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Brazilian site jumps the gun and puts single on sale over one week early

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 31, 2010 to , , and .

(Updated) - Brazilian portal UOL has somehow jumped the gun and made "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" available for purchase today, even though the international release date is scheduled for January 7th.  A fan browsing UOL (which is extremely popular in Brazil) discovered this fact late Thursday evening (early Friday morning in Brazil) and purchased the song. Other fans in Brazil were then made aware of the availability of the song on UOL via a post on Orkut's (similar to Facebook) "Roxette Community" and by middle-of-the-night phone calls to each other.  How exactly this happened is unknown, but apparently there was either a breakdown in communication between EMI Brazil and UOL, or there was a programming error on UOL's side, as the site does cite 2011 as the release year.

UPDATE: EMI Sweden contacted EMI Brazil about this mistake, and they in turn contacted UOL.  The single is no longer available (until the proper release date). 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Obviously, this was a mistake. It's a mistake that — if not contained — has the potential of doing harm to Roxette's sales chart success, as a coordinated release has more impact and much effort has been put into marketing strategies.  We urge fans in Brazil (and now sadly elsewhere) to resist the temptation to "share" the song with others. We strongly believe that having waited this long for Roxette to make a complete return, that all of us can and should wait until the song's official release date.  We implore you not to think you are doing someone a favor by "sharing" the song with them, because in doing so… you are doing Roxette a disfavor.  It should also be noted that in writing this story and editoral, we became aware that the team behind RoxetteBrazil made a similar appeal.  —LEO 



Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Why am I not surprised?? Hope we dont have another fiasco like 2006...


well, as far as I could see on FB/T the first non-Brazilian already heard the song!!!!!! and fans already ask for the song. WAY TO GO!!!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

How long before one of us gets asked for it.

Would be good to hear what Per thinks about this...


How stupid can you be? You are not a fan if you illegally share the song. If Roxette are harmed in this long awaited comeback Brazil will ALWAYS be responsible in our minds! DON” T EVEN SEARCH IN YOUTUBE FOR THE SONG! PLEASE!!!!!!!

Calm down. Any true Roxette fan, such as myself, is going to want to buy and own the genuine item. For me that is the CD, because the sound quality is superior with CDs compared to mp3’s, and the booklet is a must. Look how fans want special editions, etc. The average listener and buyer probably won’t even know of the Brazilian mistake. Us genuine fans would never do anything to harm our idols, Roxette.

Lv xox

Please understand Alex... that there are many, MANY fans in Brazil who are as surprised and concerned about this as any fan in any other country would be.

I don’t see a problem here either, if a fan shares the song with other fans! The fans just want to hear the song and will BUY the song anyway - most of them will buy several versions! I ordered the CD-single and will download it legally to have it earlier, but I would love to hear it right now!
To be honest, to “no-fans” Roxette are not so interesting anymore. I mean nobody really cares about a new Roxette-single except the true fans and wouldn’t even search the net for it!!!! I hope that would change again in 2011 with hopefully a great new album, but that’s the way it is in my opinion!

Very well said, bl girl....thanks. I do the same as you do getting all versions available for my precious collection. Happy listening whenever that may be! :)

It’s your opinion and of course free to do what you want. It is our opinion not to support such actions and we won’t allow sharing the song here. That’s all about it :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Tomorrow it is 2011 and they are still selling songs like it is 1985! They send songs to radio stations before te single gets out... and then people complain that the song is available for illegal download 1 week before the actual release date. Does it not make more sense to make the song available for download 2 days before it hits the radio. Who want to sit and wait for a song for 1 week after radio release if they can download it now... If I had the option of downloading it now and paying for it I would do it... but if it is available for downloading illigaly now I am definatly not going to wait... I will obviously buy the song when it comes out but other people will do the latter and not worry about puchasing the song.

They already changed a lot with pairing airplay and release date on Jan 7!

Unfortunately it seems unavoidable that much awaited songs get leaked on the net these days. So Roxette is in good company and shouldn’t suffer harder than others, hopefully! Actually I’m surprised the single didn’t appear in some file-sharing yet. Will the single count to Brasilian charts already or has it to be “logged-on” specially (like for example singles in Germany)?

Well... its all over the place now!!!

I did find it, but will be buying the iTunes version no matter what!!

PLEASE don’t post ANY links to download the song here. They WILL be deleted...


Oh my Word that is one WEIRD song! Seriously Weird!

Does sound odd, but its fun!! very Per!!! LOVE IT!!! Cannot wait to buy the track and the Album!!!

I’m going to listen to it on January 7, I don’t understand why someone had to release the song earlier... but I guess that’s normal these days

perhaps this is not a new problem: before or after the opportunity for someone to illegally download the song would come, I think the problem is not now, but when the single will be released on radio and at that point the interest in buying the single will come in many most people today and how many of these will do so legally?

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t want anyone to put a link down here!!! I’m just saying if I would get a hold of the song I would share it in PRIVATE my Rox-friends!!!

Hi there!
well, i promise not to say a word of the song for those who CAN wait ( i couldn’t) but one thing: u will love it,that’s it ;) ah! and don’t judge it for its 30 secs preview!

It is not a Britney or Gaga song that has been filted on the net,so ,it wasn’t a little complicated to get it but it’s there...

u will love it,i cannot stop to listening to it ;)

as i read above,it’s weird :)

and the fact to get it now doesn’t change my idea to get it on iTunes ;)

Regards from Spain

Very - how to say - Gessleish. :D I really love this fresh sound (esp. during chorus and middle8). Chorus is really strong. Verses are little bit strange, little bit retro. As I wrote, very Gessleish. PS: Hope this sound will preserve also on the whole album. But I’m not sure if this one will be favourite of ’guys with acoustic guitar’.

