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TV show to be shot tomorrow

Written by roxeteer on December 13, 1998 to .

I talked with EMI Svenska’s promotion department today. Unfortunately the people who would have known the current situation best were unavailable at the moment; Karin Häggblom was sick (she’s away until January!) and Li Eriksson was in the meeting with Roxette (!), so I couldn’t talk with them.

Anyway, “Sen kväll med Luuk” featuring Roxette is going to be shot tomorrow. Roxette is not going to perform live, so it’s going to be just an interview with Marie and Per. The show will be shown on TV4 Nordisk on December 22.

There is no promo material released yet, the promo single of “Wish I Could Fly” is going to be in stock on December 31. The guy I talked with didn’t want to tell if the song is going to be a ballad or an up-tempo song, because he wanted “everything to be told by either the band or Li Eriksson”. However, he said that “’Wish I Could’ is not a ’Sleeping In My Car’ but it’s not ’Crash! Boom! Bang!’ either. It’s a great song, if you like Roxette.”

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