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Roxette was the best-selling Scandinavian act of 2002

Written by roxeteer on September 24, 2003 to .

The traditional World Music Awards will be held in Monte Carlo on October 12th. Roxette will receive an award for being the best-selling Scandinavian act of the year 2002. Their only new releases during that year were “The Ballad Hits” compilation and the single “A Thing About You”, but Roxette still beat other artists by selling over one million copies.

  Roxette received the same award in the year 2000. Back then, they also performed live in the gala. This year Per and Marie are not attending.


that is ssssoooo great! will they performing live too?

What is Roxette’s total album sales now? Thanks, Rich-UK

I have just red the whole article :P they’re not even attending...

Does anyone know what other Scandinavian acts did release anything in 2002?

Looks like that at least many international artists from Finland skipped that year completely. They released albums in 2000 and 2001, and then in 2003.

The only one I was able to find was Nightwish and “Century Child”, but I don’t know any sales figures.

a-ha were around with their Lifelines album.

da capo, ace of base?

only over 1 million copies sold and that makes them the biggest Nordic act of the year!
Gone are the days of the 90´s when Ace Of Base sold easily millions and millions of records!

And Aqua and Rednex did, too!

Nope, 1 million worldwide.

I don’t think “Da Capo” sold anything near 1.000.000 copies. Maybe 300.000 if at all, the charting was very poor. But the album itself was poor as well! ;-P


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