No requests for the songs please!


can’t i edit my comment? i wanted to say it WAS a little complicated to get it,as this is not a Britney’s or Gaga song that once they are leaked they spread all over the net as a virus! :p

U will love it... can’t wait to January 7th to know what all you people think! :)

An article about the song basically being leaked then request we dont ask for it... umm... if you didnt want anyone here to know it was out there, why have the story?

It does say in the article that TDR and RoxetteBrasil WON’T accept anyone asking for the song.


because it IS news.. the same request will be valid on January 7th or when the album is out.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

It’s easy to find the whole song on the net. I truly hope it won’t affect Roxette in any way,
though I am sure the fans will buy it after all. Me, as being a crazy collector, I sure will!

I hope this incident won’t get bigger proportions, since it was UOL’s fault. No user, brazilian or not, stole the song from any place to share with his/her mates. UOL is getting money doing this, and probably they’d have much less people buying the song from UOL if it’s available in other sites, as Amazon. I think a REAL fan of Roxette, even if hear the song now, will buy the complete album, or single, when available in stores. I know I’ll buy, like all the other albuns they have, because I LOVE Roxette, and can’t wait to see the duo live, next year. Happy new year to all!

This is normal with every ’first single’ for a decade, since internet boom. That’s why I told some weeks ago, that sales should start the same day as a single radio premiere and as much ’worldwide’ as possible, cos it’s the only defence companies/artists can do. That was also the plan, single premiere, release, video premiere, all in one next Friday. Very clever solution, finally! But mistakes happens. Hope this leak will not affect the sales so much.

i found it very easy, will buy it of course and i like it ...

but for me, a shorter end without per’s »orgasm-noise« would have been much better!

The real fans will buy it anyway! So I dont understand the fuzz about it!!
A great song!! The best since the singles from the crash album!!

Love it!!

yes, it’s happen!! the song is on internet to download on many sites!! aghhh

I am in Brazil. I am a fan for a long time (since Look Sharp!). Recently I registered here. I ordered the single on Bengans because EMI Brazil only release the album. Thus, I will have to wait more to 7 January, but this is no problem: I’m accustomed.

I think the problem is not download the single on UOL (if the single is available to buy, then it’s official, this is not a pirate site), the problem is to pass, even to another fan. That’s not right. It is a crime. Whoever does this is criminal. I’m worried now in case of a person who is not fan, download the single and pass it.

In fact, unfortunately, few people care to buy the original disc.

I want to kill these sons of bitches (sorry for the words).

Hugs to all to act fairly, fair, with his idol.

To moderators: I am available to help in any proceedings to stop selling the single on UOL

It’s too late. :)

Well, it was obviously a mistake by the website, I don’t think all the brazilians must be considered guity. No one stole anything, the one who got the song Paid for it so... if they want to share it’s each one’s conscience.

The shows here in Brazil are almost all sold out. And I know that several people from the Orkut Comunity already pre-ordered the single, the album in both releases and the LP. Real big fans will buy it anyway. Including me... So I don’t believe the incident will harm Roxette.

This is ridiculous. I can’t understand why all this mess because of it. OF COURSE we gonna buy it.
All the tickets were sold in Brazil and there’s no reason to not buy the single because we have the song to download.

Not is a question of conscience. Who share, like I said are committing a crime, it is criminal

Well santiago, yes it’s a crime according to the law, but many people don’t see it that way. So to those people it is a matter of conscience.

If you pay for a single to the official website for me ok!

But to share something to has not been released in the rest of the world, this is wrong. Who does that have to go to hell all we go to jail. You never downloaded anything from internet? AHHHHH OK!! C’mon...and we pay for it ok...we didn’t stole anything

I will buy CD Single, iTunes single, CD album, Vinyl Album......... but I’m listening mp3 just now.
I’ve been waiting 10 years for this moment!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!
But I won’t say anything in Facebook, Tweeter,etc. This is a ’gift’ only for Roxette’s Fans.
I think you (The Daily Roxette) make more disfavour to Roxette posting this mistake to all the world (net) than private Roxette’s Fans sharing....
It’s my honest opinion.

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Go Roxvet, agree with you.

I’m listening the single too, but i can’t wait to buy all new stuff!! I think nowadays this is totally normal!! I had RS album 1 month before it was released. This is internet. Don’t worry, real fans like us will buy all new cd, vinyls, single,....
Don’t fight and listen the new song!! We’re waiting 10 years for new album!!
Tev, do you ask Per about this? What happen now with the promo, the release date,...?

Someone has to be blamed.

However, it seems that is no longer available.


did anyone once lend a book to a friend? some pants? a pen? or something like that? ohhh!! it is a crime!if someone eles need a book or a pen should buy it, think in the people who made those pants,those pens, and so on...
oh please!!!!!!....
i got it downloaded like all from here sure have it and don’t say it,and it doesn’t it the fact i will buy it.
and those brazilian people PAID for the song,so ??? if they paid gor the song and want to lend it to other fan until January 7th when the single will be available worldwire, i don’t see any harm....
i hope i made myself clear :)

it’s available all around internet!! i found it on some links, and youtube,....!!! It’s too late.

@santiago I know you have already downloaded the song.... don’t you?

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

No, but if the single was still available on UOL will do, because the site is official and I would pay for it.

But download from the internet could not do it.

