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Video for “One Wish” to include some animation

Written by CRIZ on August 30, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Aftonbladet reports about the recording of the new video for “One Wish” today.

  Marie explains that she is longing to release this song. “We’ve gotten tons of mail from fans who have asked when the new songs will be released and how they sound,” she says.

  Marie also speaks of her friendship with Per. “Our friendship is getting better and better every year that passes by. It’s been such incredible fun to work with this gang again. Roxette is so big and intense.”

  Regarding “One Wish,” Marie says that it’s a classical Gessle-song, “easy to hum and at the same time with a damned nice beat. You can’t get the melody out of your head.”

  Per explains he thought it would feel strange to do something with Roxette again, “but when Marie and I met, we went straight back to our old groove. Marie made some coffee, and I played hockey,” said Per with a smile.

  The video was shot in Filmhuset’s basement at Gärdet, Stockholm. “Since the song is released [in conjuction with] our 20th anniversary, the new video will contain much from our older videos,” explains Per. “Some parts of the video will be animated,” reveals Jonas Åkerlund.

  Per also comments about another US #1: “We don’t feel we have to sell one million records this time around. It’s just cool to do this again.”

  Roxette will be on a promotion tour this fall, including the shows “Bingolotto” and the “Världens barn” (Children of the World) gala in Sweden.

  Norwegian newspaper VG also reported about Roxette today. When they enquire if there will be a new Roxette album, Marie explains they haven’t decided yet. “We take one thing at a time. Right now I draw a lot, and I’m planning a new exhibition, but it’s not impossible,” she says.

Tcooh contributed to this article



Promotion tour & gigs!!!!

Hehe:) Will be great..the video seems to be very cool:) Hope the single hit the charts big time;)

:D OMG, look at the pictures at aftonbladet site :) they use “blue box” so there will be definitely lots of special effects :)

Yeah, it all looks very promising! I hope for lots of promo performances. :-D

Bingolotto and Världens Barn will be Playback. As all other Roxette tv-gigs. Just hope for some “real” promo gigs. Like the one in Barcelona during RS.

Wow, can’t wait to see it!! Especially Marie’s complete outfit...

If the song & the video is just as good like ATAY - I’m very very happy!!!

“Världens Barn” - never heard from this show. Any details?

haha! look at the guy with the green thing on his head: that’s definitely Per! LOL

Världens barn - They try to get money donated to help children in the world.

Marie looks fantastic in these pics! Cant wait to see the finished video and hear the song.

Yay Roxette will be on a promotion tour!!! BRAVO!!! ITS A GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, finally good news!!!! Thanx!!

“It’s a classical Gessle-song. Easy to hum and at the same time a damned nice beat. You can’t get the melody out of your head.”

WWOOOOWWWW, si si si!!!! YEs yes yes!!!

Well it seems the video is something like Almost Unreal....Don’t you think?

And....the second picture is making me think! .....

Is Per imitating Michael Jackson with that glove? or
Will Per be a magician in the video?

Come on!! Put your bets!!!

I’m excited now, this looks very promising. Marie looks absolutely gorgeous!!

Now THAT is a good piece of news to hear ;-)

They look so young and perfect!!!

“It’s a classical Gessle-song. Easy to hum and at the same time a damned nice beat. You can’t get the melody out of your head.” I think that by ’a damned nice beat’ Marie means it’s a dance song... :( I really hope I’m wrong!!!

I love the clothes, and green colours as well. Can´t wait to hear One Wish, can´t wait to watch them on TV again. I´m sure there will be some special live show... :D

It’s not a dance song, but Marie’s comment in Swedish is hard to translate correctly. It could also mean it has a lot of “go”. :)

Now Rox Box doesn´t exciting me anymore. I want to hear “One Wish”, “Reveal”, see video, see TV shows, see them back in the business. Yesssssssss.

I can’t wait to see the video also! Looks good!

I guess they will show parts of other old videos on the background.. ?

It sounds exciting. Wanna hear this song and see the video !!!! 20 days til radio release date !!!

@Judith - you mean like copy and paste? :)))) I hope NOT! I’m game for an interesting summary of their video history. We’ll soon find out what it is like, fingers crossed that the clip turns out good!

