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Written by tevensso on October 9, 2008 to and .

LJUSDAL/LONDON - The Daily Roxette managed to get hold of Per Gessle in spite of his award show in London, so we took the opportunity to get updated regarding his new project.

Hej Per, another summer full of work is over. You never tire do you, huh?

Well sir, as a matter of fact my whole summer was free and easy. We stopped our studio work in May and didn’t continue until late August so I got my fair share of suntan, go-karts, bikinis and belinis.

I see, so another well deserved vacation? Where do you get your energy from? The vacations? It's not like you need the money or the fame anymore, what drives you onward and forward?

Ooops I did it again, didn’t I? You know, I don’t really write songs anymore unless there is a purpose. A couple of weeks after the “En händig man-tour” last summer I got into this idea of writing songs based on “grooves” and a steady beat instead of just fooling around on the guitar. I had a field day! Before X-mas I had about 10 new songs.

You could as well "lay on the beach earning 20 %" you know?

Nah, not me.

I agree, it doesn't sound like you, does it? Great though to see yet another branch of the good old Gessle tree. How long have you wanted to make an album like this? What gave you the inspiration this time? I know same old question, but hey…

After all these years you’re always looking for NEW spices, NEW angles, NEW chord progressions. So when this idea popped up writing to a steady beat I knew something interesting could happen. Some grooves I made myself on my computer, some grooves I found in existing songs from The Bee Gees, Chic, Donna Summer, The Human League etc. I’ve heard that Björn & Benny wrote “Dancing queen” to the groove of George McCrae’s “Rock Your Baby”. Check those two songs out and compare and you’ll know what I mean. They’re very different but they have the same mother.

Interesting! Now, what do people who already heard the new songs say? Which tracks will be hits? Tell us a little about the individual tracks.

People are responding exceptionally so far. Some media people have heard bits and pieces and they’re all quite surprised. But in a positive way. I won’t go into individual tracks at this point for obvious reasons.

Obviously, can't blame us for trying though, can you?
Good old MP stands for dancable tunes. Any MP on the album this time?

Oh, MP visited the studio once but only to have dinner and some bottles of Chianti. Clarence, Christoffer and myself played all the instruments on this one. And Helena has been a frequent guest, of course.

So tell us, demos or no demos this time?

No demos because C&C hate them!!!

Hmmm, maybe we should send the mob after C&C? You know we love demos!
The '70s and '80s were times full of musical experiments. What new instruments did you try this time?

Well, we’ve basically worked with old analogue synthesizers like the Mini Moog and Jupiter-6 etc as well as new computerized technology. No big strings this time, no live drums either. But the Syn Drum made a welcome return!!!

Aha, no live drums, back to "Joyride"! So when you wrote the songs for this album, you mentioned that you started with the groove and made the melodies from that. Do the lyrics not matter anymore? Not that the '70s were well known for great lyrics anyway…

The lyrics do matter! I’ve tried to make them psychedelic, sexy and mature (in that order). But sure, when you write songs based on rhythm it is a different thing. I mean, sometimes you write a lyric first and then put music to it. This was never the case here.

The "Theme from 'Roberta Right'" (a song that now is off the album) was co-written by your son, Gabriel. What is the story behind it?

Gabriel was sitting on the bed in Halmstad humming a melody. I thought it sounded terrific so I grabbed the nearest guitar and put down some chords to it. That’s how it all started. He was singing: “Ro-bot ro-bot robot dans” which of course immediately became “Ro-Ro-Roberta Roberta Right”. Great chorus indeed!
It turned out a little bit too bubblegum to be included on this particular album, though, so I kept it away. It will pop up somewhere else.

Awright Gabriel! You always say the last album is the best one. Will "Party Crasher" rule out your beloved project "SOAP" then?

Ha ha ha, yep could be!!! I love this album and I love the fact that it sounds really fresh and I adore listening to Helena’s vocal performances. She’s been EXTREMELY good on this one. Wait ‘til you hear it, you’re gonna freak out, dear Thomas!

Yeah, thanks for mentioning it…  "Freak Out" is also a song that could fit the album!
Talking about the idea behind SOAP for a moment… it reflected your memories of the '60s and '70s, the era which formed your musical background. "Party Crasher" plays with the sound of the '70s and '80s. Wouldn't "SOAP 2" be a better name?

I didn’t invent popmusic. Everything I do and listen to have its roots in the music I enjoyed growing up. So, sure, this could have been a SOAP album but then again… the SOAP project is quite different. I preferred this to be a Per Gessle-album.

