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New Per Gessle single “Silly Really”

Written by tevensso on October 6, 2008 to , and . Source: Capitol.

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - Per Gessle's first single "Silly Really" off the forthcoming album "Party Crasher" will be released October 29. The single as well as the album is a step in a new direction for one of Sweden's most successful songwriters and artists.

After two solo albums in Swedish ("Mazarin" in 2003 and "En händig man" 2007), another studio album with Gyllene Tider ("Finn 5 fel!" 2004) and a double album under the name "Son of a Plumber" Per Gessle now shows us a different side of his pop talent.

"Normally I write the melodies first and then we build an arrangement in the studio. This time I've started with a groove and then written the melody from that, just like when I wrote that little ditty 'The Look' once upon a time," says Per with a crooked smile that's hard to read. "It’s really simple power pop, lots of choruses and such. I’m very pleased and Clarence feels it’s the best album I’ve ever made."

"The songs are written in the '70s '80s era type of dance music. The result is a fun album that is both immediate and in your face, but also brooding and beautiful." says Per. "My wife says the album sounds like The Bee-Gees meet Gyllene Tider. I don't really agree, but I can see her point. It has a sweet disco feeling all over it. But recognizing Per Gessle over the beats shouldn’t be a problem."

The album is made in English to be able to hit internationally. Per: "But it’s a long way to go, I don’t take anything for granted. It’s not like I’m going to England to sell out Wembley, unfortunately. But at the same time, Roxette's songs are bigger than in a long while, so we’ll see."

"Party Crasher" is Per Gessle's first international solo album in his own name since "The World According to Gessle" 1997. The album will be released  December 3.

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This is AMAZING!!!!


I am so glad!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW !!!
This is great news for today !!!




And what about conspiracy theories now? :-D
The truth is out there. :-D
Great titles btw.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

News of the year !
I‘m so happy !

How cool is that! Just great!

I agree

So Happy!
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

something tells me we’re all going to listen to it and really lament it wasnt a rox snippet?

so say we all

Wow! It’s absloutely amazing news. I was just dying to hear some new music from Per. In autumn and winter I get so terribly touchy that sometimes something can just snap inside me in just a second and I go crazy. The new album will soothe my soul and let me find some advantages of the gloomiest time of the year.

Great title for single and album - been waiting very expectantly for new album news and not disapointed - sounds like a funky concept :D

Great news!!!! :)))
I hope the album is as good as the world according to gessle was!!

what a great start of the week for me, even better birthday present, lol! I love the music from the 80ies, so if the album is gonna be rooted in that music era I expect it to be nothing else but FABULOUS...OK, I will hold my horses a bit and wait for the Silly release to get a preliminary ideav of what the album might be like.

As usual, THANK YOU GESSLE!!! And TDR of course for bringing THE news.

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

70’s and 80’s dance music sound? So can we expecting songs like Kix and Make My Head Go Pop? Because those was described as a 80’s dance music influenced songs.
Would be great, I really love them both, like that sound.
And again I have to say, Gessle can make up with original and catchy song titles. I knew that he will use this Crush / Crash title once more when I read about Crushing Through The Door singl, because this is very Gessleish title.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WoooooooooooHooooooooooooo I knew something was happening with the new website look! You have made my day Per with news of the new album in December! I can’t wait to hear the new single! :)

Enjoy London Per! x

Need I say more......................??

Just thought I would add if this is an international release perhaps it would be a good idea to have a Per Gessle English website...

Fantastic news!!!! Go Per, Gooooo!!!

I’m really excited how the album will sound...

btw: Nice video ;-)

Wow!!!!! great news!!!!
I hope this album comes out even here in Italy and has the right promotion in Radio and TV!

I can´t believe that i get excited with this kind of news like i did eleven years ago.

un·be·lie·va·ble! (adjetive): so great or extreme as to be difficult to believe; extraordinary






Just to remind you ;)

Robbie said on September 7, 2008 11:22: Tevensso please advise.

tevensso (moderator) said on September 7, 2008 12:12:

That sounds great. I haven’t heard anything about it though. I’ll look around.

7-Twenty-7 said on September 7, 2008 13:50:

It seems a Russian guy knows more about the Gessle plans than anyone in Sweden... I think it’s only forum-gossip, I don’t take it seriously.