That’s the news to cling to for the time being!

lol not copy and paste, but Per has that green background, and I suppose old Rox videos will be shown there, mixed with the new one.. I’m about to update the article with the full translation, then you’ll know what I mean :)

great!!! I WISH i lived in Sweeden!!!

I am curious to see it!

Please just don’t mix things up... it says “PR-tour”. No mentioning of any real gigs what so ever, so I’d keep calm for a while more. The only thing they mention is the “Världens Barn” gala, and Bingolotto. Both will be playback as usual for sure.

so I’ve updated the article with a more extended translation and some info from Tcooh :)

New album? Marie says: “we take one thing at a time. Right now I draw a lot, and I’m planning a new exhibition, But It’s Not Impossible.”

Oh my God i love Marie !!!!!! i’m crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The video might be like madonnas “ray of light” which Åkerlund also made. That video also had a blue screen or whatever it’s called. At least I hope it’ll be like the Ray of light, very cool video. :)

And hundreds of TDR members collectively cross their fingers for the possibility of a new THAT would be something to celebrate!

I do. Hope we´ll get new album in some 24 next months.

If a record company are going to realese a new album, and promote it well, this project have to be a succes, i think. And i doubt it will be... Hope i’m wrong.

There are so many little groups which sold much less albums and they can exist, touring, and releasing new albums. Why not Rox?
They have so much money that they can do it for joy. Look at Marie´s and Per´s last albums.

Yea, but their last album barely sold anything outside of Sweden.
And Roxette has been a HUGE succes. Bigger than anyone here can imagine, really.
I don’t think they want to release something “just to release something”. They want to sell as much as possible, and be remembered as a great band.

You should quit when you’re on the top. Hopefully Roxette are on their way to the top. :)

aww its nice to know marie reads and hear’s what fans have to say .

I love roxette for the hooks, catchier than an office called i read in an english paper and that explains my love for there music. :-D ( just wish they would change the horrid out of place one wish cover )

No one Rox album exceed 2,5 milion copies in last 10 years. It´s not so great success. I know that it´s better to be successfull, but sales all over the world are going down.
And if Rox will release brand new album with classical hits like Wish..., Stars or Center..., I believe, (if EMI will do precious promo) it can attack border of 2 milion copies. And it´s success in time like these.

I really hope that One Wish and the Gr hits gets a lot of promo in the US, now is the time to get Roxette back there.. I think that could get Roxette back on the world stage.

I think Marie is getting enthusiastic about a new album :)
I feel so happy to see them together again. It’s like a dream to see Marie healthy by Per’s side :D
They are my idols. Can’t wait to put my hands on this Roxbox and listen to the new songs!!!!
Love you Marie and Per ;)
Fernanda - São Paulo - Brasil

WOW!!!!!! great news day by day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I´M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Ok, I wonder how one wish sounds ;-) Can’t give up fandom so easily it seems, not after 15 years ;-)

This information brings a smile into my face... :)

And what abou this alien in the photo? It’s written in AB that he’ll appear in the video. Looks very nice :-)

looking good! cant wait :D

Per doesn’t look too happy on the picture, he might have read all the comments here about the Rox-Box... :s

Hmm... did he expect us to not notice the sheer lack of new stuff I wonder? He does look a little miserable.

Great news and stunning picture :-D

miss-misery, so he read things (at least) a day before anyone had written anything?

Marie looks awesome in that!

Good to see some positive comments after all the moaning. I was thrilled to see them on the newspaper’s front cover. Who would believe THAT would happen in 2006? I can’t wait to hear the songs...but I never intended to buy the box :-)

moaning is too weak a word- revulsion was better word for that moment in time. I’m happier now, cos at the end of the day, it is new stuff! New single, promo show type stuff although I can’t get there, its all good!

Hey look at this ;)

Thanks to german forum, I upload for shared...


Had brainwave- how about spoof versions of the classic videos?


Wow a 2-page spread about Rox20!! Very nice.

Cool picture! Would love to get this bigger.

How cool... hope they don’t hire the same guy who animated Opportunity Nox. That was... “bad”.

But don’t expect miracles with chroma-key techniques. As far as I remember David Hasselhof’s “Hooked on a feeling” is done with that as well :DDDDD
Ok, let’s hope this is better :P

OMG I am longing soooo much!!! :D It’s GREAT!

I want to watch the video. Though I’m a bit “afraid” of that animation part hehehe...


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