Furthermore, the SOAP songs had clear homages to existing tunes from those times. How about the "Party Crasher" tracks?

There are a few Nile Rodgers-licks, some Timbaland sub bass, some B-52's jerks and some T. Rex glam and, oh yeah, we listened a lot to the Saturday Night Fever-soundtrack.

John Travolta? Fans will be pleased to read that, I'm sure! What is the release schedule? Which countries will get the album? Will there be different editions again? Maybe even another vinyl?

EMI worldwide is, as I’m writing this, very interested. But that usually doesn’t mean anything ha ha ha… We’ll find out what’s gonna happen in the next month or so. Yes, there will be a standard CD, deluxe CD and a vinyl album.

Good man! And how big are the efforts to go huge international with this album?

I’ll go as huge as possible!!! I’ll do my best to convince the masters of the universe to do the right thing.

Nice! Other media has reported that you may want to tour this time, but not in Sweden? Please continue your thinking out loud!

I might do a small tour in Europe early next year. If I do I’m sure there will be a few shows in Sweden as well. Time will tell.

You are very famous around the globe, is there nothing you would like to do that you haven't done so far? I mean, go out of the box so to speak. Art, movie soundtrack, write a book, etc.

I take it as it comes. A movie soundtrack could be fun. An acoustic album could be fun. Some more Roxette and Gyllene Tider projects could be fun. I’ve got no plans. And zillions of them in the drawer.

Right… You once told me you always stay with the same producer/team one album too long, when is this coming up for Per Gessle? You know, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Yea, I know. I’m the exception to the rule! As long as C&C are motivated, wear clean shirts and make me a happier person I can’t see any reason replacing them. They are two of the most talented people I’ve ever encountered and a pretty hard act to follow. But you’ll never know.

All right, so we'll see after the new album is out! Now that X-mas is approaching. Apart from your own stuff, what other albums can you recommend buying this year?

I like the Sebastian Teller-record. I like the Shelby Lynne-record. I still play Nelly Furtado’s “All good things must come to an end” too much but my most played album this year is a 3-CD box called “Philly sound”, recommended to me by Expressen’s Mats Olsson. A sensational collection of 70’s soul. Mats got such great taste!!!

And almost lastly; presenting the "Party Crasher" songs on a stage should involve some funky dance steps, don't you think? How good are your dancing skills actually? Not counting your red wine and air guitaring…

Clarence has promised me to step out of the closet as the next big thing on the dance floor. I’ll sell the tee-shirts… 

Before you go we also have to ask the token questions as many fans out there are wondering:

- Will there be more Roxette? "Look Sharp!" turns 20 next week or so…

I don’t know.

- Will there be a tour next summer?

Probably not.

- GT will be alive again somewhen, right? GT30? Single, album…

You tell me.

I am telling you!!

- How satisfied are you with your Rolls Royce?

Oh my God, it’s sooo big!!! But a treat to drive and to have in your garage. I drive it to the local burger stand with Gabriel and his friends watching The Simpsons in the backseat.

- How is your Harley doing?

The Harleys have left the building.

With that The Daily Roxette thanks Per Gessle for his time, and we'll see you soon, somewhere, somewhen.

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Great interview! :-)

Just great stuff! The long run goes on and on and on...!!!! Great expectations for a rocking future!
Thanx Gess!

Fantastic interview T. Now all the Australian Fans HAVE TO EMAIL, CALL, PROTEST OUTSIDE OF EMI IN SYDNEY and get them to release it here. But of course we all know what the answer is going to be.

No Marie Fredriksson in this album? No Roxette?
Very sad!

No Marie Fredriksson in this album? No Roxette?
Very good!

Dear Per,

Do not forget about Romania on your forthcoming tour! Thanks!

Tell us when you come to Germany?????
or may be you can even visit Israel for the first time in your world-wide-touring-career? )))))
you’ve never been here before, but millions of people love and wait you in here!)

Per’s back! thats great,but where is Marie?would we see them ever together again?thats really really sad,its hard to say goodbye to Roxette,I’m listening to their old songs even rioght now and can tell that they were so great together and hard to see them apart:( but thats life...

Thanks for the interview TDR and Per... great work! The new album sounds a real blast and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! European tour sounds great please don’t forget you still have a large following here in the UK Per! :)

Great Interview!!I hope that Gessle don’t forget Italy too!!There are a lot of italian fans that love you!!! :-D

great for per, looking fwd to hearing his new album.
Marie will perform for stjärnklart ( i wonder why haven’t we read about it here on TDR? Maybe this will push Marie a little to work a bit more in the future, who knows?

in the mean time, Per’s album seems to be very promising. I really admire this guy, no roxette, no gyllene but he stills working, great attitude!

