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“Radio” climbs in Canada

Written by iseggie on February 24, 2011 to and . Source: Much Music.

TORONTO - Since Roxette's latest single "Radio" was officially released in Canada, Canada's biggest music network Much Music has added the video to its Muchmore playlist where it's at #10 at the moment. This is huge.




It’s great news........amazing, no doubt......loving to see Roxette back...I really hope that like Look Sharp, the second single is going to improve things....
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

SERIOUSLY!?! This IS huge! I couldn’t have imagined this...I think “Sleeping In My Car” was the last vid to get any major airplay on either of Muchmusic’s stations (and it finally reached #1) They did do promo for DBUGTTC but I don’t remember much after that...of course i also haven’t had cable for the last 10 years :-)

Really REALLY great news! Leaves me very optimistic about an appearance over here later this year...

jag vill känna tro

#9 at this moment – keep in mind this isn’t the official weekly video countdown, but a playlist rotation.
Hopefully “Radio” will make the official video countdown soon :-)

Would probably do well in the UK too, guess we’ll never know.

That is awesome news!!

Holy Moley. It’s happening.

Thanks for the info, Ian!

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

Radio colleagues of mine have told me tonight Roxette has also been picked up by BDS Radio (Nielsen) which is the official radio measurement for music in Canada, it’s on Radio’s Radar! I have also been told it will be added to several more radio stations very soon...... Email Much Music, Email your local stations, anyone who has an address and tell them to play it.

@fridapeeples: “Wish I Could Fly” made it into rotation on MuchMoreMusic and even charted there (#12 I think), which was the first Roxette single to get regular rotation since “Crash! Boom! Bang!” in 1994. I’m THRILLED to see that “Radio” is getting some attention on these shores, and if they get a few more adds this week at radio... well, who knows? There’s no reason the song couldn’t be a hit here, people still remember Roxette in a sort of fond, ’back in high school’ kind of way so if nothing else people are at least going to be curious to hear what they sound like today. And they sound AMAZING!!! :-D


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