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“Charm School” #1 in Germany

Written by mr jefferson on February 22, 2011 to and .

Charm School has entered the official German albums chart at #1! This is according to a press release titled "Roxette succeed in splendid comeback" by German market research institution Media Control which was published this morning. Charm School is the third Roxette album to top the German charts after Joyride (1991) and Tourism (1992). Also, "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)," has jumped 10 places compared to last week, now charting at #12.

The real surprise however is Charm School not hitting number 1 in Sweden, making it the only Roxette studio album alongside Pearls of Passion not to manage full chart control at home. Worse still, "She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" has yet to make an appearance on the Swedish singles chart. Makes you wonder if Sweden even knows their biggest music export of the last 3 decades has returned.

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Makes you wonder: Is Sweden getting a bit fed up of Per??

Great chart comeback in Germany though. Well done Germany for welcoming Roxette back!


Very odd about sweden indeed :-S surprised! Maybe overkill . Great about Germany

Charm School #1 also in Czech Republic.

Btw Room Service peaked only #4 back in 2001.


They need to be big elsewhere than home

I´m happy for this big success for Roxette in the north of Europe. It is very sad, on the other side, that Charm School has fallen to 77 position in Itunes Spain, and it has not even appeared in the weekly chart of the best albums sold. Spain is the leading country in downloading music illegaly from Internet...but also we should blame EMI for not doing any kind of promotion...and even Roxette themselves, for forgetting about a country that it used to love them and now it barely remembers them. It´s so sad that Roxette don´t make the effort to play a concert here, even in a small arena like La Riviera (Madrid), which they used back in 2001. Just sad.

awesome news.
awesome picture.

... and btw: isn’t it time to change the “not-so-charming” picture from TDR’s right upper corner?

@ pwbbounce - Yes, I think Sweden is a little tired of Gessle.

Here are all peak positions from the German Charts:
A Collection Of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs! 21
Charm School 1
Crash! Boom! Bang! 2
Don’t Bore Us - Get To The Chorus! Greatest Hits 7
Have A Nice Day 2
Joyride 1
Look Sharp! 7
Pearls of Passion –
Room Service 3
The Ballad Hits 10
The Pop Hits 22
Tourism 1
All in all, it’s a great comeback in Germany. “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)” gets heavy airplay on German radio stations.
From all that you can see, what is possible, if you make promotion, even a little.
I‘m sure it can work in other countries too. EMI: Do a little movie, synchronize it into english, spanish and italian and put it on the starting page of a news homepage with an article about the comeback like they did on (the most important homepage for serious new in Germany). Send some copies of the album and the single together with a press release to radio stations, hang up some album posters in the cities and you can imagine, what the result will be. Eventually add some store appearances in difficult countries like Spain or England.

Woah, where does that lovely new promo pic come from!? Are there more online?

The success in Germany is almost unreal!! I think it’s a bit premature to judge the Swedish album success since it started with a shortened week and can still climb. The single flop is a mystery though! Why no TV performances in Sweden?


Thanks to Wetten dass. ;) I’m sure that’s the main reason!

And yes. Nice picture. Also taken before/after Wetten dass...

Lovely picture..and great news..I’m happy they’re back...

EMI sent a press release about the #1 and this picture was included :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

WOW!!! I LOVE this picture... how HOT is Marie!!!
I hope there are more new pics to come!!! Great about Roxette’s BIG comeback!!

It is obviously down to promotion, ie interviews, tv shows. nowdays, thats reality. i dont imagine the album can be possibly success in every country without promo. per said that promo ll organised more locally.

Love the photo! Marie really got her look back — the “longer” her hair is, the younger/softer she looks in my opinion.

Hopefully they publish more pictures (in high quality) of this shooting. By the way: this photo, with that fresh color, would also look good on their iTunes-homepage!

C’mon guys - a #2 isn’t bad.

Although, I am too surprised the single didn’t chart better in Sweden. But there hasn’t been any real promotion for it and the video came too late, it should’ve premiered online before the single went on sale.