I know what’s next and I need no crystal ball:

A) Some fans will regret Per didn’t save these songs for a possible Roxette album.
B) Some fans will say it’s a great album, but the voice of Helena Josefsson has ruined the whole thing.
C) Some fans will say TWATG was a million times better - 2nd parts never work.
D) Some fans will request more presence of Marie. Not only subtle backing vocals, but her voice on every song, from the start to the end.
E) Some fans will say it’s a great album, but it could have been better. Get rid of Lundquist and his ill-fated influence, NOW!
F) Some fans will claim it’s not such an ’international’ album at all, because it’s nowhere to be found... besides in Europe (which is true, in the light of previous releases).


i know what is top of my xmas list!
great news for a monday! :)

@7-Twenty-7: LOL ;-)

I hope he will do a bit promotion in europe...

you forgot the some people will just love the album

a) because the album is good and deserves it


b) just because it comes from Mr. G

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

NIIIICE!!!! =D=D Can’t wait!!!

And like the other stuff it will be again a flop....i’m sorry Per. I personally DON’T think so. It’s this music-business....they don’t really know what good music is!

I know I’ll love it because I cannot fault anything Gessle has ever done! :) I just hope we see a possible release in the UK, it would be extra nice to walk into a music store and pick a copy up! :)

@7twenty7: c’mon dude this is good news, everyone is happy you dont have to be like that! just enjoy it while you can - i mean i know what id do if i was nearly 50 and a millionaire, we are just lucky gessle hs no off button!

I do wonder though how a fan knew the name of the album back in September and it was on R2R... ermmm maybe they did have a crystal ball!

I am sure it will do well in Sweden. Well, it depends. I don’t know what the people think about Per in his homeland. Just check Facebook and you’ll find many anti-Gessle groups there, which were started by Swedes. It seems they got tired of him somehow. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to release one album after the other, every year. It turns out to be a routine. For some reason, the 2nd and 3rd singles off EHM didn’t chart so well.

In other countries it could be a flop, but I don’t see it being released in many territories. SOAP was also supposed to be “international” and was only available in Europe (except the UK), S. Africa and Taiwan.

7-Twenty-7 I will say: A), C) D)

It’s great that Per comeback with a new international album, but i had prefer a new roxette album!!! Sorry but I think that Per and Marie have recorded a lot of albums since Room Service!! And it’s time for new rox album!!!! I hope so!

I got a GOOOOD feeling about this!! Doesent it makes you think about “TWATG” all over again?? Great news!

WOW WOW! That sounds promising!!! The 80s century..;)....and pop goes my heart....;) ;) Let’s hope for a real Party crasher.
Nice to have you back Per!

Fantastic News.
I was waiting for a Roxette’s surprise album, but the surprise came from Per hands (This man, definitively has a party in his head!!!)
I start thinking there is something they don’t want to comment about no new Roxette’s albums, and I think Marie’s health is not the reason. Because Marie is already working in solitary in spite of his state of health (Marie seems to be healthly in last appearances).
So there must be another unknown reason so that they have not joined to record a new album.

P.D. Does anybody know what record company will publish Per’s new album? EMI?

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Of course EMI.

It sounds very very promising. Hope to hear it very soon!!!

I look forward to it though I’m not so fond of the 70s and 80s musicwise... ;-)


Gessle-Girls can do it (22/7/08)

Hehehe, real fans can’t be wrong, they just had to put it on the frontpage finally, it was so obvious that something is about to happen, I mean every real fan was aware of Per’s new release :-)))

I really hope that Per will not forget to include Romania or Transylvania in his possible promo, club tour or any tour whatsoever.

I am really afraid of Cristoffer Lundquist’s major influnce on the album :-)))

Some free stuff, e.g. demos, on would be real nice to hear about. I mean we’ve been waiting for so long...


EMI Sweden mind you. Unluckily for us, EMI and EMI Sweden are different stories.

“Every real fan was aware of Per’s new release”


Jeez. Yes I’m sure that’s what happened. As sure as I am that Per will travel to Romania to do promotion... Apparently only Eastern people are real fans nowadays.

@7-Twenty-7: WTF?


....and when Per will travel here in Italy for promotion??!
i hope soon

Apparently only Eastern people get the breaking news.

Somehow I doubt that.

Tranquilizers, anyone?
Keep on thinking.

