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Press Council: Expressen violated good journalistic practice

Written by roxeteer on September 20, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM -, the online magazine of The Swedish Union of Journalists, reports that The Swedish Press Council has decided that the newspaper Expressen “violated good journalistic practice” in its coverage on Marie Fredriksson’s illness.

 The Swedish Press Council is a self-regulated organization that monitors matters of press ethics in Sweden. Any member of the public can file a complaint to the Press Council and the council then undertakes an inquiry. A newspaper that has been found to violate good journalistic practice is expected to publish the written decision of the Press Council. It must also pay an administrative fine.

 The Press Council isn’t a court of law, but its decision may have some weight in the trial. In her lawsuit, Marie is demanding compensation of 500,000 Swedish krona from Expressen.


Yep, they violated the policies of (good) jornalistic practice and it ain’t the first time. Despite liking the paper and checking it out now and then to get to know what’s going on, I sure think they should be severely punished for that. And I don’t think I am the only one.

be sure you’re not the only one! we’ll see how it all turns out...let’s hope justice wins! :)

This is really good news...hopefully it will help Marie’s case. GOOD LUCK MARIE!

Strange that the ORF haven’t figured this out yet..
Check their page.

Coool! I’ve never heard about a “Press Council” before. Do other countries have something like this too?

Yes, there’s at least Julkisen sanan neuvosto in Finland. The Swedish Press Council has links to some similar organizations abroad:

Germany has a press council, too!
It doesn’t have the power to punish the newspapers. The only thing the council can do is what they did in Marie’s case. There is no way to force them to change articles or anything. The council has been founded as an organ of control, the way of controlling is to say that the newspaper did wrong.
It’s hard to explain in english..I can do better in german (-;

true, true...

...but I admit that I know that most of what’s written in these kind of papers is untrue, I still read them with pleasure. I’m sure it’s human-nature to gossip...

In this case expressen made a huge mistake printing the story, it shocked all readers and it shows really bad taste and a really cheap way to sell lot of papers. But I’m sure they sold a lot. Like I said Gossip = big business!


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