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The Daily Roxette presents to our readers: Marie’s new single!

Written by tevensso on September 26, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The Daily Roxette is proud to present an advance preview of Marie Fredriksson’s new single: “2:nd Chance.” The song is being released to Scandinavian radio stations tomorrow (Monday).

  “Oh thank God I’m alive…”

  Update: Expressen’s Anders Nunstedt gives the single three stingers (out of five) today, and compares the song to The Beatles’ “Free As a Bird” like many already on The Daily Roxette. Other than that he says that Marie is hiding behind the English language, but he also adds that this kind of emotion may have been too much in Swedish. Nunstedt thinks that husband Micke’s music is weaker, while Marie’s lyrics and performance is strong. “After a few run-throughs the song’s bleakness dissipates,” Nunstedt says and concludes “Just give the song a second chance…”

  Aftonbladet gives it three plusses (out of five) and calls it “…an intimate pop ballad with warm Jeff Lynne strings…”.

  TDR Special Presentation created by Judith Seuma and Txiqui.

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Cool!!!! Can’t wait to hear it!

Will you have a 2-minutes snippet or the WHOLE song?

Oh my, I’m so excited!! :-P


This all happens so fast...I’m already overwhelmed ;-)

M A R I E I L O V E Y O U !!!!

R O X E T T E 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will also have 2 minutes.

This is my first post here in quite some time. I cannot express in words my joy on these recent developments regarding Marie’s first solo English album.

I knew TDR would not let us down! cheers guys :)

what did you expect ;) exciting! It’s going to be such a heart wrenching song.. I know It’s going to make me cry!

Welcome back Marie!! xx

Very cool. :)

this is so gr8 :) how much longer till 22:00 CET??

7,5 hours from now.

Won’t be online then... :-(

ahh too late for me :((

have 2 wait till during the week!

i really cant wait ! ahhh!

wish could hear now :)

then i know what to do at 22 :D

Yes, yes, yes can’t wait until tonight!

I could cry when I read: “Oh thank God I’m alive...”

yeay something to cheer me up before i go to work tonight and 2 MINUTES YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

What time will it be in Argentina??



I’ve just cancelled my date this evening (-;

I can’t express in words what i’m feeling right now, but feels great inside. Thanx people!

In Argentina it will be at 18:00Hs (Falta poco gente, solo una eterna tarde de domingo)

Ohhhh, I am so excited about listening to it...After all this wait !!!!!!!!!!I am already doing the many others of you !!!!Hihih

lol crashi!!

5 hours and 3 minutes...


i really cant wait!
is it 4 hours and 40 minutes now?

Yes it is...

yay its 22:00 south african time then!!

i really look forward to it!!!

cool! :)

i’ll be here!

I hope we don’t all crash the website!!!!

Can’t wait.... That’s the best news ever! We love you, Marie!

Soooooo great! Can´t wait to hear it. :)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I Can’t wait to hear it! PLEASE i’m really crazy for this... i’m died tonight...


ally: we will have 2 servers with the song :P

@Judith: Have YOU heard the song?

What about Brazilian time?
I think in São Paulo it will be at 7pm, am I right?
By the way: Marie, I love you and I can’t wait for your return.
Best wishes.
Your Brazilian fan
Luiz Fernando


Time zone offset: UTC + 1 hour

CET is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)


Dear fans from Brazil, the single will be available at 6:00 PM (Brasilia Time).

its an hour and a 20 minutes right?


Less than one hour now...!

@ Judith... I’ve always wondered about streaming - how many people can stream to one server at the same time?

woowww amazing!!!! Oh Maarie...

“Oh thank God I’m alive”... - are these actual lyrics off the snippet? ) :

@animalkingdom: Yes!

It begins with: “I think of you every day...”

u heard the song crashroxer?


so how u know it begins with that ;)

A friend told me that(-;

Does anyone know how to record the snippet?

30 minutes!!!

Someone pinch me cause I feel this is almost not real... it seems to have happened so fast...

TDR team... pleaze let one download steam file be in .zip file format!! Otherwise it means I’ve got to wait 3 weeks before i hear the song! Plz-plz-plz-plz-plz-plz-plz-plz-plz... BIG PLEASE!!!!

I’m ’warming up’ for the new song by listening to Tro, Äntligen, Little Girl, Every Day, Makin’ Love To You & Breathe. Marie is sounding great tonight :0) I feel so damned lucky to be sitting here anticipating more new wonderful music by such a gifted musician and such a special person. From an excited and thankful Rich

15 minutes to go!!!

Oooh, i’ve got butterflies. :D

PM: ok :)

And of course, I have no idea what time that is for Utah. But... I’m hoping to score the album... so no loss there... I think *lol*

Judith... thank u soo much baby!!!

10 minutes left now...
This is so hard to take.

PM: no problem ;)

”...especially this morning on spring...”

...that I love you more than ever... Oooh, sweet Marie! The Voice!!!

Ooooh, I likey very much!!


wow! a beautiful and powerful song we got! great!!!!! :D

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Powerful! Sweet! Original! Dramatic! Marvellous!

Thanks Marie!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, I don’t like it at all. Neither the melody nor the music. :( It is of course very nice to hear Marie’s voice....

Wow - for once speechless........

it’s simply perfect!!

Thanx for the lyrics also TDR... nice site there Judith!!! :)

thank you!! puh have no clue what afternoon /night I spent!!!! :O So great that you like it :D

There’s some stuff missing in the lyrics, we didn’t manage with a couple of words :S

Looking forward to the album...
It reminds me of a Beatles song...can’t think of the song name though...
Love to Marie x

This is the most Beatley thing Marie has done! Great original piece of work... Rich

Great song

@thomasc: I think it might be “Free as a bird”?

Judith, really good work. Thank you and whole TDR team.

