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“Join the Flumeride” DVD out in early June

Written by tevensso on May 21, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Ola Ingvarsson, the producer of “Join the Flumeride”, revealed to The Daily Roxette that the “Join the Flumeride” DVD will be released in early June in Sweden.

  The DVD will include the movie, a new short film that summarizes what has happened since “Flumeride”, with the title “Kaka på kaka (cookie on top of cookie)”, and a “behind the scenes” documentary - all subtitled in English.


Ä-N-T-L-I-G-E-N!!!!!! :o)


With English subtitles did I just read.... can feel bank balance draining away!!! :)

Oh that’s brilliant!! june will indeed be a hardworking month for me creditcard!

Yaaaaaaaay!!! this is sooo cool! i really cant wait! :D

verkligen äntligen... den filmen är ju bääääääääst...

Great! :)

Where can I buy it? Can I order movies at

Very cool!

Wow, cool!

I heard so much about this film, now I really wanna see it... ;-) And they even include English subtitle! G-R-E-A-T!

Join the flumride, everybody! *GG*

Excuse me, but what on earth is this film?

People always take of it, but I still have no idea what it really is...

I don’t like it...


it’s a parody of Roxette and a bit Gyllene Tider.. and their German fans ;)

It’s really worth seeing!

Anonymous 5/23/2004 20:26
Per himself appears in this docu pishtake. It’s a giggle. And I for one am happy that I love a band that can laugh at themselves.
Bring it on I say.
And I do hope it’s out here in the UK, although I think we’ll be seeing flying bacon first.

The part with Per is fun.. he is _not_ a good actor at all - I think he is too worried bout his hair + suit in the scene ;) :D

I think the DVD will only be sold in Halmstad and maybe whole Sweden - if it sells fine... so you know what to buy this summer :P

The parody by Glen Killing is also great :D I can’t stop laughing with Glen’s The Roxette and Eva D’s parody, it’s simply fantastic :D

i want it now!!!!!Cool.

All your “wow!”, “Yeah!”, “I can‘t wait” is the same as about new GT album. Very strange. Flumeride is nothing comparing with news about GT :0) Do you really like this film so much??? :0)

Well, of course English subtitles - that’s a purely commercial step for such DVD, but why oh why not in German? ;)

Thanks for releasing this on DVD ... I don’t know how but I’ll manage to get a copy for myself!

English subtitles is a wise decision: I saw the movie recorded from the TV and most of the jokes I didn’t understand because it’s all in Swedish.

Anyone willing to trade for it, just mail me ... my email is in the profile. I think I could swap it for the Roxette The Ballad & Pop Hits DVD, or we could arrange for something else.

Is it an EMI release? I need to know... Thanks.


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