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Another #1 for Per

Written by animalkingdom on October 31, 2008 to and . Source: Hitlistan.

(Updated) - "Silly Really" enters the official Swedish singles chart at #1 this week. "Unusual and unexpectedly strong if you ask me!" comments Per to The Daily Roxette.

Another teaser for the video has been uploaded to It seems to be karaoke inspired…

Per has revealed the different album bonus tracks:

iTunes bonus:
"I'm Glad You Called"

Telia bonus:
"Theme from 'Roberta Right'"

“Party Crasher” tracklist revealed

Written by tevensso on October 26, 2008 to and .

(Updated) - The full tracklist of Per Gessle's forthcoming album "Party Crasher" has been revealed:

01 Silly Really
02 The Party Pleaser
03 Stuck Here With Me
04 Sing Along
05 Gut Feeling
06 Perfect Excuse
07 Breathe Life Into Me
08 Hey, I Died and Went To Heaven
09 Kissing Is the Key
10 Thai With a Twist
11 I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
12 Doesn't Make Sense

 For a preview of the "Silly Really" video, turn your dial to or YouTube. The video has been made by the company Stark in Gothenburg.

Silly Really snippet now online!

Written by tevensso on October 23, 2008 to , and .

(Updated) - Please enjoy the snippets of "Silly Really" and "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On" at!

We've just received notice that the album release has been pushed forward to November 26. Per has also remodeled his YouTube page. Worth a look perhaps. More things to show up there soon.

Radio promos for the new Gessle single

Written by tevensso on October 21, 2008 to and . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle's management has announced radio promo sessions for the new single, all on October 24:

08:10-08:55 RIX FM * Morronzoo (Also broadcast on TV6)
12:00–13:00 P3 Populär Fredagsgäst.
13:30-14:15 P4 Lantz i P4

The times are in CET. All shows are available online.

Also, according to TT, Per will perform at the Swedish soccer gala November 17. The gala is held at the Globe and will be televised on TV4.

Per talks about “Party Crasher”

Written by tevensso on October 9, 2008 to and .

LJUSDAL/LONDON - The Daily Roxette managed to get hold of Per Gessle in spite of his award show in London, so we took the opportunity to get updated regarding his new project.

Hej Per, another summer full of work is over. You never tire do you, huh?

Well sir, as a matter of fact my whole summer was free and easy. We stopped our studio work in May and didn’t continue until late August so I got my fair share of suntan, go-karts, bikinis and belinis.

I see, so another well deserved vacation? Where do you get your energy from? The vacations? It's not like you need the money or the fame anymore, what drives you onward and forward?

Ooops I did it again, didn’t I? You know, I don’t really write songs anymore unless there is a purpose. A couple of weeks after the “En händig man-tour” last summer I got into this idea of writing songs based on “grooves” and a steady beat instead of just fooling around on the guitar. I had a field day! Before X-mas I had about 10 new songs.

You could as well "lay on the beach earning 20 %" you know?

Nah, not me.

Read more…

Per Gessle at the BMI awards

Written by tevensso on October 8, 2008 to , and .

LONDON - Per Gessle together with Del Bryant (left) - president of BMI and Bryan Ferry, singer in Roxy Music at the BMI awards in London October 7. Per was there together with Mats MP Persson to receive a "Million-Air" award for "Listen to Your Heart" which has been played on US radio over four million times.

New Per Gessle single “Silly Really”

Written by tevensso on October 6, 2008 to , and . Source: Capitol.

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - Per Gessle's first single "Silly Really" off the forthcoming album "Party Crasher" will be released October 29. The single as well as the album is a step in a new direction for one of Sweden's most successful songwriters and artists.

After two solo albums in Swedish ("Mazarin" in 2003 and "En händig man" 2007), another studio album with Gyllene Tider ("Finn 5 fel!" 2004) and a double album under the name "Son of a Plumber" Per Gessle now shows us a different side of his pop talent.

"Normally I write the melodies first and then we build an arrangement in the studio. This time I've started with a groove and then written the melody from that, just like when I wrote that little ditty 'The Look' once upon a time," says Per with a crooked smile that's hard to read. "It’s really simple power pop, lots of choruses and such. I’m very pleased and Clarence feels it’s the best album I’ve ever made."

"The songs are written in the '70s '80s era type of dance music. The result is a fun album that is both immediate and in your face, but also brooding and beautiful." says Per. "My wife says the album sounds like The Bee-Gees meet Gyllene Tider. I don't really agree, but I can see her point. It has a sweet disco feeling all over it. But recognizing Per Gessle over the beats shouldn’t be a problem."

The album is made in English to be able to hit internationally. Per: "But it’s a long way to go, I don’t take anything for granted. It’s not like I’m going to England to sell out Wembley, unfortunately. But at the same time, Roxette's songs are bigger than in a long while, so we’ll see."

"Party Crasher" is Per Gessle's first international solo album in his own name since "The World According to Gessle" 1997. The album will be released  December 3.


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