I can wait until the single I bought by Bengans arrive at my house, what will happen long after Jan. 7 because of the time the mail

havent logged in into tdr since they closed the forums, but still read tdr here and then...and i havent read anything better for a long period of time. the single leacked a few days before official release? so what? can there be a better promo ? and that kind of promo costs simply nothing.
and please can anyone tell me what is wrong to listen to the song on youtube - as a real fan since look sharp i sure wont be satisfied with a youtube - version, and i guess no fan, die hard or not, will be satisfied with crappy youtube ore crappy downloads. so we all are going to buy it in any case.
btw, way to seldom said

magnificant song. well done, per and marie!
thx a lot for bringing back some strange feelings i always have when new roxette material came along.

and to all that cant wait (like me); listen on youtube, get a real good day listen to it whole day (like me), dont post download links and get even a better day when u get a good legal download, or, if available, the cd or vinyl.
and a happy 2011 to all!

“It’s a mistake that — if not contained — has the potential of doing harm to Roxette’s sales chart success...”

What chart success? Sorry, but I doubt this song will be a hit. I doubt any radio could take such a dated song seriously. Did you expected this song to be a #1? I don’t think the leak could make any harm at all.

Fernanda, if you downloaded the site UOL okay. I repeat: it’s official, though obviously there was an error made available. But if you download otherwise ....

Those who download the net (youtube and others) should go to jail yes!

My material is all official, including various promotional singles which won (never bought campaign) from a friend whose father was a representative of EMI and a friend of a radio announcer.

I’m not criticizing, it’s just my opinion as a lawyer and as a fan.

Look, you’re Brazilian, right? So you know well that most to buy half price for the show is not actually a student, but has a fake ID.

The total of my tickets for the SP, POA, RJ and BH was more than R $ 900.00, I can send you copies of tickets to check. I could also get a student ID and pay half that, but it is not correct.

I honestly do not think anyone who buys (download or other means of getting illegal stuff) to leak is not true fans.

Hey Santiago...just relax!!!
Everything will be alright! I´m also a big Rox7 fan...actually since Look Sharp.
Great song!!
Happy New Year!!!

Go to jail for that is not available to purchase? hahahahaha so funny. Once the song is available to buy and someone still have the song with them without paying for it then there is a case... but at the moment there is a song on the net available to download that is not available to purchase... whos fault is that? they shoud have given the go ahead to sell the song everywhere the minute they found out it is available for download. Once they are ready to take our money then we will give it..

We’ll NEVER do something to prejudice Roxette. it’s not our fault if the single “leak” at the UOL Store. Those who bought it are truly fans, excited for the new album, happy for the tour... It’s not bad. And the community “Roxette Brasil” at Orkut are fighting for Roxette. We’re reporting every link that share the music before the release. Every video at youtube, every link at 4shared. It’s not our fault... As Marie said a couple of times: “I’m sorry...”

I’m a downloader freak. And i don’t give a ... for what someone says about laws. I’m not a minor fan because of it. But i had in my mind that the original issue’s better than ever. There’s no way to get an Vinyl downloading it. And i love Vinyls. Above all, i love Roxette, not the money that they got or got to got. It’s ridiculous. The world has change and i think that the ’art’ market is a nightmare. To hear the single is what everyone has wainting for. Can’t understand the angry of the ones who don’t like to download. Cada um é cada um. I’m broken because all of my Brazilian Tickets (4 Shows) costs $3,081,00. And i’ll pay the price to see them as far as i can get. So, i’m such a bastard fan, i’m not a “true fan” just because i’m curious and want to get this single now right now, as almost everyone else. (LOL) *I didn’t found the single to buy or download anymore (everyone here got the official message and want to collaborate), but man, i heard it a lot on youtube and I LOVE IT.

Thank you, Per! Amazing song.

reminds me of do you wanna be my baby a bit. Tremendous.

uhm i wasn’t going to but I did....and well it’s very retro, i don’t think it going to be another wicf but it definately will chart better than one wish....gonna listen again...shame on me
ok i’m still gonna buy the single it’s gonna be the first single i bought since real sugar...the chorus gets in your head..i get the odd sense though that this is gonna stand out the same way gut feeling did on party won’t really fit with the remainder of the album.....marie is too ” tacked on” to the song..the middle 8 is cool

so say we all

I really like it A LOT, sounds like Roxette without repeating themselves. It is stronger than One wish both as beat and lyrics.

Do you know whether El Corte Inglés and fnac would sell the single on Januaryn 7 in Spaibn. Thanks?

Yes, I am calm. I just get too upset about certain things. Do not judge anyone. I want everyone to have the music, but in a legal manner.

The argument that makes 10 years since the last album did not convince me. Also not, that will then buy the single, album.

Just watch the movie “The Elite Squad”: The drug user is also responsible for all illness from the traffic.

I wish you a happy new year too, my friend.

I hope you have many realizations


The song is so great! But I’m sorry for Roxette about that mistake...

@Santiago: are you new here? :) Just leave it, sometimes it is useless to try to make a (good) point here.
Feliz año nuevo!!


They should share the vocal line by line. It would be great. The song doesn’t have a power, but when Marie comes - this three lines are just amazing. It shows how this song could sound if there was more Marie.

I agree with some of the criticisms, but think it’s the best Roxette chorus since 1996. Love the final chorus with Per and Marie. Just wish the ending was shortened by about 30 seconds (or that more was done with that part).

From January 1, no one can smoke in public places in Spain. I hope all the people that smokes in a public place goes to the jail........

I don’t want to argue with anyone. I’ve got the song and I have not shared it with anybody.

I even want to post in Facebook that I already have the new song and I will not do it until January 7. I keep on thinking that there is no problem with real Roxette’s fans sharing the song between us. But I think it is...harmful? announce in this webpage that the song is out on the net.

Ok, it’s all news, but if you don’t say anything, I don’t look for the song until January 7.