I think the problem with the single in Sweden is the long gap between the digital release (Jan. 7) and the physical release (Jan. 28). This was totally unnecessary, and I think it must be the case that the song wasn’t eligible for the official singles chart until the physical release came out because it *DID* enter DigiListan at #14, which is about right for recent Rox singles and reflects the strong initial sales on iTunes. It’s hard to imagine that a song can come in at #14 on that chart, but not make an appearance anywhere on the top 60 given that for most of the songs on that chart, there is *ONLY* a digital release! If the first week of chart eligibility was Jan. 28th and beyond, it makes perfect sense that the single wouldn’t be selling well that long after its digital availability.

I’m absolutely positive there’s something weird about the reporting dates that ruined “Charm School”’s chances of a number 1 debut... how is that “Charm School” could be #1 all weekend long on iTunes, but then end up eclipsed by the album that was at #60 that same time?! It doesn’t make sense. It has to be the Friday release date that’s messing everything up (like, maybe only day 1 of sales counted in the chart tally, which would be the case if the report period was, say, Saturday to Friday the week before the charts are published. I’m sure we’ll see “Charm School” at #2 this week (rotten luck that the unfathomably popular September released her new album a few days after Roxette), which might even be a #1 if those weekend sales are higher than September’s.

Anyway, number 1 in Sweden or not, the album is no less amazing :-D

Yes, the album is awesome regardless of the charts, although I love the recent chart news, despite this weird Swedish number 2. They deserve this sucess of course and everything else that will come, maybe with Speak to me as a second single, it would be another push for Charm School.

I concur wiith joyrider that it’s time to change the photo in this page. You have several new pics that look much better!

Some thoughts about Sweden.

First the single: It’s a mystery that it didn’t get into the official list, but it’s not that strange that it made it to the digilist but not the official. The physical single is dead in Sweden, I have not seen a store outside the internet that has more than about 10 different singles in stock (and if they have any singles it’s just old singles that no one wants or the 5 most popular singles for the moment.) That the single “flopped” but the album didn’t is because singles is bought by young people (under 20) and albums by older people, Roxettes fan base should be over 20 I think, atleast here in Sweden, I’m 26 and sometimes I think I’m the youngest Roxette fan here. I don’t think that SGNO got to much airplay, there was accually one of the reviews that said “SGNO WILL probably be the first single”. I donät think most swedes has even heard SGNO.

About the album: It’s not just the position of Roxettes album that are important, important is also what album that took the first place. Elisas won a popular TVshow here that was aired every saturday for 10 weeks during tha autumn, it was also their first week in the charts. Free promotion should make an album sell more. That CS made a lot better at itunes than Elisa can be explained with that iTunes is only used by people that are in the internet age. In my mind I think that Elisas fans are 40-60 and not using internet to buy music. Elisas is selling more than CS on many internet stores. I don’t think the shortened week for CS has made a hugh impact since it has been aviable for prebooking on the internet for a long time, and that has probably also Elisas been. I think there are a good chance that CS will be number one next week, and also sell more than Elisas in the long run. I definitly don’t think that we should concider CS a flop. I have not seen any commercials here in Sweden for CS.

Yes, Marie does look younger with her hair a bit longer - and she still sits her pants NICE!!! If only I were straight!!! Damn!! She’s still the hottest pop star on planet earth!!

Some news here in Sunny South Africa - According to EMI SA, they released Charm School locally on the 21st of February. Musica stores will also have the deluxe edition exclusively!! Then...according to a local music shop, Look & Listen, EMI will also release a Greatest Hits cd/dvd combo just before the concerts take place here. And they are also playing the video to “She’s Got Nothing On...” on Mnet.

So far, no one has located any CS in any store yet - I will ask my contact at EMI again if there was another delay - aparently EMI SA got the printing parts late from EMI Sweden. But I guess by Thursday, at the earliest, the stores will have stock, if there wasn’t any delays again.

Apart from Mnet playing the video, there has not yet been any promotion for Roxette in SA so far....

Actually- I saw a tv-add for CS on swedish TV yesterday. So there is promotion. But like everyone else say: its a total mistery why SGNOBTR havent reached the swedish top 60. Theres is something strange going on here i think.... by the way great that the album is #1 in such a big market as Germany. I also saw that CS is #49 in Australia. Not a superpeak but at least it charted..unlike so many Roxette albums since 1995....

Found an interesting chart: European Airplay Charts
SGNO(BTR) entered on #71, has moved up to #55 last weekend. The momentum is growing ;)

@Roxette-atic Do you remember what channel and at what time you saw that commercial?

