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Management stresses rumors about Marie are untrue

Written by tevensso on September 9, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - It’s been a year now since the fainting incident that brought Marie Fredriksson to the hospital…. a year that Marie has spent recovering from the concussion, the surgery to remove the tumor found in the back of her head, and undergoing the aggressive treatments used to fight cancer.

  As was to be expected, this recovery has taken some time, but Marie felt well enough at the end of January to attend a ceremony at the Royal Palace and accept an honorary medal from the King of Sweden. Since then, according to sources close to Marie, when she feels so inclined, she’s been working on new material – using the recording studio in her home to lay down tracks. As readers of The Daily Roxette already know, she contributed back-up vocals for one on the songs on Per Gessle’s “Mazarin” album.

  In February, Marie filed a libel lawsuit against Expressen, one of Sweden’s major newspapers, for publishing a story that claimed she had an additional lump believed to be a tumor. “Expressen’s information is totally untrue. We would, of course, not start a legal process if we weren’t telling the truth ourselves,” states Marie Dimberg, who is Marie Fredriksson’s (and Roxette’s) manager.

  “Marie’s condition is, like Per Gessle sometimes says, ’not the flu.’ She’s undergoing the necessary standard procedures, all normal in cases like this,” Dimberg tells TDR. “Sometimes she feels very good, and sometimes a bit worse, due to her treatment. The doctors say it’s all like it should be.”

  To those impatient for news about Marie’s recovery, Dimberg tells us “It will take the time it takes, and we all have to be patient and support Marie - and not spread more rumors.”


im glad, she must have been really ill in the past :-S , so is she still reciving treatment then ? after all this time ( i dont know the standard procedures myself) .


That’s the message I waited for, may the strength be with you, Marie! :o)

where the hell does it say that Marie’s health state/updates have to be made public? I am sure that the people who have to know about her health = family + friends, DO know about it.

I would say this is very clear and current: Marie feels OK, but not all the time, due to her MUCH NORMAL treatment. Doctors say it’s all NORMAL. I think this is good news, don’t you?

I agree with Poli...

The official information from Roxette’s management has been erratic and vague. I’m sure we all appreciate Marie’s request for privacy, but it’s only natural for fans to become concerned and want to be kept informed.

My young son is currently undergoing treatment for a similar type of cancer and he was diagnosed about the same time as Marie last year. The little guy has had to endure some incredibly, painful treament and has had to grow up very fast. Some days he feels great, on top of the world, other days he feels week and awful. It’s such a long, drawn out process.

Even after the treatment will have long stopped, there’s still a lot of time required for recovery and on-going check ups.

To quote a Rox song... “It will take a long long time”.

”...we all have to be patient and support Marie - and not spread more rumors...”
That’s the most important.

Indeed. So stop nagging around and thinking negative about her illness!!

See let’s hope this puts everyone’s mind at rest... just as Per says... Marie is taking her time to recovered from a serious illness... this is not a cold or flu...

An old school friend of mine sufered from a brain tumour and it took her years to get back on track, unfortunatly for Zoe it ended her life when the tumour returned (Please don’t all gasp at once)

We should all know by now Marie Fredriksson has always been a private person and will no doubt wish for her health to be kept private, who cares how long it takes Marie to get better, if it takes 1 years, 3 years or even 5 years so long as she is well, fit and happy.

My thoughts are prays are still with Marie 1 year on for her illness, they have been ever since I heard she was taken ill.


i agree with tevensso, the messeage says that Marie is getting better, that’s exactly wath we need to know.. let’s let her keep the details by her self...

its none of anyones business jesus mind your own

The statement, “There have recently been some very ugly rumors about Marie in Expressen and on some Internet discussion boards.”

Which discussion boards did this come from? Anyone know which discussion boards?

so great to hear Marie is ok!
wish you ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!
see you soon... =)))) we believe in you!!!!!!!!!

Marie all the best for you always.

Marie we love you and we miss you.

My prayers are with you!

Doesn’t help me much in my confusion about this lawsuit’s not my business and we all have no right at all to know any that’s okay with these vague comments. We just have to accept that. Even if it’s hard.
But I still don’t understand why a newspaper can be so mean....

Best wishes, Marie!
Get well soon!

Neurotic fans make me sick...

If nothing is being said officially about Marie, it is cos there’s nothing new to say about her...

It is indeed confuse, but that is how her condition seems to be. I think everybody is confused, but that is the normal way to go, isn’t it?
You can’t expect her climbing a mountain, going on a tour, whatever...she has got cancer, that’s indeed not a flu. It takes a lot of time...
But I think, as Per said in some interview: “I think Marie is the one, who has least of all cancer in her body right now.”

im glad to hear that marie is doing ok i dont know much about what she had but i have friends that have had cancer and it does take a long time to get their strength back some days are better than than the rest but it does take time .all we can do that love her for who she is and give her our prays and support and when she has something to say to all her fans then she will do that in her own time .love you marie and please get well .you are very much missed by us all xxx



Geez anonymous! Didn’t know anyone was bothering Marie.

if someexpressen a**e reads that:


@ ally77: i’m really sorry about your friend, but is it really necessary to talk about returning tumors and death, when marie is ON HER WAY UP???????
i don’t think it has a motivating impact on anybody.

everybody remember that marie is allready having her hair grown back.
cancer is horrible and takes ages, but she WILL BE FINE!!!!!

@ Roxeanne... Yeah I can talk about her if I like.... besides she was not a friend.... just someone I grew up with, in fact if I am honest I hated her... but it was still sad when she died from her tumour... besides the fact brain tumours are all different and appear in different parts of the head... does not mean Marie has this same..... Zoe fought for 4 years on and off with her cancer, and was really postive about her death towards the end... she even agreed to leave her body to medical science and also donated all her organs to other people who needed them, so yes in the end her death also made many other people live on through her organs......... I should know how that feels living with someone who has already undergone 2 kidney transplants. Sorry if you got offended by my post, but I will discuss what I wish on here it is a free world or so I thought!!! you should not be soooooooooooooo sensitive!!

@ TDR Thanx for bringing back the post just before I go away... made my day!!



anonymous: I can only agree with you
lets just hope that she will be fine..... i.m still worried


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