Do you understand me?

Sorry for my bad english.

Happy New RoxYear for all!!!!!!!!!!!

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

It’s funny how artists get all flipped out nowadays about breaking release dates, when it used to be so easy to find the white-label advanced copies of albums at certain record stores - the copies sent weeks in advance to radio stations. I got Tourism a month before it was released that way.

But isn’t the real risk to sales the fact that people are gonna hear the song and not buy it because they don’t like it?

A lot of drama around here! The theory of the leak affectting the ’hit potential’ of the song lacks more substance than the Roswell alien autopsy.

Gotta say, it’s a wicked song.


Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Oh please don’t panic, just shut up. I’ve just downloaded the song and what the hell is it gonna change? I will but the album anyway. Lots of noise, much ado about nothing.

pretty much what I expected... another realsugaronewishopportunitynoxpartycrasher-clone... all the stuff that never worked outside the rox-fanatics-camp. too simple, too clumsy, too obvious. the part between 1.33 and 2.02 is strong, some of the vocal arrangements are good... but the rest? basically the song is over at 2.20 but it keeps repeating over and over again. it´s almost annoying. my gosh... where´s the magic of the good ol´ days gone to?
and to all the leaky drama-queen fascists... if people consider this song worth spending money on they will buy it, otherwise they won´t. it´s that simple. but hey... now you got someone to blame for the lack of forthcoming success.

Fantastic song. Much better then their previous pop attempts. I’m sure it’s gonna get a lot of attention.

joyrider said: but for me, a shorter end without per’s »orgasm-noise« would have been much better!

Yeah, don’t know why he threw that in there, the outro seems to drag a little, but otherwise it’s a great song. I love Marie’s input in the song, the chorus is so damn catchy.

Not sure if it will do anything in the Aus charts though (if it even gets a release).

There seems to be a few people comparing it to their older songs and saying it’s not as good. What makes this any different/worse than The Look? The lyrics in TL are much more nonsensical than SGNO(BTR) and there is the constant repeated NA NA NA’s. It’s just that it’s the song they hit it big with back in ’89.

Hi all out there, here a roxette fan from barcelona, Spain, 32.

I didn’t expect this ... oh wait! maybe... TCOTH and napster? I think every roxette fan will buy the album, even ig they don’t like the song.Come on, half the people who use internet will be in jail.

As for the song... after 10 years expecting a new album can’t say if is ”good” or ”bad” all I know is ’roxette is back’, that’s what matters.I’m sure, on the other hand, this will not top charts, is not the roxette we knew, that died with TCOTH.This is more Gessle than other thing, marie is fitted here and there but nothing more.But for gessle fans, as I am, it’s a nice song, nothing else.It’s important to understand what marie can do and what she isn’t able to do.

Per must be pissed.
Now, to find the song.

I will LEGALLY buy the song from Bengans and if it ever gets released in Australia.

But I have just listened to it online.

Oh boy.

Yeah, not fantastic is it?

After 10 years of NO Marie, why am I listening to Per trying to hit a note? Wouldn’t it have been better if Marie did the first verse. Per did the second. Marie did the 3rd. Per did the 4th. Keep the chorus as is?

Why oh why are they not using a song where Marie is on the lead for the international community? [And I’ve always been more of a Per guy]

Someone here said it best when they said the song ends at 2.02 and the rest is repeating itself.

Geez, this ain’t the best.

Deep down I think we were all expecting a little too much, like another ’The Look’ or something. It does however sound like a song on the radio now in these times.
Per did mention songs where they’re both singing parts. I thought they would be sharing verses in this but its not to be. Good to hear Per give a verse a little oommphh! I haven’t heard that for a while. It’s an odd feeling to be perfectly honest about this song. Rips into chorus really well and it will have people singing along.

The lead single is always the most commercial sounding, weakest in many cases... the rest will be better... it has been always the case.. but I do love the track...

I’m confused as to why people are saying they have waited 10 years for this and that in some cases people are saying they have also waited that long to hear Marie sing???? I think people must be hung over from too much to drink last night on New Year’s Eve and it has affected their memory.

I mean in terms of a whole brand new album yes it has been 10 years but:

2002 - A Thing About You - both Per and Marie singing - then there was the bonus EP that Marie sung 3 out of the 4 songs and not to mention Marie sung all of Breathe.

2003 - The Pop Hits - Yes Per sung Opportunity Nox, Little Miss Sorrow and 3 out of the 4 songs on the EP. But Marie made up for it by singing Makin Love To You LOL

2006 - One Wish - Both Per and Marie singing.

2007 - Reveal - Marie sings most of this song.

I think I will now go and ’borrow’ the new song to listen to, hopefully when I am walking down the street I might see Per’s Ferrari parked up with the keys in the ignition then I can go and ’borrow’ his car for a while, and I can listen to the new ’borrowed’ song while hooning around in the’s not often I comment on this website, but after 10 years not much has changed, I feel sorry for the moderators.......

Totally agree.The more i hear the song the more I’m liking it.The chorus is magnificent.