Oh it’s so great to hear her voice again. It’s diffrent but i really like it, beautifull! Brings back a little something of the old Roxette that I knew and that was lost with Room Service. Great song, nice site. Tx TDR, rox on xxx

I like the lyrics and also the music, and of course we get the whole song from both you and the fanclub streaming it... :)

I am not sure what to think of the song yet, but I love to hear Marie’s voice again!!

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Vixzter is a happy bunny ;D

@JayBee: Yes, a little bit like Free As A Bird...but there’s another one too...
I’ve listened to it a few more times now and it’s growing on me...

Really really dissapointed with the new song. Although full of meaning for Marie, the lyrics are weak and stupid, nearly “naive” words... The chorus is strong, and it shows Marie efforts to make her voice higher.

2 Big problems that I can forecast with this new Marie album:

-The “Bolyos” production is always the same. It always sounds the same and it lacks of power and originilaty.

-Of course, Emi or Capitol won´t make a huge promotion campaign for a single of these characteristics. It simply doesn´t fit now.

Anyway, reallly happy to hear Marie again.

coulda done without the strings, but a great vocal. The song is honestly pretty weak, which is an insensitive comment, given the circumstance. And that guitarist doesn’t cut it for me. He’s good alright, but he lacks the ’x factor’.

well what can i say her voice sounds really gr8 ;) the song just isnt for me unfortunatly ;(( oh well cant wait 2 hear the album ;))

Marie’s voice is as powerful as in joyride-times!!! I love her voice, Marie is the best!!!

The song is nice, it’s one of the songs I have to listen to a couple of times to really fall in love with and I know that will happen...but:

Can’t wait to hear a new Roxette album!!!

Someone mentioned Free As A Bird - yeah! there’s something about it in the production of the new song! And I gotta say, FAAB is one of the best Beatle records ever! :)

But about 2nd Chance: it’s so Marie! Great to hear her singing strongly & freely! The melody didn’t catch me 100% the first - or the second time - while listening to the snippet - - but I can sense it’s a total grower! I like it very much already!!!

Oooooh, uncalled for. They are certainly not stupid.
Marie said herself she is not comfortable writing in English. I think this is wonderful.

There are a lot of happy peeps on here. I am one of them.

OOoh Judith, you know I wuvs you? ;) *HINT!!!*


i adore it, truely amazing!

If she isn´t comfortable writing lyrics in English, then do it in swedish. It´s easy. Or call for a good songwriter help or a good producer help. She has enough money to do it. All serious music world laughed always with Roxette this would happen with Marie first attempt in making music in English. :( That doesn´t sound good for the people who really respect Marie and the whole of her solo career.

Judith, how are you these days.... :) No I admire the work on the marie page, I am trying to work one word out that she is singing and I can’t quite get it!! :)

Sweden & Spain - Roxette’s somewhat greatest territories going un-eased??

Hehe... I guess there was something negative to be waited from the always-so-happy Swedish “critics”... ;)


Never mind, was being cheeky. :D

It´s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can´t believe it!!!!!
It‘s marie!!!!! she´s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no words to describe this moment. We, some integrants of TBL roxette fanclub in Rosario, are in a cyber cafe listening to the song!!!
We´re like crazy!!!

It´s fantastic to have you back marie!!!!
We love you more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the lyrics, Judith, I have 2 suggestions, although have no idea about the [...] gap!
(1) How can I tell you oh love –> How can I tell you I love
(2) love you more than I ever wanted –> and you’re more than I ever wanted
Dunno if these suggestions are right but I hope they help! Best wishes and well done on the cool site :-) Rich

personally I think the chorus is really powerful :D

We´re alive for second time!!!!!!!

it´s fantastic!!!!!

Love ya, marie!!!!

as I look down on my....

what is that she is singing, and I am English but cannot get it.. :)

Polisson, Marie doesn’t need to pay someone... this is from her heart!
And the english album has been wanted by fans for so long, now it’s here, some have to pick it apart.
Each to their own.

something ring or rain

I love this song,its full of strength,faith and love,thanks Marie,God bless you

It´s perfect, is the best.

I don´t believe that.




I think of you everyday
Especially this morning of Spring
Oh thank God I’m alive
And I look down on my SIGNET RING
Oh Yeah
How can tell you oh love
That I love you more than ever
Oh thank god I’m alive
And I know I love you forever

Polisson, an artist who doesen’t write and compose songs is not real artist. Like some Celine Dion, not a real artist. She just sing, anyone can sing, but anyone can’t write song. I will never ever buy a record if the band/artist hasn’t write song her/him/itself.

@thomasc - that’s what I first heard it as but then changed my mind - I think you’re right though... Rich

@ Polisson (or whatever)

Thinking of $$$$€€€€€’s??? huh?

Nice to see a difference of opinion but do You really think Marie cares of the maintaining music business and the picky judges of the grand jury?

And is THAT really what you want to say to HER after these two, frigging horrifying years?

Some people have no sense... this song has been written by Marie during her illness and to her is full of meaning and warmth, if you don’t like it fair enough each to there own, but I suggest you get your hearing checked out!

I don’t really like the song, it’s boring and too “Marie”. I think all of you who do like it are entitled to that, but in my mind this will never ever be a hit.

see manda, I said SIGNET RING!

This song is now magic!!

Thank God (or whoever ;) _I_ am alive today! :D

Yeah ok ally, I get the message! Hehe!

@ tevensso

A hit??? who’s longing for one????

It’s not her best shall we say.
It’s just good to have her back and hear her voice.

Does anyone know the tracklist for “The Change” yet?

The song is SO SO So PERfECT!!!!!!!!!! I love this one.
Thank Marie for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry my PC is in MARIE overdrive!! :)

It’s great!!! Totally Marie, sweet and powerful at the same time...I LOVE IT!!!!