Thanx Thomas for this interview and thanx for questions about Rox and/or GT in the end the interview. I have a bitter sweet taste right now. I’m happy and excited with new album but sad with Rox answer.
But I’m looking to the future and I’m exciting to hear this “Party”. Tour? Hope you’ll not forget to Czech republic. Back in ’97 you were in Ostrava (and Prague), hey, let’s come back.
BTW fantastic album cover, f**king cool cover, they both. Yeaaaa! Let the party started......!

Great to see so big traffic here again. :-)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

great!!!... and remember Per: don’t forget Italy!!!
... and i hope always in a new roxette album whith Marie...

I’m a little bit confused... so is there going to be Marie singing on this album or not?

By the sounds of it, no. Not mentioned as being involved in the project therefore probably not part of the project.

PS - If it’s because something ’the source’ said, they’ve already said they were making it up. Complete and utter baloney

No Marie on this album. Per, C&C and Helena is all. And a drum computer.

Ive been bored with most of Per’s solo projects over the past 10 years, but this actually sounds very promising. I like the concept behind it. Hopefully it will live up to my expectations!

When will there be some soundsnippets?
Can’t no longer!!!!
Hey! Cake anyone?

Can’t wait to hear the drum computer’s voice i guess it’s better than Helena’s, hahaha, just a joke.

Pity Marie isn’t envolved anymore since Mazarin she’s just that special touch that makes a great song a classic.
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Well, the Marie contribution on “Mazarin” was only subtle backing vocals in one song. Nothing memorable, I think I can live without it... I don’t like the idea of “no demos”. I hope the songs don’t have that “rehearsal” feeling that’s so present all through the SOAP album. I tend to like more produced stuff, the “wall-of-sound” and such! Christoffer really annoys me!!!

They are gonna use the “deluxe edition” trick again. I don’t really care, that’s the only version I’ll got anyway.

For those who asked, it has been said that Marie is/was recording songs for a new album that will be (probably) released next year. That’s all I remember.

George McCrae “Rock your baby” has the same rhythm of the beat what “Dancing Queen” of ABBA that’s true. I’m watching video now and i cannot stop to take my eyes from this sweet black man, he is moving!!! JOJ...
Is it mean Per will be dance in the same way to his own music? Soso....Than i just cannot to wait to see it... I can pay even double for the concert ticket and for Per’s dance together with C&C i can even buy all editions of the album plus all singles and...T-shirt, good deal? ;)

So when will be made a videoclip to the first dance song, hmm? :D

@heyoka: a danceable song is not necessarily a dance song.

Good for Per!
We’ll see what happens.
I must be honest. i don’t like Helena.I don’t like her voice at all.She’s “funny” as everybody say but for me an artist must be “tatent”.If i want to see or hear something funny i go to the circus.
Good luck dear.

nice interview! we´re all expecting the forthcoming album!!

I think this: Helena is funny, but it is not an artist! in the last tour of Per, she was very bad, she spoiled the show. she has not attitude!!
I hope she does not participate much in this project.
Per I wish you the best !!, but Helena is for the Swedish public. is not pleasant for fans of Roxette’s world,excuse my English is bad

hey Tev,

thanks for the interview and all the news about Per and “The Party Crasher”! Since you obviously seem to have quite good connections to Mr.G, I was wondering whether you could organize a snippet of “Silly Really” and put it up on TDR.........?!? That would be just too good, wouldn’t it ?!?



Great interview.

Seems even Per has the shits with EMI worldwide “But that usually doesn’t mean anything ha ha ha…”

It would be really nice to be able to go into a shop and buy this album.

Hanging out for a snippet, at least then i might know if i’m really gonna like this.

Yes, snippet for Silly Really is good idea, it’ s new single and also it’ s completelly new sounded song, so everybody is curious about it. But this time I don’ t want to hear snippets of all songs from new album like I did with EHM. Because snippets were terrible and album was great.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Per has indeed been consulted in said question. We’re expecting an answer anytime soon. :)

Ha ha, TDR have red phone directly to Per’ s headquarters. Great.indeed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That’s a great album cover! It all sounds very interesting. The simulated/computer drums were expected being a thumping dance album. Can’t wait for this release and all the editions coming out. I hope he gets his ass out to Australia (I know - longshot) for some promotion if it gets a release here. It will only chart and would chart well with some serious promotion. The kids and older fans familiar with Roxette would snap it up.

im wit imazombieinthem!!!! im from australia and i know people will love it! the rule is in australia, GET TRIPPLE J to air the songs.

for people who dont already know tripple jay control ” alternitive” and “Different” music so what happens is if a couple of djs start playin it about half the country will buy the cds and think “its on tripple j, it must be good”!!!!!! there you go 4 times platinum in oz and an oz tour!!!!

then id have to drink another bottle of richard hennessy! ( does anybody know if per likes a good cognac?)

but how bout november? in december you are competing with 50cent, eminem and of corse dr dre. some poor people might not be able to buy multiple cds.