I still haven’t found the album here in my city (Seville), which is the fourth bigger city in Spain. That’s a good excuse for the album not to appear on charts, as it’s impossible to be seen! As always, thanks EMI for this, you can continue ruining artists. Well done!

Daniel: it must have been tv6 or perhaps tv3. They played bits of SGNOBTR and showed the album cover.

@daniel_alv: Thanks for sharing an ’insider’s’ perspective - I guessed that Elisa must have been from some reality show, and I agree completely about physical singles being dead in Sweden (I was surprised to see that even the new Britney Spears single was only released digitally there). What puzzles me is why SGNO sold enough its first week to enter at #14 in DigiListan, but then didn’t get into the Top 60 when - as you said - it pretty much reflects all digital sales anyway. Shouldn’t Roxette have come in around #14 somewhere that week, even if they tumbled out of the chart the following week?

I hope you’re right about the chance for “Charm School” to end up at #1 next week after all, but given that September was beating Roxette in pre-orders on most sites, I can’t see it happening. They certainly deserve top spot, though - especially given that the alternative is SEPTEMBER! For me, that kind of music is just the worst!

I hate this kind of preconception. Have you ever heard anything by September? Do you think her is only about “Mikrofonkat”? C’mon! September is awesome and my second favorite in music, just behind “Roxette”, the best pop band in the world - that have already done “dance stuff”. Take a listen to “Resuscitate Me” or “Rest in Peace”.

However, I’m praying to Charm School become number one in Sweden sometime. Maybe in the third week of sales...

I also think that this site could praise the number one more than the swedish number two... It’s absolutely amazing and unbelievable. Roxette in 2011 is ON TOP in the biggest european market. This is a great surprise!

Let’s live this dream! =)

@edufs: Not a preconception at all - I’ve listened to Swedish radio for years (RIX, Mix Megapol) over the internet and cringed every time September came on (i.e., every 20 minutes or so)... I actually had to stop listening to RIX altogether because every time they played “Cry For You” I had to turn off the live stream and they insisted on playing it 7 or 8 times a day. I’ll admit, though, that “Mikrofonkåt” is the least horrible of the songs I’ve heard to date (sorry - I couldn’t listen all the way through “Resuscitate Me” or “R.I.P.”, but I’m glad you enjoy them). I think Robyn is much better (and of course, much more successful as a result).

But I have to agree with you on one thing - Roxette at #1 in the biggest European market in 2011 is more than any of us dared to hope for!

I don’t know why most is so surprised by the lack of chart success by this album... Per himself said... He is not writing to because he must have a single he is just writing songs because he can... what else did you guys expect... GaGa is writing to have chart success and singles and that is why she is getting it (although I am not a fan of born this way)

it’s plain and simple... you get what you produce

Charm School entered at number one in Switzerland as well. Happy days. :)

Well does somebody know if the reasons are the same in Norway, Finland and Denmark with that problematic release date and only a half first charts week? Charm School charted even much worse in these markets (Finland #34, Norway #26, Denmark failed to chart),?

Default, what lack of chart success? Roxette is #1 in at least 3 countries already, 2 times #2! That’s more one could have dreamed of.


September, another exampel of free promotion from TV (She performed in “Så mycket bättre” a show where artists lived together and sang eachothers songs, Mikrofonkåt is accually a cover of the rap artist Petter.) I didn’t realise that she was the competition next week, then Roxette may have to wait another week for the #1 spot.

Theree hafe been lots of tv comercials for Charm School in Sweden. The first week I saw it pretty much every time I watched TV. That was on TV4, I think. It was around 30 seconds with a speaker and the Radio vide / song.

I also think that what we are seeing IS chart success - they have number 1’s, it’s not only (in this case not even) Sweden, as one might expect! I’m very happy about the results (and would like to see some more), after all these years and after Room Service which I don’t think got much attention.

Well Room Service was No.1 in Sweden and No.3 in Germany.In all, it reached Top 5 positions in 8 european countries. So success wasn’t that bad too, I think!?

they are ding minimal promotion...for rs u had the promo tour and lots of media exposure...because things have gone digital alot of peopel have no clue whats coming out unless its on tv or radio....i personally don’t care about how they chart...sweden is burned out they got what 2 per solo albums and a tour after rs? and the excessive hits packages soured average fans away from them too

so say we all

Didn’t know (happy to read) that about Room Service... I had no Internet at that time:)

By the way, their 20-years-Greatest-Hits-CD from 2006 re-entered the Swiss album charts on #77 this week... Probably based on downloads only, as I haven’t seen the CD in any shop this week, but it’s been in the top 30 of the itunes-charts for almost 2 weeks now.