MARIE’S GREAT COMEBACK!!!!!!!! =)))))))))

I think she sings ’Sydney ring’...that’s the engagement ring that Mr Bolyos gave her.

It’s THE BEST Marie’s song i ’ve heard before!!!
I love it!!It sounds extremelly special.Her voice sounds loud,sweet &clear as always!!

well this is supposed to be a HAPPY moment to celebrate Marie’s come back, not to start a flame over people’s tastes. Flame-comments will be deleted.

hmmm... I love the music and the melody... but to be honest, the lyrics I find a little bit disappointing too... especially since this recording means much to Marie and critics will surely mock about the lyrics and maybe hurt her because of that... i find it strange that she wanted to write such a personal album in English... but anyway... its wonderful to hear her voice again and as i said, i love the music and the melody!!! btw, native English speakers: what do you think of the lyrics!?!

@ally77: I don’t think anything wrong with the hearing of people if they don’t like the song. It is an opinion. Some like this other that. So no offense, but I think people are fully entitled to dislike this song, no matter how much feeling there might be in it. :)

m-cvk: I keep hearing Sydney too... the signet thing doesn’t fit, unless she’s not pronouncing it correctly with the accent.

I was looking forward to this, but I was convinced I didn´t want a comeback at any price. And I already knew the song would be weak. Again: calm down, please.

Personally I like the song, the lyrics fit the music well for me and I look forward to getting the single and the album :)

Anyone know more about a SYDNEY RING!?

If someone says something you don’t like just ignore it. There’s no point in rising to start arguments just after most of us have heard something very special ;-) Peace... Rich

It’s very clear that this song is written for Micke and the kids.

The Sydney ring is the engagement ring Micke gave her in Sydney...that’s where they fell in love and Marie came back home with this glistering (is that the correct word???) ring on her finger. That’s basically the Sydney ring story :-)

Thanks Marie to exist! Very great song.
We love you...

I wonder when we shall get a full copy avail for download....

m-cvk, yeah, therapysong for Marie. Ooh, I love this voice so much. Btw, are Roxette-fans lucky? If there isn’t Roxette, there’s always something. First Per with Mazarin, then Gyllene Tider and now Marie :D

oh damn!! now I get the sydney ring!! i was hearing that all the time but both Connie and I were “erh.. what should sydney mean???”

NOW i get it.. ok. it’s been a hard day...:P


Flame-comments? Thanks TDR for your information. And thanks for launching THE VERY FIRST forum web in the world who applies CENSORSHIP to their users.

Absolutely disgusting. I really think the first hearing of Marie´s new single doesn´t mean to “be happy” or to say “beatiful things”. It is the opportuniyt to give opinions about the new it always happened with every Roxette new song.

I hope this comment would´t be erased.

Well, the airplay starts tomorrow and I guess some people will record and upload it :-)

@ Mari

That’s how I feel exactly! But this is absolutely the BEST! :D

@ m-cvk, yep I’ll go with Sydney Ring then! thanx for clearing it up! :)

animalkingdom totally got the point: This is not about making a hit. Marie isn’t Roxette - and this is actually her strength. Roxette is always judged by its commercial success, but with Marie as a solo artist it’s different, thank God. The problem is that some Roxette fans still have to realise the difference.

I like the song and I really like Marie’s voice in this song. It sounds much more natural than on most Roxette recordings of the last years.

Edit: Polisson still is right of course: Everyone should be entitled to his opinion. This has nothing to do with so called ’flame wars’.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!!
finally i got to listen to it (had to fight with a virus, right today!!!!!) and in the beginning i thought “ohoh, this sounds as if she was scared of singing” but then allready in the second line i started to love it!!!
her voice hasn’t been like that for a long time. very strong and sooo beautiful!

i only hope it’s going to be a hit with all that rythm&soul stuff being popular now... *crossesfingers*

thank god she’s alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought all artists wanted to sell (lots of) records? My guess is that this single will bomb in Sweden.

@Ally77: thanx, you’re welcome. Not bad for a non native speaker, he? (just kidding!) :-)

I like the song. It’s not commercial. It’s music for the soul. And MARIE’s voice is perfect.:):):)

unfortunately I’m inclined to agree tev. nevermind.

Which parts aren’t grammatically correct? (just curious and trying to learn more English) :-)

poli: you are entitled to your opinion and those posts will stay, but not the ones where the members are “fighting” with eachother. THIS is not the place to “fight” or “flame”. This has always been like this, maybe you haven’t been around for long but other members will confirm ;)

And a forum, just for the record, doesn’t belong to the members but to the owner so certainly forums can be edited, what do you think moderators are for? ;)

well, it’s definitely not the best marie’s song but it’s very well produced. it’s beautiful and i don’t care if it’s gonna be a hit.

and who ever laughed about rox’s lyrics knew the meaning. that’s per and they just were suppose to be funny, that’s what do i expect from love-oriented pop music.
and this lyrics are simple, just like what marie feels and wants to express:

(those who watch this brilliant series i’m quoting knows what i’m saying)

p.s. swedish lyrics of marie’s song are simple as well, just look at the sparvoga. or antligen.

yu just people cannot be happy with what you’ve got and those who care so much about what other “serious” music world says make me laugh the same way this world is supposed to laugh of rox’s lyrics. :D


’I thought all artists wanted to sell (lots of) records? My guess is that this single will bomb in Sweden.’

This is admittedly stretching things a bit too far ;-) , but was Kafka really as much interested in selling books as Agatha Christie or Konsalik was?

It is not a roxette’s big hit but I prefer this than another roxette album with “bla bla bla” or”na na na” ... I love her solo albums and I really like this one. I hope it will be released in Poland...

