Australian online news sites including Queensland’s Courier Mail.


This is the second time I’ve I’ve commented (requested your help) about this. Could you please leave leave enough of “bookmark” showing beside Per & Marie such that the article could be posted on facebook. There is nothing to link from in this latest article. Thank you.

I understand your concerns. There’s a new TDR coming up shortly that will be much more user friendly. Stick around!

Wow, 4 hits in the top 100 of an all-time chart is awsome! Looking forward to the new TDR... :)

@ Thomas: can I ask you a favour to save the links to the articles as they are now, because I’ve written tones of articles in Wikipedia about Roxette & related and the only main source for them in TDR. It would be almost impossible to correct all the links and references if you will change them.... ;( thanks for understanding!

As far as I understand Visa, the “old” TDR (this) will be kept as is. The “new” TDR will be a continuation of this.

if you’d like to get a new TDR design, please let me know.

Yellow again please.... :-D

Strange that Per-led The Look and Joyride have made the list... but still cool anyway

Marie’s the topping of the cake for The Look and Joyride! I’d say TL is even 50/50 (half chorus, whole na-na-nas). And just think of the videos! ;)

The design is basically done, and yes, some yellow is in there.

@ pwbbounce: thanks for already posting my feeling about this news!
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Congratulations Marie, and Roxette!! design for the daily roxette? Wow great news! i hope to see that very soon.

Great news. All classics :) Shame no WICF in there mind lol.


Unfortunately, during the HaveANiceDay era, EMI were more or less absent and left Roxette to fend for themselves. WICF only peaked at #57 on the Australian Charts. Very sad.

Yeah, very odd that The Look and Joyride are in there. Although Marie did look hot in The Look :-)

And they could have used a nicer picture in the photo gallery.

Oh, woohoo on new TDR on the way.

Roxwriter said: “WICF only peaked at #57 on the Australian Charts. Very sad.

Indeed. It could have been the next IMHBL had it had abit of push from the record company.

It did get shown on Video Hits and was played on the radio when it was new. I even heard Per on radio doing an interview promoting it on a local FM station. When it failed it instantly was dropped by everyone. More a poor choice of a 1st single. An uptempo COY or DPYAAWAG would of been better received.

My instant thought was: The Look and Joyride in the list for The Hottest Female Voices (or what was it all about?). Let me have a laugh :D But on the second thought, Marie really rox those songs :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep


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