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EMI Svenska: “Roxette hasn’t signed a 10-year contract”

Written by roxeteer on January 7, 1999 to .

Aftonbladet says in its article that Roxette would have recently signed a 10-year record deal with EMI. The same story was told already two years ago. I called EMI Svenska to ask what’s going on.

Li Eriksson tells: “Roxette hasn’t signed a 10-year contract with EMI. However, the negotiations are still going on. This record deal is huge and it’s been going from EMI to Per and Marie and to lawyers. It’s possible that you’ve already heard about it two years ago.”

EMI confirms that Roxette is going to have a big promotional tour, but they didn’t want to give any further details yet.

Australia & Baltic states: release in February?

Written by roxeteer on January 7, 1999 to .

According to EMI Svenska Australia and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) are going to get “Have A Nice Day” on February 22. This is quite interesting, as I just yesterday told that there’s no release date for Australia.

Roxette leaving for a PR tour

Written by roxeteer on January 7, 1999 to .

Today’s Aftobladet tells that after the release of the new album Roxette is leaving for a large PR tour. The duo will be visiting at least some South American countries, Japan, England and Germany. One of the events will also be Midem expo in Cannes, where they are promoting Swedish pop music.

Per also tells that the world tour is already being planned.

Per: “I’m not going to quit until I’m 50”

Written by roxeteer on January 7, 1999 to .

“Roxette is going towards grandeur”, says Per on Aftonbladet. Per isn’t a bit uncertain on the new album’s success. “I have no plans on quitting before I’m 50”, he says.

“Have A Nice Day” won’t definitely be the last album. “No, for heaven’s sake. Marie sings better than ever”, says Per.

Still no contract for the USA

Written by roxeteer on January 7, 1999 to .

Roxette still doesn’t have a record deal for the USA. Per and Marie were never satisfied with EMI USA which, maybe fortunately, doesn’t exist anymore. Now they have to find a new record company to release “Have A Nice Day” in the States. However, Per seems to be hopeful: “The album will be released in the USA in the summer/late summer.”

South America: good news!

Written by roxeteer on January 7, 1999 to .

EMI Argentina tells that “Have A Nice Day” will be released there on February 22. EMI Brazil tells that there the album release has been delayed a couple of days from Feb 22, but it will be released in February-March. The airplay is going to begin in Brazil on January 15. Thanks to our South American readers for this piece of information!

Australia & Asia: No release dates yet

Written by roxeteer on January 6, 1999 to .

According to [email protected] Australia and the Asian countries have no fixed release dates yet. However, EMI Svenska tells that the Australian EMI has already ordered the material for the CD manufacture.

Release dates for Hungary

Written by roxeteer on January 6, 1999 to .

[email protected] tells that EMI Hungary has announced the release dates for the album and the single. Airplay is going to start on the week of January 13. The single “Wish I Could Fly” will be in the shops on February 3 and the album release follows a month later, on March 3.

Roxette in Germany

Written by roxeteer on January 6, 1999 to .

EMI Electrola’s new media department tells that they are going to use domain for a site that promotes the new album. No further details available yet, sorry.

The release dates for Germany are now confirmed. They will be the same as in Sweden: Feb 1 for the single “Wish I Could Fly” and Feb 22 for the album.

Release dates for Finland

Written by roxeteer on January 6, 1999 to .

The release dates in Finland are the same as in Sweden (single on February 1 and album on February 22). Radio play is going to start “pretty soon, maybe next week”. EMI Finland hasn’t yet received the promo singles, but they have a few “unofficial advance listening CD’s which are only for EMI internal distribution”. EMI Finland is planning to promote the album on MTV3 web portal where Real Audio files will be available for download.


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