Judith: I totally agree with you in that. Thanks very much.

p.s. swedish lyrics of marie’s song are simple as well, just look at the sparvoga. or antligen.

Few examples - her lyrics always tend to be DEEP!
2nd chance really doesn’t need to have deep lyrics - it’s simple: be happy to be alive...

The song grows on you with time, just keep on listening to it. :-)

This is a very personal song and non-commercial while Roxette is commercial and not that personal...

Burke — that’s a VERY good one!! he he..

@ tev

Artists are artists, products are products: you know the difference between Britney Spears AND Björk/ The Prodigy/ etc... ;)


@animal: I agree, but I still think that Marie wants this record to sell a lot. I also think that putting out this record is sort or threapy for her. So let’s say it’s 50/50.

The song is 100% Marie!!!!!I LOVE HER!!!SHE’S THE BEST OF THE WORLD!!!
The great point here is that she’s back!She sounds loud and clear,dosn’t matter what pedorros fans think about her music!

But that is both ok!

Now there you hit a point.

The lyrics are simple, but atleast I won’t have to spend half a day trying to explain some obscure English slang (as Per usualy uses) as its fairly straight forward ;)

*edited for my poor spelling* ;)

Now I understand why it took her 5 minutes to write the song :-D
Anyway, it’s good that she wrote the songs in English. Maybe it gives her more selfconfidence to write more lyrics for Roxette :-)
And more fans will understand her fight of the last couple of years.

joyrider8103: I was saying from an english native point of view.. which is what the person asked! ;)
And I have said a million times, I like it. ;)
No need to scream eh. :)

M-CVK: hahahaha. Fantastic comment!!!!

LOL m-c :D

Oh my God ... thanks I‘m alive!!!!
Thank you Marie, I love you ... My dream came true ...

I think if she said she wrote in some ten minutes she really didnt have time to translate it from Swedish to English...Guess this is her in original English language.. :)

I thinks this song won’t be a highlight of the year... you know.. i like that catchy pop tunes by Mr Gessle and I think Marie’s music is always the same... This song is very close to Bad Moon and those demos and in not strong enough to be a hit! And I know she doesn’t want to hit the charts

BTW, nice to hear Marie’s voice again...

@ Polisson

miserably funny go lucky, thinking so at least?

What a great song!

The voice, the lyrics..THANK YOU SO MUCH MARIE!

I thinks this song won’t be a highlight of the year... you know.. i like that catchy pop tunes by Mr Gessle and I think Marie’s music is always the same...

For me it’s the other way ’round: Gessle’s song are always the same the more you listen to them.. ;-)

Anyway: her voice sounds different - much stronger than three years ago IMHO.

The big achievements for Marie are surely the completion of this record and good reviews rather than a #1.

Great song! I think it has a Beatles sound. Don’t you think?

Kiwein : I don’t think so... Try to listen Mazarin and Joyride or Queen of Rain and Listen to your heart... Masterpieces. For me, Marie’s masterpiece is Tro....

I’m also into the Gessle songs, but it’s great that Marie is back. I love her voice and the song is simple but positive and it’s always nice to hear something new.

Something for Marie Fredriksson. In case she reads some of this........

Marie, thank you for writing down your feelings! Your power is to give strength by your lyrics and voice. In this song you certainly do. I’m sure a lot of people will recognise themselves and find strength in this song.

again “thank you so much!!”

@Rich-UK: exactly! but ppls must pick holes ;) did anyone think its was going to lyricaly inspiring?

Anyway *awaits whole song* :-)

Thanx Marie!!!
Thanx for such a wonderful song, thanx for all you´ve ever done. You wouldn´t believe if I could tell you what you and your songs (and the good news from tonight) mean to me!!!
You´ve done it again and touched my heart and my soul...

Sorry my neighbours! I just can’t stop listening 2nd Chance! It’s 00:30 here...

@mbatalla: I didn’t mean that they’re boring - it’s just that I know exactly what will come next when I listen to a new Gessle song..he repeats himself very often. Of course there are masterpieces, it doesn’t count for all songs! Don’t get me wrong! :-)

@Kiwein1 : I know what you’re talking about... oportunity nox.... ;-)

Best wishes to MArie..

I agree with Kiwein. I think I have listened to Mazarin 5 times.. i find it so damn boring, nothing new in it, I think I only like På promenad and the single..

GT is something else of course ;)

As for Roxette: the last 2 albums were so so.

Ok, I said I’d go to sleep but my ears don’t seem to want to stop listening to this piece of beauty :p~

I know what song will be in my head when I wake up tomorrow...’it’s a beautiful morning’

@judith : Baby, before you go to sleep... jejeje

hmm, hand was bad, RS was a big improvement for the most part. Mazarin is pretty damn good. Not listened enough to FFF. However, I really think the new Marie song is weak, regardless of the fact it is probably very sincere.

I can buy the great new single from marie on my birthday:-)))

Thank God, she’s alive...

Thank You Marie! You did it best!

God it’s great, it’s awesome, it’s wonderful! Marie, congratulations on the new single and album. It’s terrific!

Thank God ... I‘m alive
Thank God ... She‘s alive!!!


