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“Join the Flumeride” to be released on DVD

Written by anderscelin on April 16, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The Roxette and Gyllene Tider spoof documentary from 1998 about Swedish bands “Gula Tidningen” and “Pincette” will be released on DVD this summer. Producers Roger Gunnarsson, Anders Celin and Tobias Pettersson have just finished filming extra material to be included on the DVD. Gula Tidningen is Pierre Gaffel, vocals; Lars LP Pettersson, guitar; Mycket Syd, drums; Anders Hermelin, bass guitar; and Pommes Frittesson, keyboards. Pincette consists of Pierre Gaffel and Marit Fredmansson.

  The thought is that the DVD will be shown at the Gyllene Tider exhibit this summer. If everything goes as planned, it will include the film, a behind-the-scenes documentary and a newly recorded follow-up about what has happened since “Flumeride” was originally recorded. Included in this extra footage is a video for Pierre Gaffel’s (Per Gessle’s alter ego) hit single “Detta gäller samtliga (alla och EN var) [“This Goes for Everyone (Each and All)]”, taken from Pierre Gaffel’s solo album “Margarin” [“Margarine”].


I haven’t seen this production, but I’m eager to watch it! English subtitles would be great... Although I think there won’t be any...

Great bonus to not less great “fun”umentary :P

YEAH! Been missing this for .. like.. AGES! :)

Ahhhh... great!!

LOL Arf Arf Arf! X-D X-D

This sounds TOTAL quality!
You know you’ve made it when you have tribute bands for TWO groups you’ve been in...


Oh...what a DVD-summer!! I really laughed my ass off as I saw it first. Looking forward to “Margarin” :D

But maybe maybe Pierre Gaffel should think about loosing 15 kilos too.....(my God....I just saw the pix)

Hehehehehehe! That’s another one on my wanted list! :D

huahauahau Pommes Frittesson!!!! LOLOL and Margarin :D:D

now THIS is great :P

Yeah, finally!!!! I’d appreciate subtitles (Swedish with Swedish subtitles or English subtitles - don’t hope for German ones *g*).

That’ll be an expensive summer... ;)

oh yes... expemsive like hell =)
we’ll all be out of money in the end...

I saw this production.It’ll be great on DVD!!!!!!

aaaaaaaaaah i cant wait!!! woo wooo!!!

I cry with laughter whenever I see this-I can’t wait for the DVD!! :)

We used to have a feature about it on maybe I should revive it....

xarrrr-we get to ’join the flumeride’ in! Hope ya not chicken!! ;)

oh do we now? dont worry... i aint no chicken :P

I didn’t know such a project took place. This sounds funny. :)

wow.... this documentary makes me laugh until i cry everytime i see it...

Gula Tidningen!!! - hahahah
Margarin... njaaaa...
it´ll be great!!! hell yeahh!!!!!


That’s sounds simply great!!!!!!
Flumeride is the funniest video i’ve ever seen!

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

In Liseberg you mean, Klair? LOL Woohoo! Bring on them lil baby rides! :D

Can’t wait for the DVD release n’all - tis real funny ehehehe

Edit: Speaking of Theme Parks, we’re planning on coming up your way soon - to Alton Towers - will let you know, so you can join... :)

Yeaaahhh . I hope that not forgot the subtitles in english ...

another thing to add to my “wanted-list”


Great to hear this one is being released on DVD ... I saw once a VHS with it recorded from the German TV (or was it Swedish TV?) and had a huge laugh! Congratulations to the director for making this decision!

Köp en Polo, köp en Polo, köp en Polo ääälskling... *singing* (Buy a Polo... ... ...Honey, a huge hit by Gula Tidningen).

It’s a pretty funny movie but I think they were a bit to mean to Marie... It’s obvious that Tobias Persson (not Pettersson) and the other makers of the movie are more fans of G.T. and Per than they are to Marie... :-/

this parody of roxette is brilliant ... super entertained... jejejeje


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