WHAT A CRAP INTERVIEW. He as a new album coming out and they are asking him about Roxette, his cars and his future plans!!!

What about... Will the be a video for the new single
What about... Which song can he compare his latest single to.
What about... When can we expect a sample of the song
What about... What is his fav line out of one of his new songs.

bla bla bla bla... really now... Plus this is the first cover ever with Per in it that I dont’ like. The single cover is cool.

Help me out. When Per said NO DEMOS for this one, did he mean that he did not make any demos for this album or won’t they release any demos, because
I have found when Per don’t do demos C and C have to much influence of the final sound of the song...

So sad you don’t like. I’m really sorry ONE Roxette question was too much.
I can answer those for you though:

Video - yes I’m sure
Latest single - won’t talk about that yet
Sample - asked and not answered, most likely soon
Favorite - asked and not answered as he won’t talk about that yet

I’ll talk to Per and see if he can’t change the cover of the album.

Better now?

My understanding of it is that there was no demo’s recorded for the album....

LOL Tev :D

7-Twenty-7 forgot something on this post

-> Some fans will complain about whatever is on TDR ;)

If we wouldn’t have asked about Roxette, the other half would have complained about that. Make up your mind, guys.

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

lol @ Tevensso as I can actually imagine more people moaning “What about Roxette - this is TheDailyRoxette not TheDailyPer etc etc” if you hadn’t have asked that question. There seems to be no pleasing some people on here !

It will be nice to hear ths song snippet if / when it comes. Having said that the single is only 2 weeks off. These solo releases seem to pop up so suddenly. :)

EDIT: Judith just said everything that I did ! SNAP !! :P

Hei, nice interview, a little bit like a boys meet boys interview for me, it;s just my opinion. Anyway, what in the world is that answer “I don’t know” about Roxette future? Why not more explanations, why not an answer like:” It’s possible”, or” We talked about it”? I think Roxette is gone because Marie is somehow upset with Per or something like this. She writes, records, she is healthy, she even goes to a concert in this winter, so why in the world not record some new songs? Tell us the thruth, Per and Marie, don’t hide behind some silly really answer like this : “I don’t know” . And why not ask Marie the same question? Give us some answers not like this, not for another year to debate like this, and just wonder? At least tell us that it’s over with Roxette, for at least some years, so we could stay back and not expect something new. Sure we will apreciate or not their future projects, solo ones, anything. But what is the problem between them? I think there is an issue, some business disagreament?

They have both said previously that it has been discussed between them. Stuff has been produced, so they can’t have too much of an issue working together. Maybe they both just have different priorities in life now. If they’re both successful and happy being friends and doing their own thing, then why bother causing each other undue stress by making a new album together? And the promo, etc that goes with it, the time away from home, all of that.

The band has been shelved until they both fancy doing some more. At the moment though, they can only really say ’ I don’t know’ - they can’t really add to this swell of possibly false hope by saying ’oh, we may have something new in the can’ when they actually don’t have anything, it’d be madness.

So this will actually be the first album in English under the name “Per Gessle”. The World According to... was under the name “Gessle” (without “Per”). I remember hearing some interviews in 1997 explaining why he didn’t put “Per” on the album sleeve back then. It had something to do with what comes to mind if “Per” is pronounced in English. Apparently he changed his mind.

On Gyllene Tider’s Roxette releases his name is only Gessle as well.


i´ve noticed that at and the title of the Singel will be:
“Silly Heart” !?!
Is it a misktake or did they changed the name?

The Wondering M

It’s time to change The Daily Roxette for: The Daily Per Gessle.
Stop with this farce!!! ROXETTE IS OVER!! So what’s the meaning behind this web?
Helena is not the point.She’s only a funny puppet.
Mostly of the fans here are Roxette’s fans.Or Rox’s fans initially.So it’s time to say Roxette is over officially.When ask about Roxette’s future: I don’t know IT’S NOT AN ANSWER!
C’mon,get balls and face it!