I can’t stop listening to the song since I got it after ten (1 AM here). It’s simply awesome! And yeah, it sounds kinda Beatles-ish. And I loooove the strings arrangements! The lyrics are simple but clear enough. And the word in the first verse is definitely “Sydney”.

lol and the critcism rolls on...i rember people ripping apart anyone by the snippets on the hnd site and now its one of their most belived balads.

as for the marie single, its exactly as I expects, marie solo in english....i do think some swedes won’t buy it cause of the whole oh now she’s singing in english bla bla crap.

honestly i love the production, sweeping strings and tevvy was right it is a hybrid of little girl and tro...too bad little girl didn’t sound this polished. I wonder diid her husband co-prodouce this cause this sounds a lot less wellstudio than in en tid som var did. I need to hear the whole song or at least a section weith more lyrics, the single won’t be top 40, but the album as a whole will do very well

god bless you marie :)

oh and on a side note is anyone else having problems understanding some of the lyrics, maybe its the snippets but i hear alot of slurring or areas whre i can’t understand something?? lol leave it to emi lol

Just my opinion; Its not one of her best songs, and I dont think it will be a big hit a la HKAKPEOSG, but its fantastic to have Marie back!! Very nice lyrics. And the whole album Im sure will go to #1 at least here in sweden.


If we all remember WFTR on HAND and LG on RS and BT on HAND can tell how much the Beatles have been influencing her in her music ... this single is another brillant reflection of that musical side of Marie ... and I really liked it simple, sincere as it’s meant to be....

Whether it will be a hit or not WHO CARES ... the singer, the voice and the soul are back in a wonderful shape and way ....

I like the song the power of the chorus, Maries voice souns a bit strange ( but after all her vocal strings are 46 yrs old too)
I’m so happy Thanx Marie for comeback & be a fighter .-.-. another reason to admire U ;-)

I´m so happy this song is SO MUCH “Marie”. The lyrics are simple, direct, confident and full of emotion. It comes straight from her heart and soul. I LOVED IT!! I don´t give a damn if this will be a hit or if it will sell million of copies or not... I´ve never seen a artist so inspired and honest as Marie. For me, seeing her victory and hungry for living (that´s what this song is about) is enough.
Thank God she is alive!!

... oohhh my goddd... i love this song!!!!!!!! snifffffffffffffffff..........

I think it is “My red roses are still in mind” instead of “My red roses all stay in mind”

I have no words to describe Marie. She’s a example of strenght and faith.
Marie, you are the best!!!!

Fernanda - Brazil

I love how well she’s singing, that’s all that matters right now. This kind of songs can’t be judged without listening the whole song and in full quality.

God, is it great to hear that voice again!

To those who say this won’t be a hit: Of course it won’t! Since when does Marie have hits?! “Sparvoga” was her only #1 single... “Antligen” reached #43 and “Tro” got to #37, so I don’t think anyone’s expecting “2nd Chance” to be the next “HKAK.”

To the person who asked how the lyrics sound to a native English speaker: Maybe not the most eloquent lyrics I’ve heard, but nothing that makes me cringe (can’t say the same for feeding buns to ducks and people getting hit by trucks...). Both the lyrics and the way that Marie sings them is very heartfelt, it makes an emotional connection, and I think people will recognise and respond to that.

Song’s devoid of any hooks... might grow on me... nice to have marie back anyway :)

I slept well, I still love the song, even more than last night.... :)

The same here - love it more than yesterday! Well it won’t ever change - Marie’s songs grow on you..that’s how it always has been.. :-)

*Pinches myself to make sure I really did hear Marie again*

I started off a little worried at the beginning of the song but as it went on I really began to like it and then the chorus and that voice AWESOME!!!! I never imagined we’d get to hear Marie like that again, what a nice surprise!

Yep I give it the thumbs up :)

Lyrics are not bad....not great but I can sense the emotion in the way Marie sings it and she brings them to life :)

I don’t think it will be a hit because it lacks a big hook but I’m sure the album will do well. Anyway Per is for the big hooks Marie is more from the heart :)

To those who are not keen give it a few listens before trashing it because it isn’t an instant song...oh well not everyone has to like it!


“Song’s devoid of any hooks... might grow on me... nice to have marie back anyway :)”

exactly what I’m thinking, only phrased so much better :P

Actually after hearing it for the third time I have to say I LOVE IT!!!!! It’s a real the second chorus :) :)

I can understand how fans of Per’s writing wont like it but as a big fan of Marie’s solo music I have to say this is awesome! Can’t wait for it on CD :)

“I think it is “My red roses are still in mind” instead of “My red roses all stay in mind”

@ Zerot

Personally I think it sounds like:

My red roses are still mine!!!

anyone else got any suggestions... :)

I think of you every day
Especially this morning of spring
Oh, thank God I’m alive
and I look down on my Sydney Ring

How can I tell you enough?
That I love you more than ever
Oh, thank god I’m alive
And I know I love you forever

It’s a beautiful morning sun
Shining on me for the 2nd time
My red roses are still mine
And they’re shining on me for the 2nd time

I’m gonna take my time, oh
And I not take anything for granted
Oh thank god I’m alive
And you’re more than I ever wanted

It’s a beautiful morning sun
shining on me for the 2nd time
My red roses are still mine
and they’re shining on me for the 2nd time

I think of you everyday
Especially this morning of spring
Oh, thank God I’m alive
Oh, thank God I’m alive
Oh, thank God I’m alive
I’m alive for the 2nd time


2nd change is a typical Marie-song. I like it very much. However, during the last 2 years of solo-albums (Per,Marie) and the album of GT, I have become more and more convinced of the real strength of Roxette: ” The beautiful songs of Per with the so lovely voice of Marie!!! “
Together they are so much stronger.

Anyway, well done Marie!

@ Kiwein1 - those lyrics looks just about right now, nice one.

@ Hotblooded - I agree that the song won’t appeal to some Gesslefans but is perfect for most Mariefans... enjoy!

I don’t think this is about scoring a big hit as the achievement for Marie must be finishing the project. Don’t be too surprised if it’s not huge: I honestly don’t believe that’s the point of it. This release is a victory in itself ;-)

So another Marie topic has > 200 comments... she must be popular! All the best, Rich

and that’s the single cover:

Great lyrics! I’m satisfied ;)

oh! i´m still with chicken skin! this is so great! so long waiting for it.
The song is just great, what a voice! what a lyrics! it seems so positive and full of life! i´m realy happy.
I think this could be her best album.
Thank you Marie! and keep on in this way.