@coyboyusa And the rest - PG released:

4 solo albums, 3 solo tours, GT album & GH & Tour. Quite a lot in a sort space of time! Not that I’m complaining :-)


Roxette Hits also re-entered the german Top 100 this week and was certified Gold yesterday. Per and Marie received the Gold award behind the stage at the show.

“Charm School” in #14 in Spain in its first week and it’s been one of the strongest entries in the chart of the country.

what position did the Greatest Hits enter the German charts this week? I think this is really exciting. :)

It only entered at #100.

I have just done a search of this blog post and all of its comments for two simple letters: UK.

Not one bloody hit did I find. Oh, the FURY. Worst case of Fist Itch I’ve ever had.

EMI UK’s response to some emails us bunch on that island to the west included the following line: “...[when the single is released] there may be some promotion involved.”

I s**t you not. MAY be. SOME promotion.


Back in 2002 we didn’t think Marie would even be alive by this point, never mind performing to the calibre she is now!

EMI UK is horrendously guilty of wilful neglect. Their deliberate mismanagement of two genuine talents is thoroughly reprehensible in a music industry growing ever more plastic by the day. My contempt for EMI UK burns more fiercely than the heart of the sun.

How come on the offical site, Per states that CS will be released on 28th March in the UK?. Both HMV & Amazon state 4th April!.

Hi! Charm School is at #2 in Austria and SGNO moved up to #9 (from #29).
Looks like a successful start - great also for the upcoming shows!

It’s just great! Charm School entered the official Swiss Album Charts at No. 1 today! I didn’t expect this at all. I thought Top 5, but now, it’s even
No. 1! Congratulations to Per, Marie and all people involved in the new album.
Looking forward to see you all guys on tour again.

Could Anyone in South Africa find a copy of Charm School in the Shops over here?

@Default_Green: No, not a f*cking cd in site, as it was released a week later, on the 21st of February. Let’s hope next week - that’s what all the shops keep telling us - TRY NEXT WEEK.

EMI SA did tell me about a Tourbook that they are going to sell at the concerts too.

I’ll let you know when SA finally get the cd.

Dude, calm down. Let’s not forget that the UK has always been one of the lesser successful Roxette markets. With no number one single or album in the UK ever, only a handful of UK top 10 hits etc. and the strange music market that the UK is (teenage shit music) it is not surprising that money is not being wasted on Roxette.

“Charm School” entered at #14 in Spain but I think it’s not a great position... For example, “Have a nice day” did it at #2 and “Room Service” at #5. Anyway, there is a very weak promotion for “Charm School” here.

I have to ask and maybe kick up a fuss here why is the United Kingdom getting skipped off on the up and coming tour schedule for the ROXETTE WORLD TOUR. It is beginning to feel like we do not exist!

So we have an album release at the end of March, an album which is already doing well in Europe which no doubt most UK fans like me have bought already! Who on earth is going to want to procure the same copy of the album here unless you are a collector or it is slightly different in some silly way?

I can understand the powers that be wanting to wait and see how the album does here, but literarily you are asking for a FLOP because it will get no promotion from the likes of EMI. A flop = no tour, a prospect that is very unfair to the likes of your fans. Talk about being kept in the dark. Two major online UK stores Amazon & HMV still have the album listed as released on the 4th April, should EMI not have informed them by now of the correct date? We have no information about a single, we were under the impression that She’s Got Nothing On was being released here but what a farce that turned out to be. This tour starts on Monday! It is relatively UNJUST that some countries are getting the enjoyment of Roxette two, three or even four times over whilst others countries get sod all, remember it is not just the UK you are missing out, it is also Spain, Australia, USA and other countries. The annoying part is that no one is bothering to keep us informed either way!

I finally got the Chance of buying the Album and I love it! My Favorite is SHE’S GOT NOTHING ON (BUT THE RADIO) !
I’m also excited to see them Live in Germany!
Have Fun!!!


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