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“Fucking Åmål” soundtrack released

Written by roxeteer on December 17, 1998 to .

Soundtrack for the Swedish movie “Fucking Åmål” is now released. The album contains Gyllene Tider’s “När vi två blir en”.

South African concert on TV

Written by roxeteer on December 16, 1998 to .

Swedish movie channel TV1000 broadcasts Roxette’s concert in Ellis Park, Johannesburg, on December 25, 20.00 CET. The concert was recorded during the Crash! Boom! Bang! tour on January 14, 1995. “Roxette - Live in South Africa” is the same concert as the “Crash! Boom! Live!” home video, except that the TV version is only 52 minutes long.

Spend Christmas in Sweden watching TV

Written by roxeteer on December 15, 1998 to .

Christmas will be TV time for Swedish Roxette fans. Here’s the menu:

  • 12/22/98, 22.45 CET, TV4 Nordisk: Sen kväll med Luuk

    Special guests of the night: Marie & Per
  • 12/25/98, 20.00 CET, TV1000: Roxette - Live in South Africa

    Crash! Boom! Bang! tour visiting Johannesburg
  • 12/25/98, 21.15 CET, SVT1: Ulvaeus & Gessle i Burmans spår

    Per as reporter, documentary on record producer Anders Burman
  • 1/1/99, 12.40 CET, SVT2: Ulvaeus & Gessle i Burmans spår

    The same documentary again, this time with subtitles

And next year the real hassle will begin…

TV show to be shot tomorrow

Written by roxeteer on December 13, 1998 to .

I talked with EMI Svenska’s promotion department today. Unfortunately the people who would have known the current situation best were unavailable at the moment; Karin Häggblom was sick (she’s away until January!) and Li Eriksson was in the meeting with Roxette (!), so I couldn’t talk with them.

Anyway, “Sen kväll med Luuk” featuring Roxette is going to be shot tomorrow. Roxette is not going to perform live, so it’s going to be just an interview with Marie and Per. The show will be shown on TV4 Nordisk on December 22.

There is no promo material released yet, the promo single of “Wish I Could Fly” is going to be in stock on December 31. The guy I talked with didn’t want to tell if the song is going to be a ballad or an up-tempo song, because he wanted “everything to be told by either the band or Li Eriksson”. However, he said that “’Wish I Could’ is not a ’Sleeping In My Car’ but it’s not ’Crash! Boom! Bang!’ either. It’s a great song, if you like Roxette.”

Roxette on Swedish TV on Dec 22

Written by roxeteer on December 9, 1998 to .

Earlier I told that Roxette will be the guest stars of season’s last Sen kväll med Luuk show. The show will broadcasted on December 22 on TV4 Nordisk.

“Listen To Your Heart” 2 million times on the air

Written by roxeteer on December 7, 1998 to .

  11 years and 4 months. That long has ’Listen To Your Heart’ been played on American radio.” During that time, “Listen To Your Heart” has been on the air 2 million times. BMI awarded Roxette for this historic event.

  Says Per: “We have never been satisfied with our record company EMI in the USA. Our greatest hits compilation wasn’t even released in the USA and even then ’Listen To Your Heart’ is so popular. It makes me really proud.”

“Have A Nice Day!” track listing!

Written by roxeteer on December 6, 1998 to .

Someone on the Roxette mailing list phoned EMI UK and got the track listing of “Have A Nice Day!”.

  1. A Crush On You
  2. Wish I Could Fly
  3. Youcantputyourarmsaroundwhatsalreadygone
  4. Waiting For The Rain
  5. Anyone
  6. It Will Take A Long Time
  7. 7/27
  8. I Was So Lucky
  9. Star
  10. Salvation
  11. Pay The Price
  12. Cooper
  13. Staring At The Ground
  14. Beautiful Thing

By the way, does anyone see “Myth” there?!!

Per gets tax refund

Written by roxeteer on December 5, 1998 to .

Last year Per paid 35 million SEK (4.4 million USD) as income tax and 6 million SEK (750000 USD) taxes for the capital he has. However, according to Expressen, he gets about 1 million SEK (125000 USD) tax refund.

Per as a reporter!

Written by roxeteer on December 5, 1998 to .

Per Gessle and ex-Abba Björn Ulvaeus have done a documentary on 70-year-old Swedish record producer Anders Burman. The documentary “Ulvaeus och Gessle i Burmans spår” will be shown on SVT1 on Christmas Day. The documentary is about Burman’s career in music business and Per and Björn interview many of the stars Burman brought to the spotlight during the 50 years he was in the business. Per has never worked with Burman, but he has a refusal letter from Burman and his company Metronome framed on his wall. “I have one from Björn and Polar [the record company Abba established], too. Neither of them was interested in Gyllene Tider.”

Roxette’s best selling albums

Written by roxeteer on December 4, 1998 to .

Expressen has listed the five best selling Roxette albums on their home page. Number one is of course “Joyride” with 10 million copies sold worldwide. “Look Sharp!” is second with 9 million copies. Then come “Tourism” (5 million), “Crash! Boom! Bang!” (4 million) and “Don’t Bore Us - Get To The Chorus!” (3.8 million).


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