I guess that’s one of her own drawings..*loveit*

Wow! Gabriel drew her cover as well!! :D

@tev: LOL ;)

The song is now out in full, so far only on Mirror 2. Enjoy.

It’s quite rare for a song not to include the precise words of the title. I guess there haven’t been that many examples from Roxette etc. I always found The Centre Of The Heart a strange one though. In the case of 2nd Chance the title describes the concept of the song, which is interesting. Rich

PS The more I hear 2nd Chance the more I like it: very strong & I can’t wait for a high quality version + more tracks!

@ Thomas, you know I thought the same... :)

Hey, that cover reminds me much of the Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck’s self portraits... If you’re familar with her art...

“Nunstedt thinks that husband Micke’s music is weaker,”

weaker how??

sorry, but i can’t give this song a 2nd chance. i don’t like it. sorry, marie

full song added to first server now too :D

Okay I now come up with this for the lyrics...

2nd Chance

I think of you every day
Especially this morning of spring
Oh thank god I’m alive
And I look down on my Sydney Ring *
Oh yeah
How can I tell you enough *
That I love you more than ever
Oh thank god I’m alive
And I know I love you forever

It’s a beautiful morning sun
Shining on me the second time
My red roses are still mine *
Shining on me for the second time

I’m gonna take my time
Oooh and not take anything for granted
Oh thank god I’m alive
Oh you’re more than I ever wanted

It’s a beautiful morning sun
Shining on me for the second time
My red roses are still mine *
And they shining on me
For the second time

I think of you every day
Especially this morning of spring
Oh thank god I’m alive…
Oh thank god I’m alive…
Oh thank god I’m alive…
I’m alive for the second time…

The * is the ones I changed... although I think we ALL agreed with the Sydney ring bit... :)

Anyone know yet anywhere we can download the full song... :)

Here... HELLO?! :D

No, I cannot download from here.... only listen to it... do the save target as and just is the HTML document!

I want it to burn to a disc to play on the move etc... until of course I can buy it....

I know that, you’re not supposed to be able to do that. But a good audio ripper can record the stream without any loss.

Takes too much time and effort that. ;)
I wantsta order it now dammit. Grrrr. :( ;)

Ahh I see, audio ripper.. that I don’t have! :(

Hej everyone...

The new track from Marie is everything I’ve been hoping it would be... & much much more - & I do agree - after listening to it a few times, I must say, it does remind me of Free As A Bird, by The Beatles ! I dunno what it is in the song, that reminds me of that song, but somewhere I feel there similarities... I DON’T MIND !

The song is a great kick off, for the new album from Marie... & lady... sweet Marie, I can’t wait to hear the entire album !!!

Anyone who knows anything about the rest of the album ??? will it all be in the same kinda style ??? what about the old plan, Marie has once talked about - I mean, wanting to do a Jazz/Blues inspired album ???

NOT that I don’t like the idea of a Marie album, like all the past ones in swedish... would love to hear the album being REALLY Marie Fredriksson... just now in english ;o)

Good luck with the release, Marie - I will for sure get it in the morning of it’s release !!! kramar...


... Great cover btw, done by Marie herself ???

this is so great the more i listen to it the better it gets.
and why are there so much bad comments about the song? ofcourse you’re entiteled to have an opinion but everyone was asking about marie and now she’s back and a lot of you are critisising the song.
marie need all the support she needs from us.
she always says that she got great fans but i don’t see much of them here. just a few like den standiga resan.
come on fans be supportive about this and enjoy this song.

@Ally77: please check your e-mail (the one that is in your profile in case you have some other addresses as well :-))

@Ally: Yes, I think you´re right with the lyrics. At least it makes more sense now

@ m-cvk thanx I sent you mail back!

@ Zerot, thanx for your comment….

@ Frisso…. Ermm I like the song, or did you miss the comments from me!!!!


Hey everyone! I’ve just logged in for the first time!

Soooo funny what you all write about(-:

I haven’t listen to THE SONG, O K, but I am soooo happy that IT HAPPENED! Just think how we all wanted something beautiful to hear from our MARIE!!!WOW!!!

Absolutely sure that the song and the new album will (is!!!) THE HIT!!! It is some sweet tune of Roxette right now on the radio!!! An old one... What a surprise!!!

Dear Marie! I love you sooooo much!!!!
God signe dig!!! Tack for allting du gor!!! Tack att du ar!!! Manga lyckliga krammar from Janny.

Good song. It’s not completely positive, I feel it like a mix of pain, struggle and triumph. I don’t know if it is one the best songs on the album. I think this song was choosen to be a single not because it could be successful but because it has a special meaning to Marie. Well, I’d like this song was in Swedish. It sounds too simple in English. On the other hand, it’s much more simple to say straight without any metaphors something important in foreign language than in native one, maybe that’s why Marie decided to write in English moreover she has that idea long before. Listening to the song I noticed her voice has slightly changed and weakened. Unfortunately, it’s quite normal due to her age and smoking even years ago and probably due to her illness too. Things will never be the same.
To be honest, I heard from Marie better songs which catched me from the first seconds. This one didn’t. Well, a lot of her songs come to understanding after a while. I feel I’m gonna like it, there is something in this song.

It was only my first opinion, I tried to write down all I think and feel of this song. And you know, I’m extremely happy that Marie is back and I look forward to hear the whole album!

PS Does anybody know who drew the single cover?

Looks like a young man with 3 o’clock shadow. :|
Not sure I like the cover. But still like the song, so don’t mind so much. ;)

Well... I wanted to step back and wait before posting here. I wanted to listen the song a few times and “feel” it.