Yes, the chorus is magnificent. The whole part after third verse (1:25-2:55) is one big Roxettish chorus. I fell in love with its sound, yes, I like synths, it makes this song really fresh and fits perfectly to its danceable beat. Agree with somebody that there’s too much Per’s groaning in last part of the song, but anyway the song is brilliant (esp. with headphones!). And Marie rocks amazingly in her parts, she adds another level to that song.
I have no problem with too much Per, most first singles are Per’s job. The Look, Joyride, How Do You Do, The Center..., A Thing About You, Opportunity Nox. So where’s the problem? I’ m sure there will be at least 60/40 Marie/Per vocals on the album. Some of the complains with ’NO Per’ reminds me these childish posts with ’NO Helena’ back in 2005. I can understand that someone don’t like the song, but it’s only first song from 12 newly recorded. Take it easy and don’t be affraid, Marie is back in Roxette and this time definitely.

drugs are only popular because they have useres, illegal downloading is only popular because peopel do it. IF per and emi didnt’ want it to happen there wouldn’t have been advance promos to any major distributor. If they were that concerned the links would be pulled off of youtube. In the internet age all promotion is good promotion. Even in the internet age tcoth sold well, mntnh sold well, rs broke a million copies....all this brash name calling and crying is exactly why the forums don’t exist. The original person who leaked the song paid for it. It’s much in the way like what I did with my penpal in hong kong when she couldn’t get her hands on music by the indigo girls...I bought the album, dubbed her a tap and after that once she got the internet she BOUGHT copies for herself...get over your self importance, enjoy the music because some day it will be all gone

so say we all

Yes, it’s unfortunate that the single was inadvertantly released early, but if it wasn’t that it would have more than likely still happend either today, or tomorrow etc.

I’d take a guess that 95%+ of the people that have heard it already will be buying it when it is officially released, along with the album. It won’t affect sales.

I can’t imagine anyone these days buys an album/song blindly without youtubing/sampling the song/s before they decide to buy it. The ONLY thing that this hurts is the official premiere of the song... and I don’t think there’s been anything announced like a TV show or similar.

I listened to it, couldn’t resist. I think I will be listening to it the whole day now cos it’s great great great!!!! Magnificent song, I think it will be a success!!!!Btw it was so great to see Roxette on TV on new year night!!!Per and Marie you are fantastic!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!


After listening to it a few dozen times, the chorus is VERY catchy. The groove is dynamite. Kicks off with this thumping, groovy 70’s bass. The kinky ice-breaking guitar riff jangles the music up very well.

It’s better than what I first thought and it is growing on me. I like the music and it’s kinda quirky “groovy” vibe. Still not sold on Per’s vocals on some of the high notes, especially when you have Marie waiting in the wings to belt out the lines, but hey, it’s fantastic to be listening to a NEW ROXETTE SINGLE!

So far, not too bad.

Well, I have ordered the following items already at
1. Charm School - standard edition
2. Charm School - lp
3. Charm School - deluxe edition
4. She’s Got Nothing On - cd single

So, I got the song too ahead of time, and I don’t feel guilty for I have spend a fair deal of money already and I will even buy the SA edition of Charm School too, so I will have 4 different versions of the album. So...I don’t feel guilty because Roxette got their money!!

I must say....the song IS to die for!!!!! Marie sings the bridge, and it reminds me of some of Madonna’s work. VERY catchy song. I like the mix between 1980’s and 2010’s in the sound. It’s genius!!! Well done!!! Now, if we can only get the song to be #1 in the USA too!!!

Roxette is back with a vengeance!!! And Marie’s voice sounds better than ever!!!!

Is it just me or are no one having having problems with the way is pronoucing or inanciating the words lately......? he is not complething his words you can hear it clearly in the first 3 words he sings in the song then you get used to it...

It feels like they only do one take with his vocals lately and that is it...

don’t know is it just me... its sounds a bit sloppy especailly right at the end where he sings take my breath away ah ha


Get a life seriously... your comparison is totally stupid... is his ferrari for sale in 5 days... cause then I would like to take it for a test drive like i did with the song before I buy.


I’m sure EMI will release East European Version of the album as well - it will include a 4-pages booklet. So you have to add one more edition for sure!

I have to comment on this despite telling myself I would wind up making comments on forums and the like in the NY...

I was all for not sharing the song, posting links etc on places like TDR; after the last hoo-ha it caused some years ago. I feel sorry for the moderators who yesterday spent their time deleting links people placed here, BUT can someone please explain to me from the TDR staff why ‘The Daily Roxette’ tweeted a link yesterday evening (31/12/2010) on Twitter with the link to the full song that was on YouTube! This is despite the fact EMI Sweden was doing their best to get the link removed from the likes of YouTube!).

This then got other fans Re-tweeting said link (I choose not to) and therefore spreading the song around the internet even more than perhaps it already was. I don’t understand how TDR can preach about sharing links then go and post the link themselves, it seems somewhat too faced to me or perhaps the rules don’t apply because it was linked to Twitter.

As for SGNO(BTR) the song is growing on me, it took a few listens to get into it but I feel it’s too much computer power pop, not exactly the ‘Classic Roxette’ we were promised but I guess we have to move with the times! Yes, I will buy the single officially both the iTunes version and CD as I always do... although I am still wondering if we will get a release in the UK!

@StephenDH Cracking reply, can I join you on ‘the joyride’ I’ll make us a picnic!

@Roxerally: I wondered the same myself...
We had the same rules on Roxetteblog, I won’t go now and post the link anywhere! Not even on a private level...unless the Mr. himself posts a link, that would be the “GO” for me.

@Stephen: thank you :D now you know why the forum remains closed ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@Tomos85 - If you tell me when and where, I’m surely gonna buy it!!!

But how do you know about the booklet??? What do you know that we don’t? What’s in the normal booklet??? Any nice pictures of Roxette?

@Jud, thanks for supporting my concerns on this, it’s appreciated!

No idea about the Twitter thing...


Clearly i’m the only one who likes Per and his groaning :-O hehe! I’m liking the song alot! I already have the single and album on pre order.