@Roxnox: Well, the only thing that seems to stay constant in the Rox world is people claiming “they’re over” (which we’ve been hearing since 1994, if not earlier). Glad to see a great tradition continuing on... “The Daily Per Gessle”! Wow, that’s pretty clever. I really, honestly, and truly don’t think anyone here has EVER said that before. Quite the imagination you’ve got, there.

@Tev: Thanks for posting the back of the single sleeve!!! Hopefully “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” isn’t a reworking of “You Turn Me On” ca. 1987... (-;

@tev All I am saying is that the guy is releasing a new album and he is getting asked stuff that is not relavant to his latest WORK

People in this forum should get over the fact that there might not be a Roxette anymore, if it comes it comes, yeaas how many times does he have to answer that question for you.

@Default: I hear you, but meaning that and saying this was “the worst crap you ever read” feels like quite a leap... No hard feelings.

to @gessle-addict: disco music in mother of dance music and many more and if i said dance i mean music for dancing which for sure disco is.

I can’t leave this without word.

There are lot of people annoying Helena especially from EHM-tour. Why do you think she must be a star by Per’s side? She acts a supporting role in Gessle-projects and she does it VERY WELL! Per didn’t replace Marie with Helena. Don’t expect from Helena something like from Marie.

Maybe H. is funny but she is lovable person with great voice for vocals. Usually she stays in the background and just sings - this is her task! And as I know she has a solo carrier without Per, too.
So, leave Helena alone! She completes Per’s work quite well and she is professional.
SOAP’s and EHM’s lyrical songs wouldn’t be so nice without Helena.
I like her!:))))

I hope Per won’t forget Hungary if he plans the tour!

Gessle is much to clever to restard Roxette. Remember how “One Wish” and “Reveal” flopped! These songs were just testballoons to see how the wind blows for Rox. They didn´t get a big feedback, but it might have been even more worse than that, ...negativ feedback! Roxette were just like ABBA or the Beatles in the late 70s at the point of no return. They would be always compared with their big time hits, so they just couldn´t win! So why lose all the great reputations? Guess what happenend if they would have released a whole CD, just right to be turned down by the critics, and remember, since the late 80s and the early 90s it was cool to talk them down! So, no negativ feedback, just no feedback! Their decision was just right...finish! Let´s enjoy the great memories and enjoy what the future will bring, thank god, their both working with a big output, so I think their will be enough enjoyable stuff to come, but not labeled “Roxette”!

Rousseau, “One Wish” got all the feedback that such a kind of song deserve. In my opinion, “One Wish” is not even up to the Roxette standards. It’s just a little song that doesn’t add anything to their repertoire. It was not supposed to storm the charts all over the world, we were aware of that from the beginning. “Reveal” is a cleverer and more adult song, but it was the 2nd single and had no promotion at all: it was not widely released, it had no video, and so on.

I didn’t expect the critics to praise “One Wish”, because it’s not a good song (even for me). It was ok to fill up the GH compilation, but it’s an absolutely forgettable track. If Per and Marie still want to put together a new album, let’s hope it will be better material...

i thought one wish was a cool so! so wat if it isnt “grown up” i mean the look and joyride both had stupid lyrics! roxette r known for bubblegum!!!! i thought one wish was cool and yes im also straight!!! lol

ne way i thought romm service was trash! ecept like 4-5 songs!

i think if they used all the left over track it would have been a hell good lp:

opp. nox
little miss sorrow
a thing about you
one wish
entering your heart
weight of the world
it hurts
bla bla bla bla bla
and record a studio version of myth

look at that! throw on 5 of the room service songs and that would moove units!

I think almost the same as Konstpaus.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I get so sick and tired of reading people slagging off Helena when she works with Per, the woman’s amazing and it will be a credit to hear her on Per’s work again! It’s just getting so tedious and annoying to hear the same crap from people who are peeved because Marie is not working with Per – For god’s sake get over it or change the flippin record!

i have no beef with helena, i like those low cut tops she wares on stage:-)
wot a set!!!!!!!

Good article, lots of information. thanx.

Nice interview, thanks! It’s normal that Per doesn’t want to give more info (about songs, samples, videos) for now - it’s just started!!! I like Helena soft voice and it fitted very well the SOAP and EHM songs. It’s interesting how it will fit more uptempo songs...

No demo????
Maybe 12 years later....

This is a very nice interview!

Might as well make my comments to you public: Great job with this interview Thomas. It’s very well done. have completely new design with new font and so. Looks like that album tracklist and songs lyrics will come soon. And maybe a snippet also.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You got all that from the new design? Ha ha!

I do like the album’s name. Pretty cool.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

OK Per, fun is over now !!!!!!

Give us a snippet :-)


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