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The best in the year 1998

Written by roxeteer on December 27, 1998 to .

Aftonbladet has listed the hottest Swedish artists of 1998. Roxette is #16 and Per Gessle #18 on the list. Rather interesting, I would say, as Roxette didn’t even release anything in 1998!

On Expressen, Per tells his favorite tunes of 1998. “A top year of hit singles”, says Per. “Favorites? I like songs such as ’Rockefeller skank’ by Fatboy Slim, ’All ’bout the money’ by Meja, Cardigans’ ’My Favourite Game’ and ’Big Big World’ by Emilia.”

German release in March

Written by roxeteer on December 27, 1998 to .

According to EMI Electrola’s web site, “Have A Nice Day!” will be released in Germany in March. There’s no further details available yet.

“Have A Nice Day!” tracklisting removed

Written by roxeteer on December 27, 1998 to .

The Official Roxette Fan Club has recently removed the tracklisting of “Have A Nice Day!” from their news page. EMI Svenska asked them to remove it, because EMI didn’t want it to be published yet.

Send a Roxette greetings card

Written by roxeteer on December 24, 1998 to .

The site provides also four different Roxette greetings cards, ready to be send over the Internet. The page is in Swedish, but it’s easy to use: just select the card you wish to send, type in the email address you want to send the card to, then put your name and the message to be attached with your card. Finally click the “Skicka” button.

Roxette Recordings?

Written by roxeteer on December 22, 1998 to .

In June 1997 I wrote on TDR: “Per has said that the next Roxette album will be released on Roxette’s own record label -“. Apparently this is true. Look at; there’s a tiny logo on the left bottom corner that says “Roxette Recordings” if I can see it right!

“Wish I Could Fly” sound clip available on Jan 3

Written by roxeteer on December 22, 1998 to .

The fan club has got a permission from EMI Svenska to put a 30-second sound clip of “Wish I Could Fly” on their web site. The sound clip will be available for dowloading on fan club’s news page on Jan 3, 1999 00:00:01 CET. is working!

Written by roxeteer on December 22, 1998 to .

The official site of “Have A Nice Day” is now working. The pages are only in Swedish. There is a link to Boxman where you can pre-order “Wish I Could Fly” CD single and “Have A Nice Day!” album. There’s also a mailinglist. Everyone subscribing the mailinglist also enters a competition. Java game (what has Asteroids to do with Roxette???) was out of order yesterday, but now it seems to be working.

The layout of the page is… hmm… exotic?

“Have A Nice Day!” will have an official website

Written by roxeteer on December 20, 1998 to .

“Have A Nice Day!” will be the first Roxette album to have its own web site. The URL of the site is and it’s already online. I did some research and it seems that the address is registered to SlashX Stockholm, which is the new media division of DesignX Stockholm. Karl-Magnus Olsson from DesignX designed the cover of “The World According To Gessle”.

The picture on the first page of is quite horrible. I hope the album cover won’t be as awful…

“Wish I Could Fly” video tells about nightlife

Written by roxeteer on December 19, 1998 to .

The video for Roxette’s new single, “Wish I Could Fly” was shot in a luxury apartment on Strandvägen, Stockholm. The apartment is not owned by Per as I said before. However, Per’s huge apartment is very near on the same street. The apartment where the video was shot is owned by a private person and it was totally renovated for the video.

“It is a stirring, a bit of mystic, dramatic and sensual video. That’s what Jonas is very good at”, says Marie on Expressen. The video tells about nightlife. One of scenes is Marie waking up in the middle of the night and going to kitchen to have a glass of milk.

The video is directed by Jonas Åkerlund, famous for Madonna’s “Ray Of Light” and Cardigans’ “My Favorite Game”. Many of his videos have been censored on MTV, Per’s “Kix” being one of those. “I hope we aren’t censored this time”, says Per. Jonas promises that “Wish I Could Fly” won’t be censored, but “that’s what I always say” adds Jonas.

“Have A Nice Day!” track listing - update

Written by roxeteer on December 18, 1998 to .

Roxette Fan Club has also the track listing on their web site. However, there are slight differences in the two listings. First of all they have all the words written together! Here’s their version of the track listing:

  1. CrushOnYou

    fast, danceable up-tempo song, sung by Per and chorus by Marie

  2. WishICouldFly

    mid-tempo, sung by Marie

  3. Youcantputyourarmsaroundwhatsalreadygone

    mid-tempo, sung by Per

  4. WaitingForTheRain

    sixties style, mid-tempo, sung by Marie

  5. IWasSoLucky

    up-tempo, sung by Marie

  6. ItWillTakeALongTime

    mid-tempo, sung by Marie

  7. 7twenty7

  8. Anyone

  9. Star

  10. Salvation

    ballad, sung by Marie

  11. PayThePrice

  12. Cooper

  13. StaringAtTheGround

    ballad, sung by both

  14. BeautifulThing

    ballad, sung and written by Marie


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