Someone’s head will roll for the early release. Maybe Per can play some tennis with it :D (Tongue inserted firmly in cheek (Behave!) )

happy new year everybody!!

on our NYE party yesterday, i played SGNOBTR to my friends (who actually do like roxette’s music) and all (!!) of those 7 girls and guys didn’t like it at all. most of them where wondering why per is singing most of it and what this song is about, one of them said, it was an nonsense “eurovision song contest song” in her opinion and they even discussed, why they still want to attract kids/teenagers with that kind of sound and not the fans who were teenagers in 1990 (“roxette’s music didn’t grow with their fans”).

i asked them, what they think, was wrong with the song and they couldn’t really answer it clearly. one mate said, it sounded to him like a children-song with electric guitars and it doesn’t transport a feeling or lifestyle; for him it’s just computer noise with a hysteric voice. he couldn’t imagine this song in the “soundtrack of his life”, whatever that means.

i really hope my friends (yes, they still are my friends) don’t reflect the opinion of a lot.

also a strange thing is, that even i (a true fan since look sharp) don’t have the need, to play SGNO over and over again - like i normally do with other new songs i adore. i hope, this isn’t a bad sign either ...

do you think, SGNOBTR is a good choice for a 1st single, do you think radios will play the song in heavy rotation and will it be a reason for people to visit one of roxette’s shows this year? i do not have a clue if yes or no. i am a bit confused. and it’s not yesterday’s alcohol, i guess ;-)

what do your non-roxette-fans-friends think about SGNO?

@joyrider I think the people attending the concerts are going to be a combination of ‘die hard long time Roxette fans’ and those who simply remember Roxette from the 80’s and 90’s. I have friends here in the UK that have all said they would come along and see a Roxette concert many because (a) Roxette were around when they were teens and they remember my obsessive streak and (b) because they like or have liked Roxette’s music in those early days and it brings back memories! Regardless of SGNO(BTR) the tour and album I expect will do well.

I played the song to my Dad earlier, a die-hard Beatles fan from Liverpool and he actually like it and was foot tapping along to it, a sight I thought I would never see!

@scottishroxfan Oh no! That bit made me smile as well... lol

@Roxerally thanks for your reply! now i still have hope ;-) ... about the “concert-thing”: yeah, you are right. but when bon jovi came back with “it’s my life” - i heard it, loved it and couldn’t wait to “feel” that song live ...


LOL ok take a chill pill - actually I do have a life, that is why I rarely make any comments on this site, unlike you however who sits their posting absolute utter garbage and voicing your opinion about everything. Seriously don’t you think that some of us other fans get a bit tired of having to read your posts? If you don’t like the new song, get over it. LOL

@ StephenDH

If you don’t want to read my comments skip them! duh! No one is forcing you to read anything... I am just sick of these hollier than everyone people on this form who has no IQ... I haven’t posted a comment on this site since the forums closed... so again please make sure of your facts.. b.t.w did you check if his ferrari is for sale cause you failed to reply on the statement...

Although it came different than usually planned, I hope it won’t harm Roxette-those, who like the song, will buy it, the others wouldn’t do it anyway.


I’m sorry I should not be laughing but you are funny. It must be horrible to have to deal with people (i guess myself included) who have no IQ, we can only hope that one day we reach your level of greatness. I don’t understand? you have posted many comments on this site, even after the forums have closed. Maybe you forgot, because you are great. Apologies great one for failing to reply to your statement, I was too busy trying to come up with idea of a statue or a shrine I could construct so all us dumbies can worship your greatness.


hahaha using sarcasm to jump the issue (again)... but anyway..

@ Scottishroxfan You are not the only one!!! I like Per’s groaning so…so much))))))

I don’t see the problem with it leaking, it’s about time with only a week till release that the song gets some publicity, otherwise how is it expected to sell any copies and chart?

I posted a link on my Facebook to Youtube, mainly because I want people to hear the damn thing, I have it on my itunes and will also be buying it when comes out as both a download and physical release.

Calm down people, it’s just a song :)

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

I can officially say that after 71 plays (35 in a row) that I’m not bored yet.

Love the song as it crashes into the middle eight. Great song.

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

Website Popinstereo already has a review of the single, they call it a “return to form”

As it has a link to the song I have copied and pasted what they have wrote.

“Ten years after the release of their last album, Swedish pop duo Roxette (Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle) are set to release a new studio album, Charm School, on February 14, 2011 courtesy of EMI.

Charm School was recorded in the south of Sweden and Stockholm and features production from Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundqvist and the pop duo themselves.

The albums lead single, “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”, found its way online this morning after Brazilian portal UOL accidentally made the song available for sale. Oops! That is the bad news, now on to the good news…“She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”, which will hit digital outlets on January 7th, really is a return to form for the Swedish hit makers. The soaring vocal melodies are what one would expect to hear from a band that created some of the biggest hits of the 80s and 90s. If promoted properly, “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” could be poised to garner the band a whole new audience of music fans.”

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

Just found this article from December, it mentions that the new single will premiere on New Years Day! So was this planned to happen? I think it could be intentional to create some interest.

Here’s the article - It contains no music.

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

I’m sorry to say that I dislike the song very much.

It doesn’t sound like Roxette at all, at least not the Roxette I know.

It just isn’t catchy, Marie’s vocals are nowhere to be found.

This will not be a big hit.

A shame.

2 days, 180 plays according to scrobble list. Still no bored. :)

Wow. What a bunch of UNGRATEFUL FANS some of you are!!! Im so furious with some of the comments Ive read with regards to Radio: “No guitars”, “too much Per”, “PartyCrasher sound”, “synths/electronic”, “repetitive”, “not TheLook/Joyride”, etc.

