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“Party Crasher” tracklist revealed

Written by tevensso on October 26, 2008 to and .

(Updated) - The full tracklist of Per Gessle's forthcoming album "Party Crasher" has been revealed:

01 Silly Really
02 The Party Pleaser
03 Stuck Here With Me
04 Sing Along
05 Gut Feeling
06 Perfect Excuse
07 Breathe Life Into Me
08 Hey, I Died and Went To Heaven
09 Kissing Is the Key
10 Thai With a Twist
11 I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
12 Doesn't Make Sense

 For a preview of the "Silly Really" video, turn your dial to or YouTube. The video has been made by the company Stark in Gothenburg.

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Thank you, Thomas and TDR team! Now it’s time to try to imagine how this songs could sound.

Nothing in plus on the single?

I wonder who discovered this tracklist first, was it you, Tev?
I never know what this “written by” means - sb who clicked copy and paste or who really found/got this information first and wanted to share it with us. Maybe one day i‘ll discover sth new and i‘d like to know if my name will be put next to the main title :0)

Anyway, great titles! :0) Can‘t wait to hear the whole album!

Thank you!!!

Can’t wait...

Blunek my man, please send in news when you have it, and you will be the one credited! :) That’s how TDR should work always.

Wow, sound incredible :-)

There’s a mistake here and in “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You” instead of “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On”...

Yes sorry, missed that.

is there a ghost track?

You tell me.

Hey, I Died and Went To Heaven

Ha ha, very Gessleish title. Gessle met Lennon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

More like a Bryan Adams title...

”...thought I’d died and gone to heaven...”

Well, it couldn’t be a different tittle!...I died and went to hell? Noooo...Of course he has a reservation in heaven (he has to wait at least 40 years anyway) where is Lennon, Ferrari salon, music shops, ice cream, chocolate and other sweets and :))))

Hey Tev, saw your pic, you are a spunk!

thanks doesnt sound like a long album, short like room service.
bonus tracks on a limited edition?

Why the single b-side has to be on the album???

On the other hand the song titles sound very promising.

Pleased with the listing! Have learnt some english by the way :) Never mind what “Gut Feeling” means. Now I do!
And Hey! Why didn’t anybody note that (according to “The album release has been moved to 26th November!” Now It’s a week earlier!

I’m most excited about Thai With A Twist, but that song where he goes to heaven, that sounds promising too

Robbie, there’s no B-side on the album. I’d say the single is made of two album tracks instead.

Double A-Side single is good enough prior to the album release. Well, you want to hear at least one more song before the album gets released, right? Obviously, it wouldn’t work for the second single.

So, what about the video for the single? There must be one done. How can you possibly go internationally without it?

7-twenty-7 Robbie asked why is the b-side on the album. A legitimate question, no?

what i want to know is.... is the digipak a goog wellmade one like the gt reissues? or a crappy one like son of a plumber was??? also will the digipak have more tracks being the deluxe version.

and also anyone attacked by 7twenty7 for breathing or having an opinion has my full support, it has happened to me b4 on numerous times and i think it its wearing a bit thin.......

7-twenty-7: even if the second track of the single is on the album, its still a b-side...
Just wanted to educate you a little bit, PLEASE dont send me another one of your emails, I really dont like the F-word..;). Hugs and kisses!

Don’t know the quality of the digipak, but there will be no extra songs on it.

I like all those titles, I can’t imagine how the songs will be.

Get used to the 21th century. The fact “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” is on the single doesn’t make it a “B-side”. A proper B-side is usually an extra track (left over from the recording sessions) only available on a single that doesn’t make the album tracklist (like Roxette’s “The Voice”). In this case, the single is made of 2 album cuts. As simple as that.

I don’t think is a double A-side single either. It would mean both songs are gonna get promoted on radio, but that’s unlikely.

Well, you are wrong again. like always.

The B-side wasn’t supposed to be on the album, but C&C convinced Per to put it there.

So tev, do I assume correctly that Turn you on included on the sinle is going to be the same version as the album one? What was the point in convincing Per to do it then? To my mind it is a shame...
Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

I don’t see the problem here. 12 songs on the album is always better than only 11. And now nobody is forced to buy the single in order to get that song. It’s easier (and cheaper) now...

This is not new for us anyway. Marie released album tracks as B-sides countless times before.

You are right, but as a Gessle fan I will always welcome yet another unknown or unheard song. Now Im left with a feeling we kinda get one song less... Im insatiable, I know, lol.

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

I suppose C&C thought the song was very good and should be included in the album for everyone to listen to it and would have been a pity to leave it as a mere b-side which might be forgotten.
Makes sense to me. Why should it be a shame? Because you’ll have it twice? Bear in mind not everybody will buy the single.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Fair enough generally. However, i look at the situation from my own personal perspective. And as such, it is for me an unnecessary doubling.

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

well thinking as fan its hard because the single is a colector´s item but i just bought only the album. The single doesn´t have any added value for me...

Both Telia and iTunes download versions will include a bonus-track each. Count them as B-sides and everybody’s happy, haha. It works for me.

@ 7-TWENTY-7, as you said, you dont have any credit cars.
Well, how can you dare?

As long as I know, only people located in Sweden can download from Telia (or something like that). So, those tracks will be shared sooner or later. No need to worry.