These russians are dangerous people man :-)

Some guys are thinking if the album will be a flop or not, but who cares!. It´s music! and if we are here is because we love this kind of music. I don´t care who plays the bass, the drums or make the backing vocals i just want the music.

Just a question, in the 70´s the were two strong music waves, the disco and the symphonic is per going to sound like Gloria Gaynor or just like Pink Floyd?

Duh, the clue’s in the name - BUSINESS. They don’t care about music, just about what sells. It’s up to the listener to be selective and look around the populist drivel being forced upon you by radio, TV etc.

That little bit out of the way, I’m in 2 minds about this - it’s good he’s moving out of the 60’s comfort zone he’s had going, but emulating yet more past styles of music could be a disaster. Depends, on the quality of the music and always personal taste. It’s like most things in life, wait and see and hope for something intriguing. ;-)

For sure not like Pink Floyd!


Yeah! Didn’t see that coming! You never cease to amaze me Mr. G.!

@7-twenty-7 I personally think it’s quite alright, that a lot of Swedish people dislike Per’s music. You can’t expect that an artist will be loved by everyone in their homeland

It seems a nice day to log in again and add a comment. ;)

“The songs are written in the ’70s ’80s era type of dance music.”

Dance music? Dance? I don’t like dance music anymore so I don’t know if I will like it at all. I liked the 60s sound of Mazarin-SOAP-EHM and I was “silly really” waiting for “a SOAP-2” album. But of course I am happy to listen to new music from Gessle’s world soon. IMHO, the spirit of those three last albums was born in TWATG and it would be good to return to TWATG classic pop sound. I wish Per had worked again with the same ’plumbers’ (Lundquist, Öfwerman, Jansson, Josefsson and Börjeson) because I am one of those mad fans that love their sound as a team.

This is so funny reading the comments.

Has anyone actually heard it ? Im a lay on my bed and listen to it a good few times before i say anything :)

Yes, you´re absolutely true!
What I´ve heard is that, there´ll be 2-3 songs with Marie, what means....the project started with her, but she gave up, probably due to travelling, promo, concerting, etc...That SHOULD be rox album, but it ended up as a compromise...obviously another trial to substitute marie with obvious.....It´s nice, that Per, maybe influenced in ABBA return mania, goes to his root...As many told here, we all doubt, that Grey Aerosol with Christopher are able to made “top polish” kinda-dance album like mentioned Look Sharp or Joyride....There´s no need to do, what is 20 years old again, but what I missed last in last 2 albums was energy, straigh-forwardness and kicking guitars!!! One wish was nice, but when compared to Real Sugar... :-( Hope, there´re some changes ahead......

My guess is four or blue.

These are happy news for me, I love Per’s music!!! I was expecting for a new album in English for a long time, so this is a Christmas gift in advance. I can’t wait to listen to it!!

Gift for X-mas, perfect!

Robbie, nothing personal. I just think that “every real fan was aware” comment was a bit out of place. According to you, only the 2 or 3 guys that started the threads about a possible new album by Per are the “real fans”. I don’t know if I am a real fan or not, but I don’t have to trust in the news until they are published in TDR, or any other reliable website. The fact I am quite skeptical doesn’t mean I am a B-class fan. It’s always better to keep the expectations low.

So, it’s sort of Gessle’s “confessions on a dancefloor”? LOL. I don’t know what to think. Frankly, I got tired of his 60’s-influenced records, like SOAP and EHM; the latest is the Gessle album I like the least... ever! So, I am happy he has left the Nostalgia Train behind, we got enough. On the other hand, titles like “The Party Crasher” and “Silly Really” sound... quite silly to me. I hope it’s not in the style of “One Wish” or “Make My Head Go Pop”! No, for God’s sake!

zlatyvoci: don’t bring the “another trial to substitute marie with helena” topic back again!!! It doesn’t lead anywhere.

four or blue? As blue comes between four and five?
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

uhm the 80’s were a decade not a century, and lets all berealistic for a minute. twatg wasn’t a huge success, and frankly i was glad it wasn’t it was our little treasure of an album. but, this new album is gonna have me kinda happy n depressed at the same time simply because twatg was a rox filler, great songs n lyrics with a little marie inbetween albums. who knows i doubt she’ll be involved this time..if anything she might steer clear of it on prupose but who knows. i miss roxette too much sometimes to care

so say we all

I’ve found this article. I don’t understand Swedish, but it says something like “Bee-Gees meet Gyllene Tider”. It seems it was Åsa’s opinion. David Bowie is mentioned too.