First of all, I’d like to thank to Judith, Txiqui, Tev and all the TDR crew for this. I really appreciate the opportunity to listen to the song.

@ally77: I’m not a native English speaker, but the “my red roses are still mine” sound very clear to me now that you come with that suggestion!

As regards the sound, I like it, it has grown on me after a few listenings. I think the people that is saying the lyrics are weak have some point (I’d say “repetitive” instead, though), but when you think of the situation, and all that Marie has been through, the lyrics feel *much* deeper. BUT, unfortunately I don’t know if the international audience (or the Swdish one for that matter) will be able to judge this single from that point of view.

Anyway... who cares! ;) I like the song, Marie sounds very well. I like the production, too. And regarding the “Free as a Bird” resemblance (is that the word?), I thing that the most beatle-ish part is the bridge, before the 2nd chorus. And I also find “something” of Free as a Bird in the last “I think of you every day”. I don’t know really why, and I must admit I’m not sure I’d have found the similarity if you people wouldn’t came with the comment first (sorry if this last sentence is terribly bad grammatically speaking ;)

I’m really looking forward to the whole album!!!

The song is simple, beautiful and sincere. What more could you want?

Great to have you back Marie! Look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Wow I finally just burned it to CD so can play upstairs now without having to keep the PC running... of course I will buy it when it is released... :) I think October will be an expensive shopping month... :)

@ally: did you get a good quality copy?

Yes excellent!! :) can listen now when I walk the dog!!!

would you mind sharing it ([email protected])...pretty please!!!??? ;)

arghhhh!! I can’t believe (still!!) that we get new Marie songs!!!!

(ok, had to shout this - I am also human :P)

Somehow this seems to be a message.. some days ago Eva adviced me to change some things in my life, I’ve been a bit down, talked to her etc.. ok.. now Marie releases “The change”.. hm... am I thinking too much?

i’ll eat my hat if that picture’s drawn by her! i mean, i’m not very good at arts but this cover is beautiful!!! the drawing is so intense, it says so much. really, she should’ve become a painter (although i’m glad she’s doing the singing job...)!

and they chose my fav. color, too. :-)

yes the drawing is nice but I can’t help but.. dislike the color, but that’s just something between me and green.. but then green is the color of HOPE... and if the painting is hers and the color is meant to mean HOPE.. then wow, all her feelings in 1 single :O

@ StillFar you have gmail... ;)

Cheers Ally. :)
It’s only 96kps, but it’s ample for now, until the single comes out. ;) Just have to yank the volume up a touch higher is all. ;)

thanks ally, I appreciate it!

I have allys version if anyone wants to *wispers* download rather than recieve by email

One could become obsessive... I am checking CDON every 15 minutes, see if it’s there to order. :D

@ Vixzter Wow you are soooooooo razor-sharp...

I am happy to let anyone have it... just email me but I am pretty certain most people know how to download it by now... seeing as we’re all such smart arses with computers..... :S

it actually seems better when you hear it in full. Maybe its a grower, but the guitarist, the production and the strings need a kick in the ass.

it simply rocks.. the more i listen to it the more I like it.. *hit play for the 19237129 time*


(actually I have it in repeat mode :D)

Repeat is good... :)

Is there someone who’s already heard the song on the radio?

You are right animalkingdom! Cover looks like Helenes Schjerfback art.

@ m-cvk I tuned into a few stations today but not once heard it :(

I think the whole song will sound better in general when you hear it from the proper cd, listenting to recorded streams you can’t get the full range of sound, this will sound alot better from the single/album

BTW....the cover reminds me of some of Graham Coxon’s cover’s

^^ I agree. On the cd you’ll hear more details (though I doubt if there are many) and I think that the other songs on the cd have their influence. I mean, when you have heard the whole cd you get the whole idea/feelings/ etc of this project.

edit: right now it’s GT’s Solsken on Rix fm

lol... just caught the end of it... and that is the first time I heard “Solsken” played today as well...

its gonna kick arse when i play it on my car stereo >:-) best sound system i have pitty its on 4 wheels ;) won’t fit in the house ;)

MMMM. I think I´m progressing in my personal musical reviews, comparing my previous thoughts with those of Nunstedt. As I said, Bolyo´s productions is weak and nearly always the same and the song lacks of power.

By the way, I like the cover. I´m sure the drawing is Marie´s one, ´cos I once recorded a special ROXETTE on VIVA Channel where Marie and Per painted drawing to give them to fans, and they style in quite similar.

But...I think Marie regret her previous image, having in mind that the face-shape in the the single cover isn´t her actual face: she is just fatter. But anyway, still marvellous.

To those who are into bashing: I find your choice of words rather offensive. Maybe Marie checks the comments here to see what people think, if you dislike something you can express it in a different way...a little bit respect would be nice!

Polisson, do you really think Marie regrets her former image?

I like the cover because it’s quite a departure from what both (M & P) have done before. I probably would have liked even more if it was really abstract. Still, it’s clearly not a picture that makes one feel very relaxed and happy.

As for the song now that we can hear the full version (thanks for that!!) I enjoy it more than the part yesterday. Marie’s performance is what makes this song strong. It sounds less produced and ’whitewashed’ (don’t know how to express it otherwise) but so much more emotional and interesting than on the polished Roxette recordings.

(So far I am not perfectly happy with the production, but that may very well change, and it’s only a minor point anyway.)

what previous image should she regret? :S

the more i listen to the song [in full] (without looking at or reading something else - just closing eyes and listening to it - like in the good old non-intenet-times) the more i like it ...

i really love this sweet, light string arrangement and how marie sings “ARE” in the “red roses-line” ;) hopefully the album will be a success because i doubt 2:nd change is going to be a huge radio a-rotation hit ...

but anyway: i guess marie don’t want to win new hysteric teenager fans, i think she wanted to let us - the real fans - take part of her situation and describe her feeling in a media she is perfect in - music.

but by the way not only music: i am deeply impressed by her drawing and as a graphic designer i am courios about the whole album artwork!

aw, Marie, your great voice’s just blown me away...Can’t wait for the album!
Tack så mycket!

oh my how much did I miss her voice!

