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“One Wish” video to premiere tomorrow on Swedish TV4

Written by tevensso on September 18, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - With editing and final production of the new Jonas Åkerlund music video for “One Wish” completed now, the video will be premiered – as have other Roxette videos – on TV4’s “Nyhetsmorgon” morning news and talk show tomorrow (Tuesday morning) at 06:54 CET. Per will be there at 07:44. Please note that these times are preliminary and are usually not 100% correct, besides the fact that they are in conflict with each other.

  In today’s editions of Aftonbladet, Roxette’s newly released single scores two out of five “plus signs” from reviewer Markus Larsson. “Easily digested radio pop” is his take on the song. Larsson normally reviews heavy metal and hard rock music for the paper. He had expected a powerful pop-bomb á la “Listen To Your Heart” or “Goodbye To You.” “All we got was a ’really…?”

  Other news in Aftonbladet is that Roxette will be guests on SVT’s gala “Världens barn,” as previously mentioned, and on October 20, Per and Marie travel to Germany for promotion. and we also get a date for the performance on “Bingolotto” - Nov. 4. Per will travel to London for promotion and Spain is being considered.

  Maybe the biggest piece of news is that the new material will be released in the US around December. It’s is so far unknown if Roxette will travel to the States to help with promotion.


Thanx for the translation! And a big hurray for the US! :-D

Goodbye to you??? And Markus Larsson likes nothing but the heaviest metal so there’s no wonder he doesn’t like this.

HOORAY! Roxette are coming to the UK!- Are they following me or something?

It seems only Per is coming..(wouldn’t be too good if this applies all the other PR dates as well)

Very strange that he mentions ” Goodbye to You” as one of Roxettes biggest hits..could it be that he knows nothing about Roxette??

Could well be.

Yeah, very strange in deed. Goodbye to you is truly a forgotten song anyway.

But I have to say I agree about One Wish. I personally believe the melody of the chorus is too weak.

“Eurodiscoeffekterna påminner om Basshunters hemska mellanstadiepop.”

hahaha, Basshunter, this comment is a bit too far fetched, don’t you think? I think we’ve already discussed the fact that the electronic disco parts are nothing outof place in the song as it was meant to stem from the 80ties...

Regarding the video - really, really can’t wait!

Jag känner en båt...ROFL..Basshunter??
What about Mr. Wikström from HP...did he write anything already?
I love One Wish!! And the typical Roxette effect looks like that: Song starts - me> starting to grin...3 minutes of happiness! –Repeat...:D

Fantaaaaaaaaaastic news about Per coming to London!

Fantastic news about Per in London?? What about Marie??

going to the UK, this is awesome!

Great these drops of news which together make a exciting article....

Hope to see more articles like these in the coming weeks!

I would score ONE out of five “plus signs”... The worst song I have ever heard :(

I like the song.. okey.. this is no bohemian rhapsody but roxette is about having fun..Especially in this kind of up-tempo track. Overall a great gum-pop song with cool and great synthesizer sounds.. Missing those “crashing guitars” we heard in sleeping in my car and harleys..(is this perhaps too “clean” and straight forward?) but digging this song anyway :) I give it 4 out of 5.

What would be even more fantastic would be if Marie came along as well to London!! How is that going to work?? Hmm

timetable will be here around 20:00 CET

just per to london :(( sniff sniff, now if maire was going to london aswell that would be good.

“Goodbye To You”????!

In my opinion, the reviewers rating is very generous.

#If I had one wish, what would it be?...#

...never to hear this rubbish again.


It says that the video will be shown at 6.55 and then an interview with Per 7.44!

Finaly something coming this way!!!!

Now just have to wait to see what will be released over here so i don’t have to import whatever material gets released here!!! :-)

Really want to see the video!! One week to go!!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

@Steven, yOU rOCK´S!!!


@Elin - actually it says so:
7.44 PER GESSLE berättar om comebacken tillsammans med Marie Fredriksson. Premiärvisning av ROXETTES nya låt och video.

I think there is going to be some interview (cool!) and then the video will follow!

I’m tired of so many people complaining about everything.

We should all be thrilled that Roxette are even releasing a new single and album.

“One Wish” is a typical Roxette style pop smash hit. This song has everything. It has the catchy melody, the chorus is brilliant and it’s a feel good song that just wants to make you starting singing “hey, hey, hey”.

Enough with the complaining already! Just enjoy this brilliance Roxette is bringing back to us after all these years. They need our support, not your complaints.

Go request “One Wish” where ever you live around the world, let’s get Roxette back on the airwaves like it should be!

