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Roxette enters German singles chart

Written by eBay on February 8, 2011 to and .

"She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" enters the official German singles chart at #18!  This is Roxette's biggest hit in the third biggest music market worldwide since "Sleeping In My Car" hit #11 back in 1994.  


That’s awesome!!! I haven’t thought so.

Maybe it can enter the TOP-10 after their performance at “Wetten, dass...”-TV-Show with about 10.000.000 people watching it.

Great news!

Congratulations, Per & Marie!

May this be just the first of many successes to come with Roxette reborn!

great, congratulations roxette!!!!!!!!
I hope Michelle Hunzikher at “Wetten dass...?”, will bring good luck!!!!!!

The third? I thought it was the U.S.A., the UK and Japan...

Whatever, WICF was ’only’ #26 in Germany, and this song gets to #18. It’s simply hillarious.

A top 10 hit must be a peace of cake! ROX ON!

Amazing news! I’m sure this is music to Marie and Per’s ears... it’s the younger crowd that buys singles, perhaps Roxette is touching a new generation all over again. Awesome song, can’t wait to hear it live (?) on “Wetten Dass...?” this weekend!

I think “Radio” will be eligible for the singles chart in Sweden finally this Friday (since the maxi CD only came out on Jan. 28th)... interesting to see what happens there, given that both “Silly Really” and “Där Du Andas” opened at #1...

Wouldn’t hold my breath Chris. The song isn’t much played here in Sweden...

really really great news for such a good song. ;-)

did you know any other chartpositions (other countries) or did they came on friday? -would be soooo great see roxette into the top 10!
think charm school could have the pole-position in germany. ;-)

@tevensso: Surely more than “Där Du Andas” though, right? (-; But, yeah, I guess “Radio” isn’t in a summer film, either. I wonder if for the purposes of calculating the charts they add up all the digital sales prior to the maxi single release? It seems weird that the song could hit #14 on DigiListan but not be eligible for the official chart, yet Britney Spears’ new single (not available as a maxi CD in Sweden, as far as I can tell) is already on the official chart based only on its downloads. Who knows how these things work anymore? I just learned that the number of streams in Spotify counts now too... super-confusing!!

Uh, weird... Yes I can’t imagine that “Där du andas” was played a single time. :)

This is IMMENSE. Before I checked what place, I thought I’d be happy with a Top 50 place, but never in earth I expected *this*.
Now whats happening after Wetten Dass...? ???


Niiiiiceeeeee!!! *purr* ....third biggest market...that sounds cool! You are very welcome here you know that!

Fantastic News :-) I wonder if VIVA will play the video in the Chart-Show :-)

Looking forward to “Wetten Dass...”

Have A Nice Day

Great Chart succes compared to their singlechart positions in the last 15 years in Germany! I doubt the song will rise higher. Usually comeback singles enter the charts on their peak position like the Alphaville Comebacksingle “I’d die for you today” in december or november on postion 13 wich fell in the next weak down to soething auround 30 , but I surely hope that radio will gain some postions after “wetten dass???” wich should push the album and the tour even more. I’m persuaded the album will enter the top 5 or top 3 in the first week.

I wish the charts weren’t that important. I wish Marie and Per would be satisfied with their music and their fans and the tour and not care too much about the charts and sales of the album. :)

No Radio on WD.., only medley? “Bei Wetten, dass..? in Halle gibt Roxette mit einem Medley ihrer größten Hits schon einen Vorgeschmack, was die Fans erwarten dürfen.”

Can´t believe, would be stupid to have a new song and play only the old songs. :-( People wait for new ones behind all the years, such a cool song and they want didn´t play it... I’m very disappointed when tis information is true.

Nice little movie about the comeback of Roxette from, the page of a german weekly news magazine.
They show pictures of Marie and tell mainly the story of her illness and how the idea of a comeback came up.

Don’t worry, they will play a medley of “The Look”, “It must have been love” and the main part will be “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”

they did fantastic actually! shame only that the shows presenter only mentioned charm school being released but he did not mention she’s got nothing on.. instead he actually applauded them saying “she’s got the look..”

Marie looked so good and seemed to be in absolute great form. Geez, I really need to get my tickets for the tour now as I am sure that in the German speaking countries it will be sold out after that performance viewed by millions!

excellent :) Radio could be perfect on the stage at the tour
Gottschalk can’t speak as the fans dont want to stop chanting ro-xette ;)

So the show was watched by 10.5 million Germans. There is a good chance of “she’s got nothing on..” becoming a bigger hit and “Charm School” entering pole position in the German charts! Fingers crossed!!


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