Well, you go away for a few days and come back to this! Exciting stuff!

The TT article in short:

Per: “We’ve been kind of secretive all along, it’s really fun that you still can do that.”
Per: “My wife says the album sounds like The Bee-Gees meet Gyllene Tider. I disagree, but I can see her point. It has a sweet disco feeling all over it. But recognizing Per Gessle over the beats shan’t be a problem.”
Per: “It’s really simple power pop, lots of choruses and such. I’m very pleased and Clarence feels it’s the best album I’ve ever made.”
The album is made in English to be able to hit internationally.
Per: “But it’s a long way to go, I don’t take anything for granted. It’s not like I’m going to England to sell out Wembley, unfortunately. But at the same time, Roxette is bigger than in a long while, so we’ll see.”

I can guess another bit. Here is my awful translation:

“I started listening to records with grooves, everything from Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” to old 70’s disco (dängor?). I tried to wrote the songs based in that”.

Best news for a long time! Can’t wait to hear it!

Yaaay! This is great. I love you Per and i can´t wait to hear it.
What a nice x-mas present yes!

Wow, great news! GESSLE YOU’RE THE BEST! Hope it will be an international release!


Great news. Are there any details about the production? Producers?
What about Demos? I hope he did thw good old Tits&Ass demos, like in the old days.


That’s Great News!!!
Will Party Crasher also be released in Germany?
Have Fun!!!

good !! good !!! good!!!. I am realy happy!!. :)

ha haaa, another good reason to stay alive. Hope power pop cannot miss a lot of guitars!!

This Is Soooooooooooooo Cool

December Will Be The Best Month!!!!!

PER GESSLE - The Party Crasher!
DR DRE - Detox
EMINEM - The Empack

yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this is too cool 3 albums buy 3 of my fav artists

From Spain: ye-ye-yeaaaaah!!!

What a wonderful monday.


F*CK. Just wet myself. I think. LOL!

This has GOT to be the best news in ages! And the forum is buzzing with excitement.

I think we’re all in for a treat - sounds like we can expect songs similiar to Spegelboll, One Wish and OpNox on this album. Which will be great ;o)

Ok, need to take a tranquilizer and chill.

Great news MrG and good luck!

Great news! Interesting that he has started with a concept again and worked from there.

carbon_boy said: sounds like we can expect songs similiar to Spegelboll, One Wish and OpNox on this album.

If that does turn out to be the case then i’ll be happy.

zlatyvoci said: What I´ve heard is that, there´ll be 2-3 songs with Marie, what means....the project started with her, but she gave up...

Do you have any source for that? Just because there are only a few songs with Marie doesn’t mean it started as a Rox project at all.

he talks about a club tour and US in Afton

and about USA and that Helena sings a lot in the album and has done “magic contribution” in Expressen,1082,70862703_640__,00.html

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

oh man , i really wanna listen to it, i’m very curious about

per is so amazing.

is it just me or do i smell a summer tour...

wonder which countries/citys he’s planing to play...

Veeeery great news.

But did someone of you notice that every time Gessle releases a CD he says that it´s the best album he´ve ever made??? But somehow it´s always true what he says...

Are there any news about “”Kvar i min bil” and the movie “LÅT DEN RÄTTE KOMMA IN “? Is the movie now released in Sweden and will there be a release of the song?

The movie is out October 24. According to Per nothing will happen with the song. “As far as I know...”

Per in english, under his own name, amazing news!!
Let´s hope it will be released internationally!
Great x-mas gift!! :)

I hope that there will be a video for Silly Really. Let’s bet: Jonas or Anton? Or somebody else?

BTW I can’t wait to see tracklist and both covers - single and album. I am the same as Per in this - I really think that cover and booklet is indiscerptible part of an album.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hey, Good on ya Per!!!! Great News.....Tour Australia,why dont ya?!

well well well, not such a big suprise the fact that there’s a release this year, but on the other hand the big suprise that this record will be a disco influenced one.