Ciao. – Mark

I believe he mentions “Goodbye to You” in a very sarcastic way. Come on, he says the effects remember of Basshunter :D
I actually enjoy Basshunter’s Boten Anna a little more than “1 Wish”, at least you know what it is supposed to be :P

STeven and Mysery: what are your fave Rox-songs...Do you have any?

Only Per going to London and, perhaps, Spain. You can keep waiting for the Roxette comeback...

I think OW will be a hit!! At least for me! At least in my neiborhood!

Any ideas of which label will release the material here ?

Interesting to know if Per managed to iron out a deal with Capitol after all, or if he did what said he’d do if that deal could not be reached and just signed with another label.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York

Can’t wait to watch this video :D
One Wish is one of the most fabulous Roxette’s song I’ve ever heard.
It’s a tipical summer song and makes me dance :D !!!!!
Hey Per, what about coming to Brazil for promo???

Goooooooooooo ROxette

Lot’s of love from Brazil!!!!

The video had its premiere or not? Can’t wait to see it :)

It was SOO good!!! Really cool. :)
Kind of retro.

Just watched the Per interview and the video
he said that Marie is fine and healthy but that there are no tours-/concerts planned just some tv-stuff
he got asked about other projects and snswered , yes I,ve more projrcts but its Roxette right now atleast to Xmas..


i wanna see it !!!!!!!!!!

Man oh man! Hope we get to see it soon!!!

Anyone? :o)

Cheers cheers

I also hope to see the video soon. So far TV4 only has tried to sum up Roxette’s career,with Per & Marie in the studio. Just go to:

Then click on Nöjesklipp on the right side (have to scroll down a bit), and click on Nostalgitripp med Roxette. Enjoy :o))

Did someone mention London???? details anyone?

I really hope Roxette come to London and do some signings!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Per will come, Marie not. Go figure! ;-)

Who knows why Marie wouldn’t be coming to London, I am sure there’s a perfectly good reason for it and if Per comes alone it is better than neither of them coming ! Although it would be nice.

“powerful pop-bomb”... isn’t that what OW is?? Maybe not in the same style as the older songs, but it has its own charm. Don’t understand how GTY got in there though?!

Can’t wait to see the new clip too!

Can someone translate what Per & Marie said during the last part of the vid in the link that Helene2000 gave?

I like it too, very colourful and happy! Thanks for the link.

Marie looks great! and i loved the older clips mixed in as well.

i’m so glad to see thema rox! =)

ah one wish...please contact your radio station!!!! =)

Adorable! Funny! Cute! Pop! Kitsch! LOVE IT!

Nice one Mr Akerlund! :o)

PS: The vid made me realise that the song isnt just a happy-go-lucky love song.... its also about Roxette: Marie and Per dreaming and wishing they’ll make it big one day... 20years ago. Perfect for Rox20.

PPS: 2 thumbs up!

Oh what a great dancer Per is ;-) !!!

It’s wonderful to see Marie back in action! I like the clip, nice to see all the previous videos passing by. Not sure though if the general audience also notices them. But anyway: good job!

Just to sum it up :)

TV4 web links:
(for viewing the video of “One Wish” on Nyhetsmorgon)
(for viewing the interview with Per on Nyhetsmorgon)

(Nyhetsmorgon - downloadable stream link - ca. 2.2 GB)
(for viewing “Nostalgitripp med Roxette från 2001”)

(“Nostalgitripp med Roxette från 2001” - downloadable stream link - ca. 12 MB)

Edit: Just uploaded “Nostalgitripp med Roxette från 2001” .wmv file to rapidshare (for those who have trouble with downloading from mms links):

oh sweepi, THANX! I knew I could count on you...I’ll start downloading trhen :D

lol i am not cvomplaining :) it’s not bad but since they spent money it woudl have been better to have a bit more of a plot, kinda like u follow a male female duo to world sauperstardom a’al the roxette story but eh..marie looked really good tho, lol much better thna she does on the one wish sleeve lol what do i know as long as it gets them state side :)

Would you like the song if it wasn’t by Roxette?
I bet you wouldn’t.

Actually I would...I like cheese!

Its a great video, loving the technicolour

I can’t believe I missed the world premiere of One Wish video. Now that I’m in Copenhagen and can watch TV4 on TV... and I missed it :(:(:(

Anyway, One Wish is a super song. The best part for me is “If you had one wish, what would that be”...

Spain and London without Marie? :S by the way... OW video RuleZ :D (84Mb)
Got that from RoxBytes

Oooh Oooh Oooh

Blessed Yule to me... ROXBOX (or whatever) IN THE STATES!!!

Yeah Baby!

Saw the show, and it’s a GREAT VIDEO!!!


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