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Another #1 for Per

Written by animalkingdom on October 31, 2008 to and . Source: Hitlistan.

(Updated) - "Silly Really" enters the official Swedish singles chart at #1 this week. "Unusual and unexpectedly strong if you ask me!" comments Per to The Daily Roxette.

Another teaser for the video has been uploaded to It seems to be karaoke inspired…

Per has revealed the different album bonus tracks:

iTunes bonus:
"I'm Glad You Called"

Telia bonus:
"Theme from 'Roberta Right'"

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HAVE FUN...looks very cool and fresh to me. Looking forward for the whole song and video...:-)

After first not so well impression it looks really promising and looks like that the video will be party oriented and will be really funny.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Congrats MrG!!!

And the vid seems like its gonna be AWESOME!!! As per usual, real MrG tongue-in-cheek humour. LOVE IT!

Yeah! Congrats Per!
The Video is so funny, laughed a lot!!!

=> so how many #1s has Per had in Sweden / in- and exkluding Roxette???

pardek: it’s for you


Thanx for the perfect song Mr. Gessle, I hope the album will the same... or better!

congratulations Per!!

Thank you Per for being N1 again.

Great news!!!! Let’s hope Per continues with the promotion and the album is sold (in millions) in different countries. I still haven’t heard the song though... I’ll have to wait until the album arrives at my postbox!

when we will be able to see complete video?

The video looks great I think.

It’s really nice that it’s number 1, as far as I know that list only is sales until tuesday, or have they changed it again? So it has to be only downloads for 5 days, and as far as I know you can only buy it as a download at and telenor so far, atleast not on Åhlens,, i-tunes or poplife, which I think is strange. Maybe some CD-single sales has been counted? Or has it been downloaded that much? It’s number one on telia :D

EDIT: By the way: I just love “I didn’t mean to turn you on”

I don’t think it’s gonna sell millions. By the way, it’s strange that the single was released in October 29... but the promotional video won’t be premiered until late December. Weird marketing strategy, I think. They have to promote the song now, no two months later.

Maybe sweden is just the beginning and a “testcenter” for other possible releasecountries, It´s a good sign that the single hits the charts at no.1. Maybe the recordcompany think twice about an international release with that facts. In my eyes the last chance for Per to get back internationally. He tried something totally different. If thats not the key, than nothing could bring him back, except of roxette ;)


I was joking with X-mas time premiere ;)

Per comments Silly Really’s success:

’Silly really’ had only been available in the old fashioned record store for 3 days (was released last Monday) when it became #1. Unusual and unexpectedly strong if you ask me! The number of digital downloads were also limited since most of the downloading sites (iTunes & Co) will add the song on Monday (Nov 3). The single release date was moved
forward due to my current trip in jolly America (no, I can’t vote on Tuesday, wish I could…). For reasons unknown to mankind iTunes needs an astonishing 6 weeks to be able to deliver songs to their digital audience. That’s longer than it took for me to RECORD AND MIX the new album!!!

PS. Check out the lyrics to “Breathe Life Into Me” at

I suppose Per thought about the 3rd of November, am I right?

Ha ha, Per even wrote November, I accidentally changed it when I translated it...

tevensso said: Check out the lyrics to “Breathe Life Into Me”

Nice lyrics. Can’t wait to hear it. I’m guessing a ballad?

I feel really sorry for this guy on stage in the video.... *ROFL*
I got my single yesterday....yippieh....I love it!!!
Congratulation for this quick No. 1!!! Well deserved!

Yep, As I said “Silly Really” can be an international hit, success is in your hands Mr. Gessle! “make it happen
you can make it happen” ;)

Btw. The lyric of “Breathe Life Into Me” has a very melodic rhyme. I’m curious what it can be a real point of this song: this melodic rhyme, sound or the message inside? ;)

The lyrics of “Breathe Life Into Me” are really bad, I think. But it depends of the music too, I don’t know how it sounds like as a whole. Let’s hope the other songs are not five-minute-scribbles but something more substantial. Just my point of view.

It seems Per didn’t want to keep the “Theme from Roberta Right” in the drawer for long. For some reason “theme” smells of instrumental to me. I wonder if Gabriel will be credited or not, haha.

Sorry folks, have I missed something? Am I the only one asking what these bonus songs are about? And where can I get them? What is Telia?

iTunes bonus:
“I’m Glad You Called”

Telia bonus:
“Theme from ’Roberta Right’”


Why not offering both Songs on both platforms? So it gets unnessesary complicated (and potentially illegal) to get both songs in most countries.

Telia is a Swedish phone company that also has a (fairly crappy) download site. The reason for having different album bonuses is probably to increase sales, plus I’m sure both companies want to be “exclusive.”

heyoka: Btw. The lyric of “Breathe Life Into Me” has a very melodic rhyme.

Oh, come on. Give me a break.
I hope they are going bottom up with the lyrics (meaning less good to really good). BLIM has 6 lines of *LYRICS*. The rest is just a filler. The song is going to be something like 2.13 min. It depends on the melody, of course but probably not the best track on the album. I know PG can write good songs but not in this case, not even close. Would you say this song has some sort of inspiration?

“Breathe” is 3:41 according to the notes I’ve seen.

I don’t think the lyrics to breath life into me are that bad. It is quite ok

some places the lyrics seems forced but other than that it seems ok

Well, I am not saying it is BAD. I am pretty sure it will turn out to be quite OK for the fans. What I mean is that the lyrics are quite short and there is not so much in it. To make a good song you need more than that. I know that the world knows examples of the songs with really simple lyrics and a good melody (or even instrumental ones) that became big hits. . However to say at this point that this is a good song judging from the lyrics is quite ... what do I say ... tricky? I guess it is just me who likes some short emotional stories behind the lyrics. To me it seems dry now. Lets see what the music will bring.

@tridy: Got ya

Per is like Madonna, they write stupid lyrics but make them sound ok.

What happened to 2 verses and then chorus then the verse then chorus and some Dumb end bit. Seems he is like George Lucas, who cares about the story as long as it looks and sounds ok!

I love silly, Its beat is wicked and just a fun song. screams 80’s party, i love it lol

Per is like Madonna, they write stupid lyrics but make them sound ok.

I totally agree!!! But Per writes his own songs at least! xD
And Tridy has a point, that’s what I meant to say as well.


Well, I didn’t say about this lyric that it’s a very creative or so, not at all (this was a little bit sarcastic if you can read between the lines). I just said it has melodic rhyme like for example in Roxette song “Crush on you”, it’s words game where rhyme is the most important point. Per said this time he had different strategy, first melody later words so most of them I supose will be similar, I will not looking for wise lyrics on this album.

Btw. For example I am a big fan of Kaiser Chiefs, check they lyrics most of them are not really clever with deep message. Is the same what Per is trying to touch now, something new, is nothing bad when it’s sounds good. Words can be a very well use as a kind of instrument to make songs sound interesting.

Next Gessle albums will be different as always. It’s great that he is not numb in his music creativity.

So does anyone know when ’Silly’ is due to materialise on iTunes? I’ve been looking all day, and there’s still no sign of it.

We don’t know which iTunes stores it will show up on yet. Sweden only, or others too?

I’m guessing the European one - I have access to Mazarin and En Händig Man, not to mention Scener and Hjärtats Trakt, and I’m in the UK.

If iTunes UK get their act into gear, it might be on by next Monday. Don’t hold your breath though

I found the single online! Sounds good!!

Silly Really is #3 this week :(( And who’s the first? Beyoncé ... OH NO!
And I don’t see Marie on the chart. :((

CDON still has not added Silly really download.


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