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Per Gessle at the BMI awards

Written by tevensso on October 8, 2008 to , and .

LONDON - Per Gessle together with Del Bryant (left) - president of BMI and Bryan Ferry, singer in Roxy Music at the BMI awards in London October 7. Per was there together with Mats MP Persson to receive a "Million-Air" award for "Listen to Your Heart" which has been played on US radio over four million times.

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wow! I´m the first one!! Just a question! Why Marie F.wasn´t there too?

Did she compose a “Million-Air” song?

Well done Per!

Roxette and Roxy Music under the same roof. What are the odds? Hehe. ;-)

Per and Mats must feel quite honored and proud of themselves at receiving such an award for songwriting such a massive, well-known hit in the USA. Well done boys!

Looks like Bryan Ferry is thinking Per has the same hairdo 19 years later :P

LOL! Dame Edna looks quite smashing!

Thomas I love your sense of humor!

There’s nothing to love about Tevensso’s comment. It’s a shame to read such an ironic, sarcastic comment reffering to Marie. Like she would be zero as a composer.

Didn’t she contribute to those 4 million airplay spins???

Who’s delivering the goods in LTYH???

Besides, if my memory serves, she did participate and got the same medal as Per in 2005 at BMI Awards for IMHBL.

If I were Marie Dimberg I would stop any further contacts with TDR & Co...

Shame on you!!!

Good thing then that you aren’t MD, no?

compliments Per!!! ..... but Marie where is???

for some is arrogance a sense of humor for others just the realization that every effort is done to diss the few remaining fans....

is this the preparation for a full time retirement? one has to wonder.....

:-D Another round. :-D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Marie wasn’t invited as she didn’t write the song, how hard is that to understand? And I’m not being arrogant. Per wrote it, he was there, MP wrote it and he was also there. Easy.

oh, and suddenly you can say that in a decent tune... good to know!

well, now i found out that Roxette is a swedish pop duo with per gessle and mats persson? so, who is marie fredriksson?

I don’t really see the confusion. MF did not write the song, yes she sung on it, but she didn’t write it. That was PG and MP.

I’m not 100% sure why she went to BMI a couple of years ago for It Must Have Been Love, but this time there wasn’t a need for her to go as well.


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