I dont even know where to start! Both LookSharp & Joyride were almost entirely electronic/synth albums. Drumloops, keyboards&blips, etc. Same as Radio. The whole riff is made up of guitars except for the first couple of seconds. TheLook & Joyride were almost ENTIRELY sang by Per. Same as Radio. TheLook & Joyride both have constant repetitive bridges and choruses. More so than Radio. PartyCrasher had ONE song on it similiar to Radio: GutFeeling, as it had a similiar groove/beat and riff. How can you compare one song to a whole album’s sound?! And as for the 80’s flair Per mentioned: its there! Right there in the chorus’s background. Heavily influenced by the 80’s sound of the PetShopBoys & Limahl’s Neverending Story.

Your comments are unfounded and rediculous. Yes, Radio might not be an epic pop song like Joyride with its big verses and overproduction. It might not be TheLook with its one in a million guitar riff and Nanana’s. But so what?! Radio is fresh. Catchy. And above all things Roxette 2011!!! Stop comparing it to songs recorded 20+ years ago.

Enjoy it for what it is instead of insulting it for what it is not!

Marie is all over the song, she sings with Per in the chorus, in a way similar to Joyride, The Big L etc, not lead but just underneath adding to it then getting stronger when the chrous repeats ad-libbing over Per. Then there’s the “REALLY” “OH” and “YEAH” in the first verse along with the middle 8.

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

1)Frankly, we all roxette fans want to hear more Marie singing, more participation, especially in live concerts. I just heard the live gigs in Sweden from last year and Marie’s incredible voice shooted me off:). This year in gigs, my eyes will be at her.
2) I wonder, Duran Duran, Blondie comeback sounded Duran Duran with a touch of freshness, blondie respectively. Why roxette cannot be the same like what they used to be, considering that duran duran/blondie were existed even before roxette?

PS: The success of a album is also because of the promotion, radio interviews, publicity. lets spread the word
Bytheway, I am not sure how much EMI believes in roxette anymore

I must say...I listened to the song 2 times while driving to work. It’s FANTASTIC when you turn on the volume LOUD!!!!! I was shocked too when i realised Per was on lead vocals, but the parts Marie sings makes sense!!! Really GREAT song!! We as fans, must help promote the song!!

I LOVE the music. It’s not too much “Party Crasher” - it really sounds like “Look Sharp” with a touch of 2010 in it!! I love the 80’s sounding guitars and keyboards in the background. The highlight of the song is that part after the 2nd chorus, when Marie starts to sing. That reminds me somehow of Roxette’s golden years and a bit of Madonna’s new stuff. Marie’s voice is smouldering and HOT and vibrant. She still sounds fantastic! I realised her vocals, especially live, is a bit “higher” than before. She’s in TOP form. She proves she can still sing!!

I think, if we all help promote the new single and cd, Roxette will sell millions.
I will make sure I shove this new album in all my friends’ faces so they would go out to buy it.

My boyfriend is not a Roxette fan, but he loves the new song and he said he will definately buy the new album!!! One down....a billion to go.....

So - I confess. I did it too, I am a criminal.

And I must admit, after the 2nd hearing - all thumbs up! OK, this is not gonna be the commercial super success everybody has dreamed of and expects from Roxette (but me, that is) but this is rather related to the more and more perverted musical taste of the young more and more retarded young population, especially in Germany (sounding like my grandpa now, I know).

And now I can’t wait for to send me my copy!

PS: If I sang the song to my dog, would that count as theft also? Like singing is stealing, whistling is stealing, even memorizing is stealing?

I find it annoying that people who don’t like the new single are being told off by other fans as being ungrateful or something.

I love Roxette, I just don’t like the new song.

I fell in love when I heard It Must Have Been Love, How Do You Do, Sleeping In My CarAnyone, Stars, The Centre Of The Heart, Milk And Toast And Honey for the first time. It just doesn’t work for me on the new single.

It doesn’t grab me. That’s not being ungrateful, that’s being honest.

I want to go off-topic: Does ANYBODY have the fonts used on the new Cd and re-done Website of Roxette’s???

Yes, the font is called Blackout 2 AM and can be found on the net. I don’t remember the link, but I’ve posted it here under the Charm School article I think.

It’s called Blackout:

@Visitor1982: Well I find it annoying that those who dont like it give unfounded & rediculous reasons for their dislike of Radio. There’s an old saying: if you cant think of anything nice to say rather dont say anything at all. Simple as that. We’ve been hoping and praying and begging for new Roxette material for years and ONCE again the so-called fans have to complain. And one more thing Visitor1982: as much as you have the right to be annoying by airing your dislike, i have the right to air my annoying dislike of your and other fans comments.

So I guess we can at least agree on one thing: we find eachother annoying!

PS: I hope the album t least lives up to everyones extremely HIGH expectations, cos god forbid it doesnt sound EXACTLY like LookSharp/Joyride ... what will PG&MF do without your continued support. They must be scared to their bones! LMAO

if somebody wants to sing along ’in the right type’, feel free to download and print my SGNOBTR-lyrics poster on twitpic:

@Tevensso & Majdy: THANK YOU!!!!!

Not even had it for 48 hours and it’s already smashed it’s way to my most played track on itunes.

I’ve Had Nothing On But She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

I can’t get the song out of my head, it’s stuck there.. oh my..

What I find most interesting is those who create (new) accounts for writing their negative bla bla. At least you could dare to write in your own name.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I’m still lovin it :D I think the song is about Per gawping at some woman naked listening to a radio (The woman’s naked not Per! :-O ) Ok i’m going to shut up now....


I don’t attack people for liking She Got Nothing On, so I don’t want to be attacked for not liking the song.