I can’t wait to hear SR ... and i hope for a small club tour through europe, with some rox, some twatg and some TPC songs ;-)

Thanx Per, I know it’ll make its way into the charts, roxette is high again on the waves

I’ve seen a tracklist around, but deep in my heart, I hope it’s fake. The song titles are not very professional, not up to Per standards. Some titles are “Dance With Me”, “Sing It Loud” and “Kick Me, Kick You”... Quite amateurish, don’t you think? :-x

It will chart in Sweden, but in the other countries (if released anywhere else besides Sweden) it depends of the promotion. SOAP didn’t do so well, even if he visited Spain and Germany. I am sure we will see another “Per Gessle of Roxette” sticker again, haha. TWATG and “The Lonely Boys” had one like that.

I know that even if you saw the tracklist you probably will not put it on the net, but can you at least tell me how many songs are on the album?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

you can check it out on RTR forum=14 apparently

Yes I read that tracklist, and saw that it was me posting it! Ha ha ha! I’ve NEVER posted on R2R! :D Looks interesting, but I don’t believe it.

I remember that, maybe 10 years ago, Per once said that the only disco-pop band he’s able to listen to is Pet Shop Boys. I would not mind having a touch of Pet Shop Boys on the record. Rather than a Bee Gees feeling to it.

Some bits from the single:

“Oh Billy
You really thrill me
Your thrill can kill me
You make me silly oh oh oh really”

It seems that somebody from R2R Forum declassifies the tracklist:

“My name is not important and I am not from Russia.
You better not ask how I got the songs. Just know that I have them.”

1. Dance with me!
2. Hot mind
3. (Have you ever) thought about me
4. Sing it loud!
5. Silly really
6. Kick me, kick you
7. (You should) show me love
8. River of glory
9. What money can buy (glitter edition only)
10. I know what you did (when you did what I told you in my dreams)
11. Ghost in the house (glitter edition only)
12. To be in love with Barbara B.
13. Dance with me once more!
14. Call it a day

Track 6 has a duett with Marie F. and Helena J.
Track 14 is instrumental.


Will be on torrent sites before we know it then!

Love the name of track 10 “I know what you did (when you did what I told you in my dreams)”. Can’t wait to see how that gets worked into the song.

And “Ghost in the House” finally in english, can’t wait for it. Looks like there’s multiple versions though, which i don’t like at all.

Now all we need is confirmation that this is legit.

Actually it looks that the tracklist comes from a russian source though :-)))

If I remember well “Ghost In The House” equals with “Ande I En Flaska”, Gyllene Tider, F5F.


I like the news! I’m really looking forward to it... in English again, I thnik TWATG was meant to remind the public that PG as a solo artist can also sing in English. I agree that we shouldn’t like or dislike the album just yet, since we haven’t heard it!!!

Ha ha ha - I haven’t laughed so much in ages........

These “dangerous” russians are good to keep away from, but they have soooo very beautiful girls :-)

wow what news!
new album, new songs, new b sides on the singles, although i suspect more remixes than b sides, but i aint complaining.
Per stands on his own two feet whatever he puts his mind on.
will be nice to hear per and marie together on a few songs, but by the sounds of it one may be blessed with her voice, sorry helena but your a poor substitute.

and now the ’Silly Really’ lyrics from the russian site...

Silly Really

You open every door with your freaking charm.
You got three uh ah girls on every arm.
You think it turns them on to play the rich man there
But you should really know that they don’t care.

Hej Billy
You’re really silly
You’re indeed silly
Yeah, silly really
Oh Billy
You really thrill me
Your thrill can kill me
You make me silly oh really

No matter what you do you have success
You always wear the best dress, yeah I guess
But you will know how it will end up soon
They kick your little ass right up to the moon

Hey Billy
You’re really silly
You’re indeed silly
Yeah, silly really
Oh Billy
You really thrill me
Your thrill can kill me
You make me silly oh really

He he he he he he hey Billy
You’re really silly
You’re indeed silly
Yeah, silly really
Oh Billy
You really thrill me
Your thrill can kill me
You make me silly oh oh oh really

Go wherever you want,
Stay wherever you go,
I’m the one that you haunt,
but one thing you ought to know.

Hey Billy
You’re really silly
You’re indeed silly
Yeah, silly really
Oh Billy
You really thrill me
Your thrill can kill me
You make me silly oh oh oh really
Oh Billy
oh oh oh oh
so silly
oh oh oho
yeah really
ho ho ho ho
uh uh yeah
Bi-bi-bi Billy
oh oh yeah

Such a lyrics remember me german dance project E-rotic not P. Gessle´s music :). I realy look forward on new cd

Whoever came up with that tracklist should at least have gotten the number of tracks right...