Those tracks won’t be shared here, believe me!

Where did you read that there will be 2 bonus tracks on itunes ?

7-Twenty-7 said: 7-Twenty-7 said on October 28, 2008 16:28:
As long as I know, only people located in Sweden can download from Telia (or something like that). So, those tracks will be shared sooner or later. No need to worry.

So where is the problem? I want new songs but I can’t get them. Legally.
Fans always want to have every new song. If they can’t get them legally, they do it ilegally. It’s not their fault. There’s no reason to blame THEM. Give them a chance to buy those two songs and they will not download them from torrents.
EMI and co. should be happy that there are still fans, who will buy music even if they can download it from torrents and pay nothing. And what they (EMI and co.) do? Again and again something like this. “Only in Sweden”. So don’t cry for your declining sales every year again and again. Because this is the best way to learn people how to download music from torrents. It starts with two songs which are not able to be buied and the result is “Why should I pay for something, what can I download or buy legally, but hey, I found great site where I can download it (and much more) without paying.”
It’s a global, connected and online world around us we’re livin’ in. Some people still don’t understand that. I will never search Party Crasher somewhere on the net, I will visit (as I always did) and buy this album from there if it won’t be released here in Czech rep. But I want to listen every new song from Per so those two songs I will search somewhere on the net. So pwbbounce, I will download them and if not from TDR, I’ ll do it from some another site. BELIEVE ME!
Grrr, it’ s a long comment but things like this gets me really angry.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, deleting a post won’t stop the fans at getting two additional digital-download-only tracks. There’s enough space on the CD to put those tracks on it too, I don’t see the point in selling them separately. Then, I don’t see what’s wrong in getting them “the other way”.

And don’t tell me that every person that got songs like “A Girl Like You”, “Ett perfekt ägg” and such did pay for them. Don’t be so hypocrite.


I have one message for music publishers a recording companies: “Don’t use Cactus & co., just try to use your brain. If possible.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You’re welcome to download whatever you want, but not from TDR. That’s all. If that’s a problem, then I again suggest you move.

I will move if I want to listen them, what else can I do? But I don’t do it with a happy feeling. It’ s nothing enjoyable to browse some ....webpages to find song you are wanted to complete your collection. But tell me again what else can I do and didn’t break the rules? I really love Silly Really (this is kind of music - Silly Really, One Wish, Something In The System demo, Opportunity Nox, Little Miss Sorrow, Joyride - which caused that I started listen Roxette back in ’ 91. Strong melody, drivin’ pumpin’ beat, maximalized sound effects, multiple vocals, fresh sound. So Silly Really is exactly what I was waiting for) and I belive that new songs are very similar to this one. Another two songs? Yea, I want them too. Naturaly, I think.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh no, Thai With a Twist = TWAT. Haha

haha, you are right. Maybe in that case Party Crasher PC should stand for Political Correctness?:o)

Back to the subject: Where has it been said that iTunes offers two bonus tracks
_ Is it confirmed or just rumoured?
Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

Tevensso, for your knowledge, nobody said it will be shared HERE. On the other hand, if only Swedish customers are able to get stuff from Telia, it’s easy to understand that the non Swedish fans have to get that track “the other way”, isn’t it? And we all know where to get them.

Tevensso was just making sure that you knew that there will be NO file sharing here.

good for you if you know where to get them, just make sure you don’t post the links here. That’s all.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

who is the director of SR video?

The video looks cool.

Director: Mikael Wikström

Producent: Björn Fävremark and Torbjörn Martin
STARK Film & Event

(source: )

thanks, tomasz :)

Seems to be a nice video. A shame that it will only be played on Youtube. Blame EMI!

“I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” sounds very demo-ish. I really like the part from 2:02 - 2:26 though. It has something special, but still missing some more energy, some more of those Per-called “Timbaland subbass”-es, some more production basically.

In my opinion it’s not meant for the album.

ok help me understand this. For hand, a decidedly modern album we got awful ( aside from wicf) b rated boring lack luster videos. For RS we got a mix between great ( M&T&H) and dumb ( rs). And yet whala, a gessle single gets what looks to be possibly the best rox-related video. Am I the only one just feeling a little betrayed by this. Marie always put her best foot forward for roxette yet per seems to have just yawned his way through alot fothe lat 5-10 yrs. I was gonna buy the album but now I’m not so sure

so say we all

The video is a mixture of Opportunity Nox and One Wish. And the music notes in the background doesn’t match with the melody!

The video looks TERRIBLE!

Amateur and tacky at best. Per, you should NO LONGER put yourself in the videos. Have a funky clip of young fashionable people partying along to it, not yourself. Appeal to the younger crowd. If at the very least you could dance... but toe tapping ain’t dancing bud!

Blown opportunity I reckon, it really needed a modern, eclectic vibe with something different... instead it’s Per miming in a suit. *CRINGE*

Where have you seen the whole Video?

I think ’Silly Really’ is the love child of ’Centre of the Heart & Stupid’

“Silly Really” is new on the swedish chart, and peaked #1!!!!

And Där du andas is #59 in the Swedish charts.
Both Per and Marie are in the hit list :)

Who knows, what about Hungary? ( I’m thinking, of course, the release of Per’s new album).


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