My reasons for not liking the song have got nothing to do with the fact that it doesn’t sound like Look Sharp! or Joyride. For me it’s simply not a song that sounds catchy to my ears and there’s way too much guitars around. I’m more a fan of their ballads and their synth-like songs from the late ’90’s and early ’00’s.

I’m still looking very much forward towards Charm School. I’m sure it will be a blast.

I have been respectful towards other opinions, so I want the same for my opinon. If that’s too much for you, you shouldn’t post here. There’s enough disrespect in the world already.


I bet it’s the same person arguing with themselves :)

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

Who did the painting on my wall?
Who left the poem down the hall?
Oh, I don’t understand at all....

It seems to me that for some people Roxette is a religion, and some have different denominations... scary, if you ask me.

I always liked bands and musicians that work for the SONG. The song should be in focus, not what press or fans expect, not the vanity of the artist. To me Roxette in their best moments has always been a band that did everything for the song. And that’s what they did with the new single. It would be much easier to release a ballad in the style of “It must have been love” to prove that Marie is back. To prove that her Ambitus is still wide and that she still is able to sing emotional phrases. But I’m so glad that Roxette don’t try to proof anything to anyone! That they focus on the songs! Even if I would dislike SGNOBTR I would be glad about this, because otherwise I would most likely prefer the “Idols”-Show.

But I really think that the new single sounds very promising. To me it sounds catchy, powerfull and easy to remember. And it has the Rox-Recognition-Value, so I’m very curious about the new album!

you know not for nothing it’s really a rarity that a band even lasts for 20 years...where are the cranberries? of for that matter most of the big bands of the 90’s? they’re gone. ANd the few that stuck around have had huge changes in line up and musical styles. Everything roxette did they did on their own back when emi sweden was for all intents and purpose an indie labee...they were learning as they went just as per and marie did. The fact that people now 20 yrs later still question every last damn decision they make and song they release is really alot of self absorbed self important drively from peopel who probably have no idea what being in the industry itself is like. and i think it’s really time we stop having these deluded expectations of exactly what marie will be able to contribute. That being said the new single is out, nothing we say here in these comments or elsewhere is going to change that. Embrace the fact we have their music....embrace the fact that even after all the whining and complaining they got back together to give this to you the fans. if you don’t like it don’t buy it don’t listen to it don’t talk about it. Leave those of use who still revel in the music of a band that still writes prodouces and sells their own music even after all this time, to our joy and go piss on someone elses parade!

so say we all

Well, it’s a cute song. Not amazing, but very nice. I’m excited to have them back anyway. For the record, I did not like The Center of the Heart or Joyride, and still loved both their albums.

Well, can’t enjoy the song like most of you do. it doesn’t catch me right now.
the chorus stucks in my head, but i wished per would sing the chorus twice in chorus1 and two. it’s too short ;-)

but i will buy the single, cos it’s roxette :-)
can’t wait for the album! 11 new songs!
it will be great!!!

A Canadian review:

“With an amazing sense of melody and the unique mix of Marie Fredriksson’s and Per Gessle’s voices, She’s Got Nothing On has the potential to be the biggest single from the duo since “Joyride”, their last Canadian number one hit in 1991.”

Thanks! Nice words, it’s however not the first single in 10 years. We’ve had some of them in between.. :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true material is also official I also have promotional singles and I have all Roxette singles and cds
I also have bougth my tickets, 4 tickets ( mine and to my boyfriend) to both concerts in Sao Paulo and it was R$ 1.112,00 and I didn’t buy half price because I’m not student anymore. I don’t need to see your tickets.
I’m Roxette fan since I was 12 years old. It’s been 20 years.....I’m not a true fan?
It’s your opinion but I’m sorry you opinion doesn’t mean anything for me ok?.
You got student ID only to pay half a price and tell me that I’m not a true fan to listen to the new song? I didn’t steal anything it was a UOL mistake and a friend shared with me. I was really surprised when I readed all this mess here in TDR.
I’m surprised because you are a lawyer you should know that got a false student ID is illegal.

BTW I loooooooooved the new song. I heard it a million times
I’ll buy the single next week and I’ll buy the cd when they release it.
Goooooo ROXETTE!!! :D

I’m laughing my head of reading the coments here. Seriously... the Roxette fans are the same all around the globe, always arguing about little things.


Just heard the song on the radio for the first time (Radio Argovia in Switzerland). Sounds even more fabulous than on youtube :)


Actually the Cranberries are back together and recording an album. They just did a fairly large tour, touring parts of the US and Europe in 2010. =p

Has anybody figured out what Per says at the beginning of the song??? It sounds like he’s saying “Roxette”??

OK, I said I was going to listen to it on January 7, but after reading the interview with Per I just couldn’t wait anymore, dunno why...
The song has its moments, it’s far from their best uptempos like 7T7, Pay The Price, Lies, Hotblooded, but it’s good :-) very Roxettish, very :)
But Per, your groans at the end are so silly, wwwwhyyyyy? :-D Whose crazy idea was that? I’ll hardly get used to it ;-)

I just spent 200 dollars in tickets for the 2011 World Tour,
they are not coming to my country and the single would not be available for sale here.

Downloading the mp3 three days before the official release won’t harm anyone.

“Has anybody figured out what Per says at the beginning of the song??? It sounds like he’s saying “Roxette”??”

I thought that as well, but fans playing it in slow-mo say it’s “What’s up!”.

it could also be “rock star!”

Wow i already got the new single from such a great incredible song!!! I love it!!! :-)) the more i listen to it the better he is :-))) great work Per and Marie i‘m so excited abou the Tour this Year!!! and about the new album!!!! See ya soon!!!


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