“Förutom Helena Josefsson har, som vanligt, Clarence Öfwerman och Christoffer Lundquist deltagit i inspelningarna av de tolv albumspåren.”

tolv=12 *g*

maybe this tracklist comes from limited edition? :D

2 tracks out of 14 come as a “glitter edition only”, so it might be a limited edition with 2 extra tracks.

klasir: E-rotic is an Austrian-Italian project by the way ;)
I think the track-list and the lyrics are fake :)
But time will show

I do believe in the tracklist!

Off course, the Russion informations are correct! The album was recordet at St. Petersburg, and Per´s real name is Piotr Gesslowitsch, the most famous Ballalaika - player in the east! So, who cares about the track-list, let´s hope we´ll get some good kickin´music!!!!!!!!!!

@ The most famous Ballalaika - player in the east!
reminds me The Fastest Plumber in the West

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There is a ghost in the house....a few minutes ago I saw a single cover here....silly...really!! LOL Where did it go?

it’s on the front , on the news section.

Yea the GUI messed up so it disappeared. Fixed now.

I don’t like it at all.

OK, cover is real, and what about tracklist and lyrics? Need keeps info on my sites correct. :-)
I like this cover. It’s typical Gessleish ’strange’ sense of humour. And I can feel there this ABBA era. Good idea and little bit bizzare cover. I like it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hmm, now SR is suddenly out on October 29? Does that mean someone finally realised October 27 is a Monday and releasing the single on a Monday instead of a Wednesday might be a bad idea? ;)

apparently the lyrics and the tracklist are a stupid joke, so... i hope the cover isn’t...

Mixella: we don’t publish fake information ;) why shouldn’t the cover be real?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

The cover is really funny... very Gessle looking!

@starrox: My guess is that the 27th is the date airplay begins (and maybe iTunes?), with the physical single following on the 29th. We’ll see I guess! Can’t believe it’s so close...

@roxtexanet: Singles and albums are not releasing on Monday in some countries, like in Sweden where its Wednesday. If I am correct in Germany its Friday for example. Which means that in some EU countries will be single release date set on Monday 27th, in Sweden on Wednesday 29th and in Germany on Friday 24th. My guess.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LOVE the single cover! Whoever’s designing it obviously had a good look at TWATG. Happened before with Mazarin and EHM. It’s silly really that MrG just doesnt get KM to design this.... but still, nice cover.

I see that Tevensso & Co. are using KGB methods to moderate this topic.

Why do we have to replace one’s comments and mess up the real flow of the topic??????????????

I don’t know what to say about the single cover?!

The single cover is a mix between Madonna’s ’Confessions on a dance floor’ and Justin’s ’Futuresex / Lovesounds’. Oh my, my.

And who’s the removed eyes girl?
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

@Robbie - Because we don’t want fake information coming from this site.

Robbie: KGB? think before you post please.....

EDITED BY PWBBOUNCE - Ridiculous comments removed

Robbie, no joke about ETA, please. Terrorism is not funny in Spain (is it funny in your country?).

Thank you.

OK, and now back to the “Party”.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

great news. just wished Per quit this Gallagher x McCulloch look.

the b-side will be “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On”

Silly Really (CDM)
Released: 2008-10-27 // Capitol Elevator Music / 50999 265629 2 6

01. Silly Really
02. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On -> Diskografi

for me the new single, silly really, will remember “give it 2 me” of Madonna...
i feel this!

I’m very curious. As for me, Per is multi-faceted... (80s dance songs...)


i´ve noticed that at and the title of the Singel will be:
“Silly Heart” !?!
Is it a misktake or did they changed the name?

The Wondering M

They changed it, the sleeve is wrong. (No, I’m joking, don’t want to start any more stupid rumors.)

so a cover of robert palmers/ power station i didn’t mean to turn you on is the b side? this is either gonna be a very good album or one of the most embarrasing things per has ever done

so say we all

Nope, not a cover.

Just hope the single Silly Really, is not “silly really.

But coming from our Mr. Gessle, one never knows.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

I think we had a nice clue that the album will have alot of falsetto, cause the listened to saterday night live and it sounds like the beegees


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