@ Polisson... you still hanging around.... :S

I think I broke winamp (grin)... I had the song on repeat, and now it refuses to open. Hehehehe.
*even considers using WMP-SHUDDER*

Awww, today I can say I love the song. *Contented sigh*

Not fair Denstandigaresan! ;) Was just gonna write:

Gotta warn Symantec! Think I have a new virus, as winamp just doesn’t shutt down, and it keeps playing Marie’s “2:nd Chance”! ;)

AAAWWWWW! And I know I love you forever! LOVE YOU MARIE!


I thank God you’re alive! Wonderful song! Truly touching ...

sweepi: LOL! I had the opposite problem! ;)
Worry is over for me. ;) Winamp is back to normal. ;) PHEWWWWWW!

I love the song!!!!!It’s gorgeous!
Marie you are simply the BEST!

Marie We love you in Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t stop to listening the song. The lyric is really PERFECT. It goes deeper and deeper in my heart.

I think the cover is one of Marie’s painting!
Drawn by her.

Is a beatiful, wonderful, song!!!!!, I am very happy!!!
thanks MARIE for this great song!!

GREAT MARIE, the best singer of the world!!!!

Marie, we´re all proud of you. Just want you to know that we all love you so much.
Love from Brazil.

The song is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God you’re alive, Marie! :D I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God...I’m waiting 4 Marie...!!! Can some-1 give me a tracklisting of that album??

Well, when all the rush disappeared, I can say I mis the piano in the song. In my opinion, it would have sounded with the grand piano as the main instrument.
And I love the cover. It’s truly great.
Actaully I’m more into big orchestral ballads, like QUEEN OF RAIN, SPENDING MY TIME, but 2ND CHANCE works in my world as well. I especially like the end of the song, when MARIE sings “God I’m alive”. I think, HER voice improved since ROOM SERVICE.

Does she have a bandage around her head on the drawing? Poor Marie, it really makes me sad...

I wonder about the extra-tracks on the cd-single. I can’t imagine the song being remixed!!! Do you imagine the song remixed by StoneBridge or Almighty??? Please, don’t do it!!!

A lot of people is judging the WHOLE production, but all of us just have listened to ONE song. We must listen the whole album (when it was released) before. Then, you can say Bolyos’ production is weak or not. Be careful...

I think the album cover will show another drawing. Maybe Marie doesn’t want to put a photo on it, because she doesn’t look as good as she want. We must understand her...

I think it’s a very exciting year for the 3 biggest Swedish singers of all times. Agnetha Fältskog has released her first album in 17 years, “My Colouring Book”. Frida (my dear Anni-Frid!) has released a new and beautiful song in English (the first in that language since 1987 Ratata’s duet, “As Long As I Have You”), called “The Sun Will Shine Again”. Yes, the same theme as Marie’s single. And now we have a new album by Marie. We can say “Bingo!”. It’s a perfect year, at least musically!


I can’t understand what “Sydney ring” means.
Can someone tell me?

in Aftonbladet today:,2789,539237,00.html,2789,539240,00.html

no news.. just the +++ (what is the maximum??) rating.

5 is the top I guesse

@ Faezdel “Sydney Ring” refers to the engagement ring Micke bought Marie in Sydney Aust.... :)

@jud: If they gave it +++ I think ++++++++++ should be the max, hihihi! No, +++++ is the max, so in other words they think the song is ok, but maybe no hit. But what do they know?!?!? ;)

It get’s better with each play in my opinion... :)

Indeed. The more you play it, the less you are able to escape from the feeling of rejoice in it. All the strength and vitality behind it, it just catches you, more and more. And it feels great, to be so. Thank you Marie. :)

Also I think in some way I am to agree with joyrider, when he mentioned that this, the whole message in this song, and in the whole releasing of this album in the end, it is at the same time also directed to us, the fans. She is wanting to share it with us too.

Love to you Marie and oh thank God for you being. :)

Nope, still don’t like it. :)

Couldn’t get ma winamp rid of this “2:nd Chance” virus yet though!!.. ;D Help! What’s the trick Amanda? ;D

@ tevensso: just keep playing it, don’t give up boy, keep playing it! ;)

sweepi: in my case it was far too many open programs on my pc. ;)

Yep love it even more today :) especially listening to it as a whole. I’m so excited to get this on CD and the whole album wow to exciting!

I’m back, the first thing I’ve done is to listen to the new song - I have to give it another chance, but so far I quite like it. It’s just so great to hear Marie’s voice again :-DDDD

if you are struggling with the lyrics go to They have the lyrivs on their website. Keep looking for the picture of Marie. It says “looking down on my Sidney-ring”..

omg now that i’ve heard the whole song through I think its even better, she sounds amazingly strong in voice I hope they make this a multimedia single with a video...its gonna RULE!

I’ve just heard a higher quality version (through Broadband) on - there’s even more depth to the song than I first thought: magnificent! - I can’t wait to hear some of the other stuff on the album!!

PS Who’s gonna have the 300th comment? ;-)

Me! ;-) First I have to say: It’s a pleasure to hear Marie singing anyway, even if it was a new remake of Soul Deep! I listened to 2nd Chance for about 6 times until now and it’s growing with every repeat. Sure not a typical Top20 song, but definitely something classy. Marie, as close as it can get. But don’t forget that a webstream never delivers the full force. Let’s wait for the hi-quality version! :-)


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